How to Know Weblogic Version?

Answer: How to Know Weblogic Version:

Use one of the following methods to find Oracle Server version

1. From registry.xml in MW_HOME


Go to Middleware Home under which is installed Weblogic and look for file registry.xml (online training institute)

Open registry.xml Weblogic and search for “component name=” WebLogic Server” version=”″ (variable version next to this will tell you WebLogic version)

2. From WebLogic Admin Server logfile at $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/admin/AdminServer.log and search for “WebLogic Server“. Output like below will tell you WebLogic Server version ( as per output below)

3. From class weblogic.version

Go to directory which contains weblogic.jar ($WL_HOME/server/lib) and run below command
java -cp weblogic.jar Weblogic.version

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