AWS Associate Architect Exam Questions

AWS Associate Architect Exam Questions

1) What is the aggregate volume of information and number of items that can be put away in Amazon S3 can? 

a) 1TB

b) 2TB

c) 5TB

d) Unlimited

Answer : a

2) You are transferring objects onto amazon S3 cans utilizing PUT. What is the biggest question that can be transferred onto S3 in single PUT operation?

a) 5TB

b) 5GB

c) 4MB

d) 5KB

Answer : b

3) What is the most extreme size of amazon S3 objects that can be put away in S3? (Company)

a) 3TB

b) 5TB

c) 10TB

d) boundless

Answer : b

4) You have a prerequisite to transfer question onto S3 can that is 4TB in the estimate. Which ability will you make utilization of?

a) Multipart transfer

b) Multipart PUT

c) Multipart refresh

d) Multiple storing

Answer : a

5) What are the diverse stockpiling classes offered by Amazon S3? Pick all that apply?

a) S3 IA

b) S3 RRS

c) Amazon Glacier

d) EBS volumes

Answer : a,b,c

6) Can I store 0byte estimated record in amazon S3?

a) Yes

b) No

Answer : a

Clarification: S3 can store boundless information with sizes going from 0 bytes to 5TB

7) You need to erase numerous articles from S3. How might you achieve that?

a) Multi-Object Delete operation

b) Multi-Object Purge operation

c) Multi-Object Drop operation

d) Multi-Object Truncate operation

Answer : a

8) When utilizing a custom VPC and putting an EC2 case into an open subnet, it will be consequently web available and you don’t have to apply a flexible IP deliver or ELB to the case. Is it valid or false?

a) True

b) False

Answer : b

Clarification: As a component of this design we have to dispense an Elastic IP deliver and relegate it to your occasion after it’s propelled

9) If an Amazon EBS volume is an extra segment and not the root volume we can disconnect it without halting the occurrence. Say if this is conceivable?

a) Yes, in spite of the fact that it might require some investment

b) No, you should stop the case

Answer : a

Clarification: Yes. An EBS volume other than root volume can be disengaged from a live running occurrence. AWS CLI summons can be utilized for this reason too. (AWS Training Online)

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10) You just began utilizing AWS. Do you know what number of districts are there in AWS?

a) 11

b) 13

c) 16

d) 20

Answer : c

Clarification: By 2018 new districts in Stockholm Sweden will be accessible. Parts more have been arranged and extension activities are in progress inferable from developing prominence of AWS. Continue looking for this incentive to change in the coming days. (Interview Questions and Answers)

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