Oracle Goldengate Tutorials – Upgrade Your Skills

Oracle Goldengate Tutorials – Upgrade Your Skills

Q.What is oracle goldengate ?
Answer : Oracle GoldenGate is a product item, this item permits you to repeat, channel and change information starting with one information base then onto the next one. It bolsters the replication of information between prophet information bases and furthermore different heterogeneous information bases. Brilliant Gate’s corresponding item quickens Oracle’s system to deal with the ongoing information reconciliation Goldengate Tutorial through an extensive information combination stage. This blend is required to convey the quickest and furthermore most adaptable continuous information incorporation answer for clients.

Q.Why is Oracle Golden Gate used ?
Answer : 
Mainly Oracle Golden Gate is used for Replication it can also be used as a data guard.

Q.Is Oracle Golden gate an etl tool ?
Answer :
 Extract, remodel and cargo your Oracle information to your information warehouse mistreatment Alooma’s stream-based information pipeline as a service (ETL).

Q.What is the difference b/w 11g and 12c GoldenGate?
Answer :
 11G Will Support Classic Extract Where as in 12C Supports the Internal Parallelism for replicat to increase apply performance and also Integrated Extract is Introduced.

Q.What are the GoldenGate setup pre-requisites?
Answer : 
The following supplemental logging is required. –
Database supplemental logging
Object level supplemental logging (ADD TRANDATA)
Database level GoldenGate user with GoldenGate level privileges for extraction of knowledge from
source database.
Target: Database level GoldenGate user with GoldenGate level privileges for replication of knowledge to focus on database.

Oracle Goldengate Tutorial

Q.What are the different password encryption options available with Oracle GoldenGate?
Answer :
 We Can Encrypt Passwords in Oracle GoldenGate mainly in two ways

Blowfish algorithm
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm

Q.What is the task of the DBWR method and the way several DBWR processes square measure there?
Answer : 
DBWR Means, info author is very answerable for writing changed blocks(ie.dirty blocks) to the physical knowledge files(disks).An excessive quantity of dirty buffers in Buffer cacheTable house being born (or)taken offline(or) placed in browse solely mode, (or) in hot backup mode.When the supply and so the target schema objects are not constant (different DDL) the Replicat GoldenGate Interview Questions method should grasp the supply definition of the objects.The output from the DEFGEN utility is utilized in conjunction with the path knowledge to figure out that column worth inside the path belongs to that column. (Goldengate Tutorial)

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Q.What is the importance of Oracle GoldenGate Manager?
Answer : 
To give users control over Oracle GoldenGate processes, Manager provides a instruction interface to perform a selection of administrative, housekeeping, and reporting activities, including:

Critical, informational event, and threshold reporting
Resource management
Trail File management

Q.Differentiate between extract file and trail file?
Answer :
 Extract files are used in some configurations. It is as similar file to trail file except check points are recorded.

Q.What are the essential resources required to configure Oracle GoldenGate high availability solution with Oracle Clusterware?
Answer : 
There are 3 basic resources required:

Virtual IP
Shared storage
Action script.

Q.What steps would you employ to feature a brand new table to the destination replicat?
Answer : 
The steps would be on the following:

Embrace the new table to the extract & pump method. (Goldengate Tutorial)
get beginning information SCN and reproduction the supply table information to the target information
begin replicat on course at the supply SCN information purpose.

Q.What is the importance of Oracle GoldenGate Manager?
Answer : 
To give users management over Oracle GoldenGate processes, Manager provides a instruction interface to perform a selection of body, work, and reportage activities, including:
Setting parameters to assemble and fine-tune Oracle GoldenGate processes
Starting, stopping, and observance capture and delivery modules
Critical, informational event, and threshold reportage
Resource management
Trail File management We Provide the Best goldengate interview questions for freshers as well as experienced.

Q.What sort of secret writing is supported in Goldengate?
Answer :
 Data Encryption exploitation Blowfish, arcanum secret writing, Network secret writing ar the encryptions supported within the oracle strait. (Goldengate Tutorial)

Q.How is that the RESTARTCOLLISION parameter completely different from HANDLECOLLISIONS?
Answer : 
The RESTARTCOLLISION parameter is utilized to skip ONE dealing solely throughout a state of affairs once the Golden Gate method crashed associate degreed performed an operation (INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE)inside the info however could not stop the tactic data to the stop file/table. (Goldengate Tutorial)

Q.What type of Topology does Goldengate support?
Answer :
 The Topology supported by goldengate are Unidirectional, Bidirectional, Peer-to-peer , Broadcast , Consolidation , Cascading.

Q.Explain high level steps of GoldenGate ?
Answer : 
Below area unit the key steps to install/configure the GoldenGate system.

Download the package from the Oracle web site and transfer to server
Unpack/Unzip the installation nada file
Prepare supply and target system
Install the package on the supply and target system (for 12c use OUI)
Prepare the supply information (some decibel parameters ought to be adjusted) tack together the Manager method on the supply and target system
Configure the Extract method on the supply system
Configure the information pump method on the supply system
Configure the Replicat method on the target system (Goldengate Tutorial)
Start the Extract method
Start the information pump method
Start the Replicat method

Q.What is the data pump process in Goldengate?
Answer : 
The Data Pump is a discretionary optional Extract bunch that is made on the source framework. At the point when Data Pump isn’t utilized, the Extract cycle keeps in touch with a far off path that is situated on the objective framework utilizing TCP/IP. GoldenGate Interview Questions Goldengate Tutorial The benefits of this be it ensures against an organization disappointment as (Goldengate Tutorial) without a capacity gadget on the neighborhood framework, the Extract cycle composes information into memory before the equivalent is sent over the organization. Any disappointments in the organization could then reason the Extract cycle to prematurely end (abend). Likewise, in the event that we are doing any mind boggling information change or sifting, the equivalent can be performed by the Data Pump.

Q.What is suplimental work and why it’s needed for gg replication?
Answer :
 About Suplimental Logging: Supplemental work as name suggests is further work, needed to unambiguously distinguishing a row on course info once a row is updated/deleted from supply info.once a row is updated / deleted from the supply, GoldenGate Replicat method searches for constant row on course supported column supplementally logged before the dealings (Goldengate Tutorial) may well be applied.Supplemental work Levels: GoldenGate Interview Questions there is 2 level of supplemental logging:Supplemental work is needed by every amendment knowledge Capture (CDC) tool.GoldenGate being government agency tool therefore it additionally needs supplemental work to be enabled so as that rows updated on supply area unit usually unambiguously known at Target and updated. (Goldengate Tutorial Questions)

Q.How Can I set the info to boost Flashback performance?
Answer :
 Here area unit a number of the issues you want to inspect it to boost Performance:Use a fast classification system for your flash recovery space, ideally while not OS file’s counseled to use a classification system that avoids OS file caching, like ASM.Configure enough disk spindles for the classification system which is able to hold the flash recovery space.for large GoldenGate Interview Questions production databases, multiple disk spindles may even be required to support the desired disk turnout for the info to write down down the flashback logs effectively.

Q.List out a number of the necessary issues for bi-directional replication?
Answer :
 Here are a number of the necessary issues for bi-directional Replication mentioned below:
The client ought to contemplate the following points in Associate in Nursing active-active replication setting. (Goldengate Tutorial)

• Sequences: are not supported. The work around is to use odd/even, vary or concatenate sequences.

• Triggers: These ought to be disabled or suppressed to avoid victimization individuality issue

• Data Looping: this can straightforward avoided victimization OGG itself

• LAG: this might be reduced. If a client says that there’ll not be any LAG because of network or large load, then we have a tendency to don’t ought to deploy CRDs. however usually|this will be} often not the case forever as there would be some LAG and these can cause Conflicts.

• CDR (Conflict Detection & Resolution): OGG has inherent CDRs for every type of DMLs which can be used to discover and resolve them. (Goldengate Tutorial)

• Packaged Application: These are not supported as a result of it should contain information sorts which are not supported by OGG or it’d not permit the appliance modification to work with OGG.

Q.Why ought to I upgrade my GoldenGate Extract processes to Integrated Extract?Oracle is during a position to produce quicker integration of the new info options by moving the GoldenGate ?Answer : Extraction processes into the info.the GoldenGate Integrated Extract options variety ofoptions like Compression which are not supported among the normal Extract.You’ll scan additional concerning the thanks to upgrade to Integrated Extract and additional concerning Integrated Delivery.Going forward preference ought to be provide to create new extracts as Integrated Extracts and additionally to upgrade existing ancient Extracts. ( Goldengate Tutorial )

Q. Is it should that the supply information ought to be in archivelog mode?It is NOT should that the supply information is among the archivelog mode aside from any serious, mission-critical ?Answer : GoldenGate system it’s nearly obligatory to possess supply system in Archive Log mode.GoldenGate desires Archivelog mode to allow the mining of its archived redo logs, following a Goldengate Tutorial retreat or outage in GoldenGate replication to prevent any information loss.So for testing/demo purpose you’ll need supply information in nonarchivelog mode since for demo purpose you are not discomposed abundant regarding information consistencies or information loss however if you aremaking GoldenGate setup for your company’s productions system, keep supply archivelog mode action as your foremost priority.


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