What is PermSize | Weblogic Interview Questions

Question: What is PermSize?

Answer: PermSize is additional separate heap space to the -Xmx value set by the user. The section of the heap reserved for the permanent generation holds all of the reflective data for the JVM. You should adjust the size accordingly if your application dynamically load and unload a lot of classes in order to optimize the performance. Basically, he heap stores the objects and the perm gen keeps information about the objects inside of it. Therefore, the larger the heap, the larger the perm gen needs to be. (What is PermSize)

By default, MaxPermSize will be 32mb for -client and 64mb for -server. However, if you do not set both PermSize and MaxPermSize, the overall heap will not increase unless it is needed. (Company)When you set both PermSize and MaxPermSize, for example, 192mb, the extra heap space will get allocated when it startup and will stay allocated. (How to Set Deployment Order)

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