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How long does it take to learn Power BI ?

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Generally Power BI Training will take 20 to 25+ hours, Before going to learn Power BI, I am strongly recommended to learn SQL Basics at least. If you plan your self, then We divided learning programming g with 6 sections for learning power bi.

Course Duration 20 hours

Step 1: Power BI Installation

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What is Power BI and Powebi Installation

Step 2: Power BI Over View

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1. The business Challenge – Who Gets The Annual Bonus?
2. Connecting Power BI to a Data File – CSV File
3. Navigating Power BI
4. Drilling down and up in hierarchies
5. Advanced drilling in hierarchies
6. Adding Colours
7. Adding A Calculated Column
8. Adding Labels and Formatting

Step 3: Time series, Aggregation, and Filters

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1. Downloading and connecting to the dataset
2. Working with time series
3. Understanding aggregation and granularity
4. Creating an area chart & learning about highlighting
5. Filters and Slicers in Power BI

Step 4: Maps, Scatterplots and Interactive BI Reports

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1. Joining data in Power BI
2. Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and OUTER joins work
3. Joins with duplicate values
4. Joining on multiple fields
5. Creating a map, working with hierarchies, lats and lons
6. Calculated Columns vs Calculated Measures in Power BI
7. Creating a scatter plot
8. Combining charts, filters and slicers
9. Adding a Donut Chart

Step 5: Creating an Interactive Power BI Report

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1. Downloading the dataset and connecting Power BI
2. Mapping: How To Set Geographical Roles
3. Creating Table Calculations for Gender
4. Creating Bins and Distributions for Age
5. Creating Bins and Distributions for Balance
6. How to create a Tree map chart
7. Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard
8. Controlling Report Interactivity
9. Analyzing the Customer Segmentation Dashboard

Step 6: Custom Visuals

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1. The Challenge: Visualizing the European Debt Crisis
2. Installing a Custom Visual for Power BI
3. Mechanics of a Chord Chart
4. Setting up the second Chord Chart
5. Adding Tree maps
6. Exploring the visualization

After completed this course, we will provide you some power bi interview questions and free power bi tutorial for beginners also.