Devops Interview Questions - 2020 (Updates)

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

1. Which among Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, and Ansible is the best Configuration Management (CM) tool? Why?Answer?This depends on the organization’s need to mention a few points on all those tools: Puppet is the oldest and most mature CM tool. Puppet is a Ruby-based Configuration Management tool, but while it has some free features, much of what makes Puppet great is only available in the paid version. Organizations that don’t need a lot of extras will find Puppet useful, but those needing more customization will probably need to upgrade to the paid version.The chef is written in Ruby, so it can

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DevOps Engineer Interview Questions for Freshres & Exp

1. What are the core roles of DevOps Engineers in terms of development and Infrastructure?The core job roles of DevOps Engineer? (devops-engineer-interview-questions)Answer: Application development Code developing Code coverage Unit testing Packaging Deployment With infrastructure Continuous Integration Continuous Testing Continuous Deployment Provisioning Configuration Orchestration 2. Explain your understanding and expertise on both the software development side and the technical operations side of an organization you’ve worked for in the past?Answer: DevOps engineers almost always work in a 24/7 business-critical online environment. I was adaptable to on-call duties and able to take up real-time, live-system responsibility. I successfully automated processes to support continuous

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DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Pdf

Devops Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced Pdf will be very helpful for the beginners and also for experienced candidates. 1. What is the need for DevOps?Answer: According to me, this answer should start by explaining the general market trend. Instead of releasing big sets of features, companies are trying to see if small features can be transported to their customers through a series of release trains. This has many advantages like quick feedback from customers, the better quality of software, etc. which in turn leads to high customer satisfaction. To achieve this, companies are required to: Increase deployment frequency

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DevOps Interview Questions Pdf

1. List the essential DevOps tools? Answer: Git Jenkins Selenium Puppet Chef Ansible Nagios Docker Monit ELK –Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Collected/Collect Git(GitHub) 2. Why Hybrid Clouds are so important?Answer: Cloud Bursting:Access capacity or specialized software is available in the public cloud and not in a private cloudExamples: Virtual Amazon and DynamoLeverage the best of both worlds:VCloud:It is VM Ware cloudIt is ExpensiveEnterprise qualityOpen stack:It has commodity servers and storage.It is less reliable.We can run Web servers on OpenStack.The database is built on VCloud. 3. Explain how can I vertically scale an Amazon instance?Answer: This is one of the essential features of

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Chef Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why are SSL certificates Used in Chef? Answer: You need the SSL certificate for the initial configuration of the Chef and for creating the certificate and private keys in Nginx. This ensures that the right data can be accessed between the Chef Client and Chef Server. (Chef Interview Questions and Answers) 2. What is VirtualBox? What is Vagrant? Answer: Virtual Box is the software that manages your virtual machine instances.Vagrant helps Test Kitchen communicate with VirtualBox and configures things like available memory and network settings. 3. How would you explain the concept of “infrastructure as code” (IaC)? Answer: It

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Puppet Interview Questions

1. What size organizations should use Puppet?Answer:  There is no minimum or maximum organization size that can benefit from Puppet, but there are sizes that are more likely to benefit. Organizations with only a handful of servers are unlikely to consider maintaining those servers to be a real problem, while those that have more need to consider carefully how they eliminate manual management tasks. (puppet interview questions) 2. How to upgrade Puppet and Factor?Answer: You can upgrade Puppet and Facter through your operating system package management system. You can do this either through the vendor’s repository or through the Puppet Labs’

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