How much is a business analyst salary?

Business analyst Salaries

Today I want to share “How much is a business analyst salary”. Many of them are asking for the same. The average salary for an IT business analyst is $67,762 per year, according to data from PayScale. The highest-paid BAs are in San Francisco, where the average salary is 28 percent higher than the national average. New York is second, with reported salaries 18 percent higher than the national average; Boston comes in third, with a 7 percent higher annual pay. (How much is a business analyst salary)

PayScale offers data on similar job titles that fall under the category of business analysts. The average salaries for those positions are as follows:

Job title Average salary

  • Business management analyst — $60,428
  • Business performance analyst – – $60,678
  • Business analyst II — $64,981
  • Junior IT business analyst — $65,330
  • Application business analyst — $66,882
  • Business intelligence analyst — $66,791
  • ITSM business analyst — $66,891
  • Technical business analyst — $71,489
  • Agile business analyst — $74,000
  • IT business analyst — $74,000
  • Business solutions analyst — $75,243
  • Systems business analyst — $78,095
  • Business analyst III — $78,107
  • Senior IT business analyst — $90,201

Business analyst role gives a moneymaking profits that is why it’s far one of the maximum sought-after jobs for lots professionals. We have mentioned commercial enterprise analyst earnings inside the following sections of the object.

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