Java-CORBA Integration: RMI-IIOP or Java IDL

Answer: It is important to understand the distinction between these two ways of integrating Java with CORBA.

RMI-IIOP is for Java programmers who want to program to the RMI interfaces but use IIOP as the underlying transport. RMI-IIOP provides interoperability with other CORBA objects implemented in various languages, but only if all the remote interfaces are originally defined as Java RMI interfaces. It is of particular interest to programmers using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) because the remote object model for EJB is RMI-based. It also allows you to use the standardized IIOP protocol and have a lightweight (minimal Weblogic classes), client. (e learning portal)

Java IDL is for CORBA programmers who want to program in Java based on interfaces defined in CORBA IDL. This is “business as usual” CORBA programming, supporting Java in exactly the same way as other languages like C++ or COBOL. If you want to integrate C++ (or any other language your orb supports into IDL) you would use the CORBA IDL method of programming.

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