Oracle Apex as a career path for professionals 2020

Oracle Apex as a career path for professionals 2020


Want to be a professional in Oracle Apex, Now 20.1 is the version available in the market today. As you know Oracle apex is the most populated low level coding platform for many enterprise apps that allows you to develop easily measurable ,safe and secure enterprise apps that are having sophisticated features which are expanded anywhere.

The release of Oracle Apex 20.1 will have a lot of sophisticated new features and this release of Oracle APEX introduces many exciting new features and Strengthens to accouche a modern and rich user interface.As this scenario look for the advancement in technology,some of the improvements made by the Oracle APEX 20.1 consists

  1. APEX Plus Redwood
  2. Faceted Search enhancements
  3. Friendly URLs
  4. Improved
  5. Application Lifecycle Management.
  6. Native PDF printing
  7. Mega Menus

Why you should take oracle apex as your career path in 2020

Here in this domain Certified oracle apex trainers, there are massive opportunities where Possessing SQL/PL SQL programming knowledge is an added advantage.

Another account of learning oracle apex training as it has excellent packages worldwide.

You have to learn some of the concepts in Oracle Apex training online they are listed as follows:

  • Learn and gain knowledge on Oracle APEX architecture, documentation and versions
  • You have to learn even in-depth about SQL essentials.
  • You need to know how to work effectively with built-in themes and templates.
  • You need to gain knowledge on how to make safe and secure applications.
  • Learn application navigation by using administered components
  • Implementing Feedback mechanisms
  • Put a focus on learning new techniques, trends, and most developed Oracle APEX updates.

NEW Oracle Apex Certification

Get Master on new APEX certification, Oracle Application Express 18: 

This certification helps you to prove that you are qualified at developing and deploying apps using Oracle APEX. The person who certified will have demonstrated fluency in the understanding of the skills required to expand professional apps using Oracle APEX.

This certification includes experience building robust, secure apps that utilize many of the solution’s capabilities.

And this certification is useful for the people who are application builders with experienced developing skills in developing web applications that include oracle apex solutions, ERPs opportunistic apps so on and you require you to take the following exam to get a certified person in Oracle Application Express 18

Oracle Application Express 18 and expanding Web Applications exam 1Z0-750

Oracle Application Express Workshop I Ed 2

Oracle Application Express Workshop II Ed 2

Oracle Application Express: Administration Ed 2

Additional Information: 

Oracle apex is the basic level coding application development software that is included with every oracle Database. And it is a combination of Oracle Autonomous Database and the Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Apex when combined with the Oracle database provides a securable integrated application that looks great on mobile and desktop.

In Svr Technologies, We provide online training in two methods which is selfbased and Instructor LED based. Coming to self-based learning,here you can access the training classes at your flexible time and you can access the given tutorials for your lifetime. We provide you self based learning at your affordable cost.

While coming to Instructor LED based learning, Our Faculty have experienced in the same domain with a 9years experience. Our Faculty will guide you for certification and also help you in cracking the interview with MNC’s.

We also provide some interview questions where you can access it repeatedly in moving forward your career.

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