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C# is a common object-oriented programming language for networking and Web development. C# is designated as a standard language foundation (CLI) language. … In January 2000, NET was published asC#. Its NET structure serves multiple Web technologies. The term is sometimes spelled as C Sharp or C-Sharp.
C# is a composite of C and C++, it is a Microsoft programming language progressed to compete with Sun’s Java language. C# is an object-oriented programming language-trained with XML-based Web aids on the .NET program and composed for developing potency in the expansion of Web applications.

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C Sharp DotNet Online Training Course Details

Check Course Topics

Chapter – I: .NET Framework Fundamentals

➤ Hour 1: Introduction to .NET Framework

Chapter – II: C# Fundamentals

➤ Hour 2: C# Introduction

➤ Hour 3: Enumerations and Arrays

➤ Hour 4: Constructors, Destructors, Partial Classes and Static Classes

➤ Hour 5: Introduction to Inheritance, Visibility Modifiers and Simple


➤ Hour 6: Hiding methods, Method Overriding, Abstract Classes and Methods

➤ Hour 7: Sealed Classes and Interfaces

➤ Hour 8: Delegates, Generics

➤ Hour 9: Exceptions, Debugging, Break points, Immediate window, Collections

➤ Hour 10: Multi Threading, , LINQ

➤ Hour 11: Assemblies

➤ Hour 12: Manipulating Files and File Streams

Chapter – III: Windows Applications Development using C#

➤ Hour 13: Getting started with Windows Applications

➤ Hour 14: Standard Controls, Selection Controls, Selection Controls

➤ Hour 15: Background Processing Controls (Timer and ProgressBar, NotifyIcon)

➤ Hour 16: Dialog Controls (ColorDialog, FontDialog, OpenFileDialog,
SaveFileDialog, PrintDialog)

Chapter – IV: Sql Server 2008

➤ Hour 18: Sql Basics, History, Querys

➤ Hour 19: Built in Functions

➤ Hour 20: Joins

➤ Hour 21: Views, Indexes

➤ Hour 22: Stored procedures, triggers

Chapter – V: Data Access using C# with ADO.NET support

➤ Hour 23: ADO.NET Basics and Library, Database Connection

➤ Hour 24: Query Processing using Command Class

➤ Hour 25: Working with Data Adapter, Dataset

➤ Hour 26: Working with Stored Procedures

➤ Hour 27: Menu Navigated Database Application Development and Crystal

Chapter – VI: Web Sites Development using ASP.NET

➤ Hour 29: HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and ASP.NET Introduction, Getting started with
ASP.NET, Advantages of ASP.NET, and Traditional Web Sites Development in ASP.NET.

➤ Hour 30: Page Life Cycle, Implicit Objects, Web Controls

➤Hour 31: Database Applications in ASP.NET using ADO.NET, Data Controls

➤ Hour 32: Validation Controls, Navigation Controls, Login Controls

➤ Hour 33: Grid View in depth

➤ Hour 34: User Controls, Master Pages

➤ Hour 35: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Themes

➤ Hour 36: View State and Cookies

➤ Hour 37: Session State and Application State

➤ Hour 38: XML

➤ Hour 39XML with Dataset

Chapter – VII: Web Services Development using ASP.NET

➤ Hour 40: Web Services Introduction, Getting started with Web Services

c sharp dotnet online training

What is C Sharp DotNet Course

In c sharp.Net online training, C# is a general object-oriented programming language for networking and web development. C# is specified as a common language infrastructure language. Initially, c# was developed as a c-like object-oriented language. The actual name was changed to avert potential trademark issues. In January 2000, .net was released as C Sharp DotNet Online Training. Its net framework promotes multiple web technologies. c sharp.Net is based on c++ and contains features similar to those of Java. Because programmers can build on existing code, rather than repeatedly duplicating it, C# is expected to make it faster and less expensive to get new products and services to market. Companies that are already using c# include apex software, bunk orient, component source, devsoft, Farpoint technologies, lead technologies, protoview, and Seagate software. C Sharp.Net online training is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its C Sharp DotNet Online Training initiative led by Anders Hejlsberg. (Sharepoint Training) C sharp.Net training will teach you basic C# programming and will also take you through various advanced concepts related to C# programming language. This c sharp.Net online training has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic C# programming.

C Sharp DotNet Course Overview

C Sharp.Net online training is designed for common language infrastructure which consists of the executable code and runtime environment that allows the use of various high-level languages on different computer platforms and architecture. C# online course is a modern, general-purpose programming language. It is object oriented and component oriented. It is easy to learn a language which is structured and which produces efficient programs. C Sharp DotNet Online Training  can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms. It has the features of as Boolean conditions; automatic garbage collection; standard library; assembly versioning; properties and events and many other features that are making it endearing to the developers worldwide. c sharp.Net online training is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and approved by European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) and International Standards Organization (ISO). C# was developed by Anders Hejlsberg and his team during the development of.Net Framework. For most of the examples given in this tutorial you will find try it an option, so just make use of this option to execute your C# programs at the spot and enjoy your learning at C Sharp DotNet Online Training.

Job Opportunities On C Sharp DotNet

As c sharp.Net online training makes things possible in a faster way it is the language that is being used everywhere. Some of the companies that are using the c#.net are apex software, protoview, component source etc. C# is a simple type safe object oriented general purpose programming language. Visual c# provides code-focused developers with powerful tools and language support to build rich, connected web client applications on the.net framework. C sharp DotNet online training is intended to be suitable for writing applications both hosted and embedded systems, ranging from very large sophisticated operating systems, down to the very small os having dedicated functions. The reason why many developers tend to incline more towards c# is the fact that it is more typesafe than c++. Moreover there are no implicit conversions between Boolean and integers unlike c++ copy constructors and conversion operators. (Sap ABAP Online Training) C sharp.Net online is designed for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which consists of the executable code and runtime environment that allows the use of various high-level languages on different computer platforms and architectures. C# programming is very much based on C and C++ programming languages, so if you have a basic understanding of C or C++ programming, then it will be fun to C Sharp DotNet Online Training.

SVR Features

We will assist you in interview preparation and be getting a job in the IT industry. Learn c sharp.Net online training at our online training institute to gain enough knowledge to make your career in the .NET field. Even after the C Sharp DotNet Online Training course completion, we will update you regularly with latest technology updates of the industry. You can join in our forum and can share your expertise with other forum members. C# development is highly economical with regards to memory and processing power Salesforce Training. Due to this, there is a very little burden on the resources of an enterprise and this makes the companies opt for c# naturally and there is demand for the people who have the knowledge of c sharp and with the help of our C Sharp DotNet Online Training on can achieve success in getting job and placed in a big firm to achieve better future. The jobs that these people get are like c sharp developers. C# constructs closely follow traditional high-level languages, C and C++ and being an object-oriented programming language. It has a strong resemblance with Java; c sharp.Net online training has numerous strong programming features that make it endearing to a number of programmers worldwide.


We have set up the C# Programming online training, so that you can compile and execute all the available examples online. It gives you confidence in what you are reading and enables you to verify the programs with different options. Feel free to modify any example and execute it online. We have already mentioned that C# is part of C Sharp DotNet Online Training framework and is used for writing .Net applications. Therefore, before discussing the (dot net interview questions) available tools for running a C# program, let us understand how C# relates to them.Net framework. The c sharp.Net online training applications are multi-platform applications. The framework has been designed in such a way that it can be used from any of the following languages: C#, C++, Visual Basic, JScript, COBOL, etc. All these languages (Java Training) can access the framework as well as communicate with each other. The C Sharp DotNet Online Training framework consists of an enormous library of codes used by the client languages such as C#. Using these tools, you can write all kinds of C# programs from simple command-line applications to more complex applications which you learn at c sharp.Net training.

About Our Faculty

The trainer who has real-time experience more than 8 years.

Yes, the faculty has more the 4 years of experience in real-time.

✓ Successfully trained more than 20 batches
✓ Trained more than 200 learners

Absolutely, the trainer concentrates on 30% theoretical and 70% on practical.

Obviously, the faculty clears all the doubts during the session.

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CV Prepatation

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Yes, we suggest you and support for making CV Preparation.

In CV Preparation for real time projects provide template documentation for implementation project. You can access practice that in your idea system. If you have any difficulty, you can approach the trainer.

Yes, we will provide sample C.V’s for experience 2-3 years.

Definitely, we help you during C.V Preparation.


Yes during the course, we will guide you and give you clear picture about certification procedure.

All the topics will be covered during the course. We provide question banks which will be helpful for you to attempt for certification.

Even after completion of course, you can approach trainer if you have any doubt regarding certification.

Surely, We provide the certification sample query’s and references.

The certification has the multiple impact and encouraging factors in the recruitment of experts. Organizations claim that hiring certified professionals has served them with greater deployment and yield on investment. Check Cloud Career Building Up Force for New age IT Professionals to understand the career benefits.

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Interview Preparation

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Yeah, Even after the completion of course, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

We provide excellent study materials and customizable course curriculum to students for superior quality training and we also provide videos recordings which support throughout your career.

At the completion of this course, with hands on training definitely give you confidence that you go in interview with leaving 3 years of experience.

Is it Job Guarantee Program ?

Institute doesn’t provide you any guarantee to get a job but as a guide as a mentor, as a friend we will always provide you a good opportunity.

We will definitely help you in attending interviews and it’s your caliber, hard-work and ability.

Even after getting job when you stuck in any problem we will help but not for sure.

We are ready to help always, however it should fit in our course curriculum.

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Additional Info

c sharp dotnet online training

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Trainer will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.