How many lookup relationship in salesforce?

In this Tutorial Post We will get to know about how many lookup relationship in Salesforce very clearly. Lets get in to the topic.

About Look Up Relation Ship : A search relationship primarily links 2 objects along so you’ll be able to “look up” one object from the connected things on another object. search relationships is matched or one-to-many. The Account to Contact relationship is one-to-many as a result of one account will have several connected contacts. Lookup Relationship in Salesforce links 2 objects along however has no impact on deletion or security. not like master-detail fields, search fields don’t seem to be mechanically needed. When a Salesforce search relationship is outlined, knowledge from one object will seem as a custom connected list on page layouts for the opposite object.

Total Relationships (including Lookup and Master Detail) on a single object, we can create 40 relationship fields.
Number of Relationships you can have is :
Number of Lookup = Total Relationships – Number of Master Detail Relationships
38 = 40 – 2

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