Is Tibco a good career?

Is Tibco a good career? Java Message Service is a Java structure designation for messaging within applications. Here specification was generated to fulfill a uniform messaging interface between applications enterprise. Utilizing a message service permits you to integrate the applications inside an enterprise. Message-oriented-middleware makes a standard interface protocol among these applications and will enable you to be new and existing applications in your enterprise computing ecosystem. The JMS framework is designed to provide a basis for MOM extension. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service executes JMS and integrates provision for joining other message services, such as TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO FTL, and TIBCO SmartSockets.

JMS based on the formulation and transmission of messages. Messages are structured data that individual purpose gives to another. The creator of the message identified as the producer and the recipient of the message recognized as the consumer. The TIBCO EMS server serves as a mediator for the message and controls its distribution to the correct goal. The server also implements enterprise-class functionality so as message routing, fault-tolerance, and communication with different messaging systems, before-mentioned as TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO FTL, and TIBCO Smart Sockets.(E learning portal)

Is Tibco a good career?

I do think it’s a very good career I do think it’s a very good career option, for the following reasons:

When working with Tibco, you have to interact with other technologies to integrate which gives you three main advantages

You will get to know other technologies besides of Tibco one

You get to recognize the complete architecture

And best of all, you will have to work hand in hand with other teams, so you will connect with people!

As a tech, it will give you the business view: when implementing Tibco projects, companies are trying to go with an SOA architecture (in most cases), which will give you a commercial enterprise attitude as you enforce enterprise procedures in Tibco and consequently could have a unique view of technical + enterprise view + the large photograph as defined before.
Career-wise, as Tibco BW is implemented at many places (industries of different types and sizes, locations, …), it does not limit you to an industry or a specific location. Besides, Tibco BW is (was) one of the best Tibco products that they always market and they are making a good effort to maintain it (and to save it, which was a big failure). It’s not a product that will decline soon (I think and I hope). 

Tibco sells Tibco BW basically with every product they sell (API management, BPM, MDM, etc…). Besides, SOA (and microservices: new Tibco version will be docker compliant) are still architectures that many companies would like to implement, and

Tibco is and will still be a good option.

Eventually, You can quickly evolve towards Architecture positions (Solution Architect, Integration Architect, Technical Architect or better Enterprise architect) easier when you have a solid integration and architecture background coming after Tibco implementations.

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