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ORACLE ERP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS are Provided for Both Freshers and Experienced from the Real Time Experts.

1.What are the steps in attaching reports with oracle applications?
Designing the report.
Denerating executable file related with report.

Moving executable and source files to the acceptable folder of the merchandise .

Registering the report within the sort of concurrent executable.

Defining concurrent program for registered that are executable.

Adding concurrent program for requesting group of responsibility.

2. Differentiate Apps schema from other schemas ? (Oracle ERP Interview Questions)
Apps schema is that the one that comprises of only synonyms and there’s no possibility of making tables in it. Other schema comprises of tables and objects in it and allows the creation of tables also as for providing grants to tables.

3. Define custom top and its purpose?
Custom top are often defined because the customer top which is made exclusively for patrons . consistent with the need of the client many number of customer tops are often made. Custom top is formed used for the aim of storing components, which are developed also as customized. At the time when the oracle corporation applies patches, every module aside from custom top are overridden.

4. what’s the tactic of calling standard – interface program from pl/sql or sql code?

5. what’s the importance related
US folder is simply a language specification. Multiple folders are often kept for language specification counting on the languages that are installed.
Oracle Apps.

6. Which are the sorts of report triggers? ( Oracle ERP Interview Questions )
There are mainly five different sorts of report triggers available. They are

  • Before report
  • After report
  • Before parameter form
  • After parameter form
  • Between pages

7. what’s the firing sequence related with report triggers?
The sequence related with firing is as follows before parameter form, after parameter form, before the report, between pages and after report.

8. what’s the aim of cursors in PL/SQL?
The cursor are often made used for the aim of handling various row – query related to PL/SQL. Implicit cursors are available for the aim of handling all the queries related with oracle. The memory spaces that are unnamed are employed by oracle for storing the info which will be used with implicit cursors.

9. Define record group?
Record group are often considered as an idea used for the aim of holding sql query that’s related to list related with values. Record group consists of static data and can also access data inside tables of database through sql queries.

10. what’s a FlexField?
This is a sort of field related to oracle apps that are used for capturing information related with the organization.

11. Is there any possibility for having custom schema at any time when it’s required? You have the supply for having custom schema at the time of making table. 12. what’s the concurrent program? ( Oracle ERP Interview Questions) Concurrent programs are instances that require to be executed along side incompatibles and parameters. 13. Define application top? Application tops are found once we are connecting to server. There are two sorts of application tops available they’re product top and custom top. Product top is that the quite top that’s inbuilt default by manufacturer. Custom top are often chosen by the client, and any number of custom tops are often created as per the need of the client. 14. Explain about the procedures that are compulsory within the case of procedures? There are number of parameters which are mandatory within the case of procedures and every of those parameters features a specific job related to it. Errorbuf: this is often the parameter used for returning error messages and for sending that to log file. Retcode: this is often the parameter capable of showing the status related to a procedure. 0, 1 and a couple of are the status displayed by this parameter. 0 is employed for indicating completed normal status, 1 defines completed warning status and a couple of is that the one denoting completed with error. 15. what’s a token? ( Oracle ERP Interview Questions) Token is employed for transferring values towards report builder. Tokens are usually not case – sensitive. 16. what’s the menu? Menu are often defined as a hierarchical arrangement related to functions of the system. 17. what’s Function? Function is that the smaller a part of the appliance which is defined inside menu. 18. Define SQL Loader ? Sql loader may be a utility resembling a bulk loader for the aim of moving data that are present in external files towards the oracle database. 19. What is the way to register concurrent program with oracle apps? There are certain steps that you simply got to follow for the aim of registering concurrent program.
  • The initiative is to log in to your system with the responsibility of the supervisor.
  • The next step is to define executable concurrent program.
  • While defining concurrent program do lookout to offer application name, short name and outline along side the choice of executable concurrent program.
20. Define set – of books? SOB are often defined because the collection of charts related to accounts, currency and calendars.

21. what’s a worth set?
Value set is employed for the aim of containing the values. within the case of a worth set getting related to report parameters, an inventory containing values are sent to the user for accepting one of the values within the sort of parameter values.

22. Define the kinds of validation?
There are various sorts of validation.

  • None: this is often the indication of minimal validation.
  • Independent: Input should be there within the list of – values that are defined previously.
  • Dependent: consistent with the previous value, input is compared with a subset of values.
  • Table: Input is checked on the idea of values that exist within the application table.
  • Special: These are the values that make use of flex field.
  • Pair: A pair are often defined because the set of values that make use of flex fields.
  • Translated Independent: this is often a sort useful which will be made used as long as there’s any existence for the input within the list that’s defined previously.
  • Translatable dependent: during this quite validation rules that compare the input with the subset of values related to the previously defined list.

23. Define Template?
Template may be a quite form that’s considerably required before the creation of the other sort of forms. it’s a sort of form that comes with attachments that are platform independent and related to a specific library.

24. Which are the attachments that are platform independent and become a neighborhood of the template?
There are several attachments that are a part of the template form.

  • APPSCORE: this is often a sort of attachment that comprises of packages also as procedures which are useful for all the various forms for the aim of making toolbars, menus etc.
  • APPSDAYPK: This attachment contains packages that are helpful in controlling the applications related to oracle.
  • FNDSQF: This attachment has various procedures also as packages for flex fields, profiles, message dictionary and also concurrent processing.
  • CUSTOM: This attachment is useful in extending the appliance sorts of oracle without causing any modification related with the appliance code. There are various sorts of customization including zoom.

25. Define Ad-hoc reports? ( Oracle ERP Interview Questions)
This is a sort of report that’s made used for fulfilling the reporting needs of a specific time.

26. what’s the Definition of responsibility?
Responsibility is that the method through which the group of varied modules are often made during a format accessible by users.

27. Define Autonomous transaction?
This is a sort of transaction that’s independent of another transaction. this type of transaction allows you in suspending the most transaction and helps in performing SQL operations, rolling back of operations and also committing them. The autonomous transactions don’t support resources, locks or any quite commit dependencies that are a part of main transaction. ( ORACLE ERP )

28. Which are the kinds of Triggers?
There are various sorts of triggers related to forms and that they are

  • Key triggers
  • Error triggers
  • Message triggers
  • Navigational triggers
  • Query–based triggers
  • Transactional triggers

29. what’s the aim of Temp tables in interface programs?
These are the sorts of tables which will be used for the aim of storing intermediate values or data.

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