Microsoft Project Interview Question Answers pdf

1. make a case for what is link task at intervals the MS project used for?
Ans: As the name suggests, a link task throughout an MS project is used for linking any 2 tasks in a very project.

2. Mention wherever is also an outline task at intervals the MS project?
The outline task helps estimate the task amount, therefore} the length of the project and organizing the task so as. you will find the outlined task beneath the foremost menu –

3. List out the classes of tasks used within the MS project?

There are unit major four types of tasks:

Summary tasks: It consists of subtasks and their connected properties
Subtasks: it is a smaller task that is a neighborhood of an outline task
Recurring tasks: This area unit the tasks that fall at regular intervals
Milestones: This area unit the prime priority task that is adjusted to zero length and is like short-run goals at intervals the project.

4. Mention what area unit the new options obtainable in MS project 2013?

Improved news tools:

MS Project 2013 offers advanced news tools and easy answerableness for organizations
Office 365 Integration: simple integration of workplace 365 to the MS project knowledge
New Project Templates: The new MS project provides project templates that can suit your demand like promoting, construction, business, package development arrange, etc.
Better Presentation Tools: The timeline read offers a much better read of the progress of your project and helps to schedule your project consequently
Task Path: This feature area unit usually handy for a project manager handling massive and complicated schedules. It permits the user to establish the path for a specific task together with Successors, Driven successors, Predecessors, and Driving Predecessors.

5. make a case for what is a constraint in AN MS project? What area unit the varieties of constraints obtainable in MS project 2013?
In MS Project, the constraint is used for programming the task and setting a maturity for the task. the varieties of constraint obtainable in MS project are:

As before long as potential
As late as potential
Must begin on
Must end on
Finish no later than
Start no later than
Start no before
Finish no before.

6. Mention the thanks to set a point in time in AN MS project?

To set a point in time at intervals the MS project

Double-click a task ->it can open a task info panel

Now, click on the advanced tab

Then click on the arrow at intervals the point in time field to signifies the calendar then opt for a date

7. make a case for, however, you will move tasks in project 2013?

You can move tasks in MS project 2013 by 2 techniques

Move the task with the drag and drop methodology

Move the task with the cut and paste methodology.

8. make a case for, however, you will take away resources from your project?
To remove the resource from your project, first, filter the task list to seem at solely the tasks to that the resource is allotted, then you will edit or amend every task to exchange that resource.

Choose a task-oriented read a bit like the Gantt chart and conceal the outline tasks, this list can show solely work tasks and milestones

Under the read tabs knowledge section, click on the filter drop-down list then choose victimization Resource.

In the show tasks using a drop-down list, choose the resource and delete it that you {simply|that you just} simply dont need then click ok

To replace the resource, choose the Assign Resourcesunder resource tabs assignment section. choose the task from the table you’d wish to re-assign, and then, at intervals, the Assign resource panel, opt for the resource you’d wish to exchange and click on replace

Click the Format tab, and switch the checkbox back on for Show outline Tasks.

Click resource sheet at intervals the read tabs resource read section and currently you will delete the resource.

9. Mention what’s the characteristics of Gantt Chart Basics?

In the Gantt chart, every task is displayed by one row

Dates square measure displayed in progressive order like days, weeks, or months as per the full length of the project

For each task expected, time is displayed by a gymnastic apparatus whose left finish indicates the calculable starting of the task and right finish indicates the calculable completion date

The task might run parallel, consecutive or overlapping

The chart is drawn within the bar formation to a length proportional to the fraction of the work that has been completed

On the left of the road, you may see the finished tasks

Future tasks line lies to the correct of the road

Current task square measure crosses the road and square measure not on time once stuffed in the section is on the left of the road and prior schedule once it’s right of the road.

10. justify what’s the utilization of labor contour in MS project? What square measures the various kinds of contour you utilize in the MS project?
In MS project work, contour displays the distribution of operating hours over the length of the task. The graph can show the height according to the work distribution over the week.

Flat: Such contour signifies a good distribution of labor
Back-loaded: it’ll show the height activity at the tip of the project
Front-loaded: it’ll show the height operating activity at the gap of the project
Double peak: it’ll show 2 major periods of peak activity
Early peak: it’s the same because the front-loaded however with the increase to peak activity (SVR Technologies)
Late peak: it’s the same as a backloaded contour with a ramp
Bell: It shows one peak within the center of the project
Turtle: A bell with an increase and down.

11. justify however you’ll format a Gantt chart on MS project?
First you have got to click on the Format icon from the main menu bar

Click customize fast access toolbar, which is last on the corner on top of the menu bar

->click on additional parts -> choose on, comments not in pattern

->click on Gantt Chart Wizard then click add and ok

Once the Gantt chart wizard is set up, it’ll open a window that displays numerous settings like customary, vital path, baseline, and alternative for your Gantt chart. you’ll choose a choice in line with demand and click on next

Likewise, you’ll additionally set info like resources and dates, resources or dates alone

Once you exit the wizard, basic information like color, font size, and look is modified from the most menu ( FORMAT) itself. (Microsoft Project Training Online)

12. justify however you’ll link tasks in MS Project 2013?
You can link or connect any 2 tasks during a project to manifest their relationship, additionally referred to as dependency. Dependency drives the project schedule and once you alter the tasks, each modification you create to at least one alter the task of alternative, that affects consequent so on. To link the task, you have got to

Hold down Cntrl and click on the 2 tasks you wish to link

Click on Task ->Linked the chosen tasks.

13. Mention the categories of task links in MS project 2013?

There square measure four kinds of task links in MS project

Finish to start the link: during this link, the second task can’t be initiated till the primary task is completed

Start to start the link: during this link, the second task will begin at any time when 1st task is initiated

Finish to end link: during this link, 2 task doesn’t get to finish at constant time, the second task will finish anytime when 1st task is complete

Start to end link: during this link, the second task cant end till the primary task begins.

14. justify what’s resource leveling?
Resource leveling is that the coolest feature given by the MS project; these tool schedules work while not over-allocating work to the staff, particularly for those that square measure indulged in multi-task activities. as an example, there’s a project A and B and the assigned time for this project is three and a pair of days. once a private use resource leveling, it schedules the work as 1st two days for the project A and later 2 days for project B and once more on the Doomsday it’ll come to project A.

15. make a case for however you’ll produce and code a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in MS project?
Inserting Tasks: If you forgot to insert a task within the list you’ll add by clicking the place where you would like to feature a task and visit Insert>Newtask or press insert.

Outlining Structure: you may be making a top-level view of the project by distributing the project name. About doing this you have got to pick all deliverables beneath the heading so click the Indent button. they’ll all line-up, and also the deliverable can seem in daring

Assign numerical code to tasks: Once you have got created a piece breakdown, you’ll assign a numerical code to that. About doing this visit tools in the taskbar. underneath choices, you may see define choices, underneath this you have got to click on the check box with the choice show define a range. {you can|you’ll|you may} see that the task list will have a numerical code before it.

16. What must you remember before commercialism stand out file to MS project?
Before you import stand out file, you must remember of following things

Make sure that stand out file fields are going to be mapped to that MS project

Not necessary that each one field within the stand out ought to be foreign to the MS project, you have got the chance to settle on the sector you needed to import

Make sure that your import file encompasses a column header

Blank fields within the stand out are going to be foreign as a blank field the project

Start and end date in stand out are going to be foreign within the MS project begin and end field as begin no previous constraints for the tasks

If the map needs to foreign then, it ought to in the world.MPT file format on your machine, if it’s not in this format then import wizard can nod show the map as a choice alternative.

17. make a case for the trail for commercialism stand out in the MS project 2013?

Path for commercialism the file into MS project:

File ->Open ->Files of kind ->Excel book ->browse the file and choose the file ->Now click on Open ->Wizard can begin ->Click Next

At the tip of the run wizard, it’ll raise however you would like to import the file

As a brand new project

Append the info to the active project

Merge the info into the active project

After choosing any of the higher than choices, you’ll click next to complete commercialism stand out file to MS project.

18. make a case for, however, you’ll compare budget resource values in MS project?
Go to Resource Usage read ( read ->Resource Usage)

Add budget price, Work, budget work, and value columns to the table if they’re not there already

Tap on the change posture arrow to the proper of the Resource Name column heading so opt for the cluster by->Custom cluster, to cluster the resource by custom resource check field

Tap on the down arrow within the Field Name cell within the cluster By row section, subsequently within the change posture list of resource fields, choose the name of the custom text field for your budget classes so click apply

Now within the cluster outline rows, compare the budget get price or budget work values to the value or work values at the same time

To dismantle the cluster, you’ll opt for NO teams by clicking the down arrow to the proper of the Resource Name column heading.

19. make a case for a way to set a period of time exception in Project 2013?


To alter out their operating hours in Project 2013 for a specific day, you have got to vary the period of time exception settings. to try to that

Select the project and alter the operating time

On the calendar opt for the day you would like to vary

Click the exception tab to show it, it’ll show a column with the name cell during a blank row, A name for the exception, and press enter

Tap the exception name you entered in step three so click the small print button. it’ll open a detail window for this exception. wherever you may create the setting consistent with your demand like operating time, continual pattern, and vary of repetition.

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20. listing out the categories of responsibilities utilized in MS challenge?

There are foremost four varieties of obligations:
Subtasks: it’s a smaller mission that’s a part of an exact task
Routine obligations: these are the tasks that fall inside traditional durations
Milestones: these are the highest precedence mission which could be adjusted to zero lengths and are like quick-term goals within the venture
Mention the kinds of task links in MS mission 2013?

There are four styles of task links in MS mission

Finish to start link: during this link, the second venture can’t be initiated until the primary task is finished.

Begin to start link: during this hyperlink, the second task will begin at any time once the primary assignment is initiated.

End to finish hyperlink: during this link, the mission will now not stop at an identical time, the second challenge will quit each time once the primary venture is finished.

Start to complete link: on this link, the second mission cant end till the primary task begins.

21. however, can you make sure that your team can stay on the proper track to complete the project on a deadline?
In the answer to the current project management question, you’ll be able to say I’ll communicate the idea of expectations from the project before beginning it with the team. {i can| I will be able to| I’ll} take the regular updates of the progress and that I will discuss each section of the project with the team. With appreciation and feedback from the team members, I’ll check that that they’ll complete it at the given time.

Q22. make a case for some way to line period exception in endeavor 2013?

To adjust them to be had operating hours in endeavor 2013 for a specific day, you wish to alter the period exception settings. for you to try to that

Choose the task and trade the period of time.

At the calendar choose the day you wish to alternate.

Click the exception tab to show it, it’ll show a column with the decision cell during a blank row, kind of name for the exception, and press enter.

Tap the exception decision you entered in step 3 when that click on the information button. it’s progressing to open part panel for this exception. wherever you’ll build the setting in step with your demand like period of time, repeated sample and vary of repeat.

Give proof for a way you’ll value budget-helpful resource values in MS mission?

Go to aid utilization read ( read ->aid usage).

Upload finances worth, work, finances paintings, and worth columns to the table if they will be not there already.

Faucet on the drop-down arrow to the right of the resource decision column heading so recognize establishment with the help of->custom organization, to cluster the help by custom resource check field.

Tap on the down arrow within the field decision cellular within the organization through the row section, then inside the drop-down list of resource fields, recognize the name of the custom matter content subject to your budget classes so click observe.

Now within the cluster, precise rows, examine the budget get worth or budget paintings values to the price or work values at the same time.

To dismantle the organization, you’ll choose NO teams by clicking the down arrow to the right of the helpful resource decision column heading.

23. What are your favorite MS task books/internet sites?
Mission preparing, estimating, tracking, and oral communication is presumably the foremost advanced, nuanced region that Microsoft’s circle of relatives of workplace-related applications hopes to assist. knowledgeable, skilled PMs have to be compelled to be actively wanting to enlarge their ability sets with a ramification of sources.

24. have you ever completed any VBA automation with MS Project?
This isn’t as commonplace as stand-out programming, however, it’d deliver some perception into their depth of experience of the assignment info. some parents automatize look/feel troubles, thus printouts continuously look identical (consistency breeds familiarity). totally different uses macros for chiefly Byzantine utilization or value calculations. The candidate got to be ready to slickly describe the advantages and challenges of automation with this tool.

25. however, does one add or delete a regular or custom column/field?
A bit of a trick question: there are some ways to feature (or insert) a column/field, generally they’ll brute force Insert or use a macro. you must ne’er delete a column/field that contains data; the suggested approach is to cover the column. An asker might drill into the candidate’s use of custom tables, views, fields, and filters. Have they discovered templates? however, do they manage consistency among multiple projects? Do they use automation or templates to develop standards and build progressive enhancements for every project they work on?

26. however, does one model conferences and non-working time on a project plan?

There ar variety of various strategies – as well as …

Model all resource participation at the eightieth accessible time

Change the default calendar to six-hour workdays

Create weekly, 5-day (duration) tasks, for 1-4 (effort) hours per week, and assign everyone to the current task

Candidates ought to be ready to observe the execs and cons of no matter the technique they choose.

27. will MS Project be wont to track associate degree agile development projects, and if so, how?
There is no right answer to the current question, I’ve detected opinions on either side. However, if somebody will provide a cogent, elaborate answer, either way, they’re demonstrating their information of agile and/or Project.

Cross-company management, matrix management

A project manager must intercede with alternative departments within the company, just like the procural, the R&D, additionally because of the supply department. apart from that, the project manager may have to be compelled to move with customers and the company’s partners. Sometimes, the project manager may be to blame for the invoicing and monetary problems with his comes. does one have that project management experience?

28. Tell Maine a couple of times once your stakeholders didn’t agree on a project. however, did you proceed?
Interviewers asking this question are trying to find stories that may prove you have got these necessary soft skills for the task. make certain to brainstorm stories regarding your former project management roles in anticipation of this question and use them as a confirmation that you simply have the mediation skills that these hiring managers are trying to find.

29. What comes does one not wish to figure on?
Everyone needs to believe they will handle each project, however, the truth is that almost all project managers are best fitted to a slender project management role.

If you tell your future leader that you just love performing on everything, that communicates that:

You might not recognize what you’re talking about regarding OR

You’re unwilling to speak weaknesses.

Neither of those traits reflects well on you.

Instead, be honest. Are you a lot of a package development person? does one move with artistic media campaigns? Would you rather change posture and die than work on a construction project? Let your querier know; each they and your future self can thank for it.

30. however, does one upset tough team members?
Project management flows a great deal electric sander once everyone seems to be meeting deadlines with quality results. sadly, you’re possible to figure with some people UN agency have to bother delivering. Your querier needs to grasp however you upset these social and personnel problems.

First, research correct approaches to coping with tough team members so you’re able to respond with the most effective attainable answers. offer samples of however you helped improve the work processes of team members at your previous jobs. you’ll be able to invariably raise your querier to grant a for instance; they may even have somebody specific in mind.

31. however, will MS Project verify a task is on the important path?

If total slack is <= zero it’s on the important path. counting on the version this could be organized.

32. What does one have confidence in the term project management?
It is positively the most project management interview question that you just can face. you’ll be able to outline project management as a mix of many operations as well as skills, tools, knowledge, and techniques that are needed for the success of any project. within the project management, it’s conjointly essential to manage the time, success rate, and value of the project.

33. in step with you, what are the vital skills for project managers?
It is right that their cant is one ability that’s enough for the project manager. therefore whereas responsive to this project manager interview question, you’ll be able to embody leadership skills, time management skills, and communication skills which will be vital for the success of any project. Keep the justification able to support your answer as a result of the querier will certainly evoke it.

A project manager could be chargeable for leading the project. scan what the Project Manager’s responsibilities.

34. wherever does one see yourself in the next five years?
It is the foremost common project management interview question that the querier can evoke the post of project manager. With this question, he needs to grasp your future goals with the corporate. it’ll be higher to explain what you wish to grant your best performance for the success of each project and what you wish to contribute to taking the corporate forward together with your position.

35. however, can you justify the project life cycle?
A project can bear many phases before completion by the team. From the start to completion, a project has to be compelled to bear the stages or phases that kind the whole project life cycle. As per PMBOK, each project goes through five phases namely:

Monitoring &Control
phases of project management
It is vital to travel through each introduces a correct method for the success of the project on the premise of the project life cycle.

36. are you able to tell concerning the comes that you simply have handled with the previous company?
If you’ve got the expertise as a project manager, you’ll face this question throughout the project manager interview method. detain mind that the inquirer won’t have the interest to grasp concerning the whole list. Therefore, decide a number of the simplest comes of your work and perpetually decide the triple-crown one. check that that you simply square measure telling concerning the comes that square measure relevant to your new job.

The inquirer asks project manager situation primarily based inquiries to take a look at the decision-making skills of the candidate. The method you answer these queries represents, however, you’ll respond in numerous things. Scenario-based latest project management interview question list typically includes the steps you’ll desire to solve the matter or manage things.

37. What square measure the most qualities needed for a triple-crown project manager?
It is one of the most recent project management interview questions that you simply can get to face throughout the interview. Their square measure several skills, a project manager ought to choose aside from technical skills within the answer to the current question throughout the interview. you’ll be able to embrace leadership skills, decision-making skills, risk management skills, time management skills, and prioritization skills If the inquirer asks you about the qualities of the triple-crown project manager, here square measure the ten qualities that square measure expected to be during a project manager to become triple-crown.

Team Building
Problem determination

38. however, can you begin a replacement project as a manager?
With this question, the inquirer is attempting to visualize your thoughts concerning any new project. As an honest project manager, you’ll take the correct steps to grasp the project and create the correct strategy to begin it. you’ll initially perceive the target and purpose of the project for beginning it together with your team. If you’re a beginner at the project manager job, you’ll realize this question within the list of best project management interview questions. So, check that you’ve got ready yourself to handle such queries.

39. however, can you manage any of the changes within the project?
You should recognize that there are also many things once you can get to create changes and modifications within the project. With this question, the leader needs to grasp concerning your flexibility and adaptableness to the sure changes within the project. during this answer, you’ll be able to tell that however can you react once the changes can occur and the way can you manage the time point in time and price for the sure changes together with your team on the project.

40. you’re performing on a serious project as project manager and going halfway through the project you notice that you’ve created a blunder because of that you’ll have to be compelled to process the project from the terribly starting. however, can you handle this example meeting the point in time of the project?
This is fully a scenario-based project management interview question, this kind of query is asked to visualize your skills to handle completely different things. you’ll be able to answer this question in the following manner.

Ill initial stop no matter what I’m doing to seek out out the error. unwell investigate if the error is little to correct it instantly; if therefore unwell attempt to rectify the difficulty now. just in case the error needs the entire process on the project and it’s going to even delay the delivery on the far side the point in time, unwell inform the supervisors now and can allow them to recognize the entire situation.

According to things, unwell have to be compelled to refer to my team and create a concept, if needed, well arrange to offer overtime to fulfill the point in time while not poignant the project. though it’ll be painful and long unwell learn from things and create a note of the situation, therefore, it may facilitate the USA within the future.

During the project management interview, the inquirer assesses the candidate on numerous views to grasp if he’s the proper candidate. behavioral project management interview queries offer the inquirer insight into the abilities you’ve got to manage sure things. If you possess the specified skills, it makes them stand out of the gang.

41. Did any of the staff or managers challenge your selections in your previous job?
Many candidates suppose that it’ll be sensible to travel for Noin the solution to the current question however it’s quite common to face things of disagreement in any of the comes. it’ll be higher to mention Yesin the solution and you’ll be able to describe things during a correct method so that you’ll be able to create a positive impression on the inquirer.

42. however, ought project managers communicate the failure of any project with the team?
As a project manager, you need to have the standard to handle the failures in an exceedingly correct manner as a pacesetter along with your team. once your team works on any project and it fails, you ought to certify that the failure doesn’t affect the main focus and morality of the team members. you’ll be able to tell that rather than charging any of the team members, you may discuss the explanations for failure with the collective responsibility.

Top ten Reasons for Project Failure

Techniques to Avoid Project Failure

In this section, we’ve coated senior project manager interview queries with careful answers. because the heading suggests, these queries square measure asked the candidates World Health Organization have some important experiment within the project management domain. With these queries, inquirer tests your advanced data on numerous aspects of project management. Let’s bear some common senior project manager interview queries.

43. does one realize economic expert analysis/principle?
This is a knowledge-based preferred project management interview question that you simply could face within the interview if you’ve got respectable expertise in project management.

According to the economic expert principle, eightieth of results can come back from 2 hundredths of your actions within the project.

This analysis is employed to place the work by the project managers. If you’ve got expertise because the project manager, you need to have data concerning this principle to use it for the comes.

44. does one assume that integrity is an important quality of any project manager?
The obvious answer to the present question is affirmative and you’ve got to explain it properly to the inquirer. Any of the businesses need the worker’s World Health Organization can share the principles and values of the corporate. If you’re in an accountable position as a project manager, you’ve got to point out the right thanks to alternative team members for the project. it’s essential to earning the trust of your boss and also the respect of your team members to become a no-hit project manager.

45. What was the most important challenge you featured throughout any of them comes in past?
Most of the candidates can say that I didn’t get the proper time or I didn’t get the corroboratory boss. you ought to ne’er choose these sorts of answers to a replacement leader. you’ll be able to describe ANswer|the solution} on the idea of an example scenario and certify that you simply square measure describing the manner you handled true and you featured the challenge. you’ll be able to conjointly describe what you learned from this case.

46. which kind of project you would like consistent with your interest and why?
You may face this question as a result of its thought of as the foremost common project management interview question. certify to form a groundwork concerning the corporate and kinds of comes that they agitate. In your answer, you ought to tell concerning the comes that the corporate can supply unremarkably to you as a project manager.

47. What square measure the tools for project management that you simply have utilized in the past?
Today, many tools square measure offered to form the work good for the project management. you’ll be able to build analysis to understand concerning the actual project management code employed by the corporate. ready to} conjointly realize a number of the highest and advanced project management tools offered for it if you’re able to work thereon along with your new company.

48. however, can you retain your team members motivated?
It is undoubtedly the most project management interview question that you simply can face if you’re a senior project manager. one of the necessary responsibilities of a project manager is to be an honest leader and keep motivating his team members to boost their morale. The inquirer could raise this sort of inquiries to acumen well you act as a team leader and team player.

So, to answer this question you’ll be able to tell the inquirer that you simply can have time to time join up with the team and raise concerning the problems if they’re facing any. you may act sort of a leader rather than the manager so that the team might be happy to share their suggestions and ideas with you. you may inspire your team members to form a personal contribution and collective effort rather than imposing your selections on them.

49. what’s going to be concerned about Project Scope Management?
The project scope management is stated as a collection of processes to make sure that the scope of the project is outlined and mapped accurately. The techniques concerned in scope management facilitate project managers to arrange the quantity of labor needed to finish the project with success.

In the scope management, there’ll be involvement of the data of necessities, making WBS, dominant the scope and confirmative the scope. during this term, WBS can outline the baseline of scope for the project. the look, dominant, and shutting are that the 3 processes of project scope management.

Project Scope Management is that the method that involves a variety of steps, the steps concerned to outline the project scope management square measure –

Plan scope management
Collect necessities
Define scope
Create Work Breakdown Structure
Validate Scope
Control Scope

Technical project manager interview queries essentially assess the candidates for his or her technical power and skill. If you’re an associate degree fully fledged candidate, you’ll stumble upon technical project manager interview queries on a way to agitate the quality of comes on the idea of your expertise. These queries square measure somewhat robust however inquirer includes these inquiries to increase the success rate of the comes.

50. What strategy does one follow to mitigate the risks concerned in an exceeding project?
There will invariably be risks concerned in an exceeding project; generally even before you begin it. you need to be able to provide the enquirer enough points on completely different area units wherever you’ll work so there are effects of risks.

51. Did you ever face any challenges whereas managing projects? however, did you handle those challenges?
With the responsibilities of a project manager, comes a great deal of challenges. therefore identify one that you have got been successful in handling. provide the varied ways that however you have got handled and also the strategy you came up with.

52. that of the methodologies have you ever employed in your projects? Why does one like it over others?
There area unit varied methodologies — Agile, Waterfall, etc. — that area unit employed in project management. Be well-prepared concerning the varied professionals and cons of every methodology that you just have used. ne’er mention those that you just haven’t used.

53. What does one realize about the crucial path of a project? What steps can you be taking if you discover that one among your tasks goes to require longer than expected?
To put merely, the crucial path of a project is all the key tasks that area unit needed to finish a project. There are unit ways to shorten task time. E.g. adding a person to the project on the contract or form a unique team to finish the actual tasks.

54. Name the 10 key information areas as mentioned within the PMBOK Guide?
Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Value Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Acquisition Management, and neutral Management.

55. what’s the amount of kid tables that may be created out from one parent table?
The number of kid tables that may be created out of the only parent table is adequate to the number of fields/columns within the parent table that area unit non-keys.

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