oracle erp technical interview questions

ORACLE ERP TECHNICAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS are Provided for Both Freshers and Experienced from the Real Time Experts.

1. Where to define the parameters within the report?
The parameters are often defined inside the shape of concurrent program, and there’s no need for registering the parameters but you’ll got to register the set of values that are related to the parameters.

2. Define the steps for customizing form?
You need to form use of the subsequent steps for the aim of customizing forms.

• The first and foremost thing that you simply got to do is to repeat the files template.fmb also as Appsatnd.fmb from AU_TOP/forms/us and paste that inside custom directory. By doing this the library related to this task get copied by it’s own.

• You can now create the forms you would like and customize them.

• Do not forget to save lots of the created forms inside the modules where they have to be located.

3. Define about Key Flexfiled ? (Oracle Erp Technical Interview Questions)
Key flexfiled may be a unique identifier and is typically stored inside segment, and there are two different attributes related to this which are flexfiled qualifier and segment qualifier.

4. Define uses of Key Flexfield ?
This is a singular identifier for the aim of storing information related with key. It also helps in entering also as displaying information related with key.

5. Define Descriptive FlexField ?
This is a sort of flexfield that’s mainly used for the aim of capturing additional information, and it’s stored within the sort of attributes. Descriptive flexfield is context sensitive.

6. List some uses of DFF (Descriptive Flex Field) ?
This is a sort of flexfield that’s mainly used for gathering extra information and also for providing space for you to make and obtain expanded.

7. Define MRC ( Multiple Reporting Currency)?
Multiple – Reporting Currency may be a quite feature that’s related to oracle application and helps in reporting also as maintaining records that are related to the transaction level in various sorts of functional currency.

8. Define FSG ( budget Generator) ?
This is a sort of tool that’s highly powerful also as flexible and helps in building reports that are customized without counting on programming. This tool is merely available with GL.

9. Define Oracle Suite? (Oracle Erp Technical Interview Questions)
Oracle suite is that the one that comprises of oracle apps also as software related to analytical components.

10. Define ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?
ERP may be a software that’s available as a package and may be helpful in automating also as integrating most of the processes related to the business.

11. what’s a datalink?
Datalink are often made used for the aim of relating the results that are related to various different queries.

12. The way to attain parameter value counting on the primary parameter?
Second parameter are often attained by making use of the primary parameter by making use of the command $flex$value set name.

13. Define data group?
Data group are often defined because the group of applications related with oracle. ( ORACLE ERP )

14. Explain about security attributes? (Oracle Erp Technical Interview Questions)
Security attributes are often made employed by Oracle for allowing the actual rows containing data visible to the users.

15. Define about Profile Option?
Profile option comprises of set of options that are helpful in defining the looks also as behavior of the appliance .

16. Explain about application?
Application are often defined because the set of menus, forms and functions.

17. Where can we use Custom.pll?
Custom.pll are often used during the method of creating customized or new oracle forms.

18. Where are tables created? (Oracle Erp Technical Interview Questions)
Tables are often created at custom schema.

19. Define multi org ?
This is a sort of functionality for data security.

20. Define Request Group ? (Oracle Erp Technical Interview Questions)
Request group is assigned with a group of responsibilities.

21. what’s the usage of the spawned object?
This object is employed for process related to executable field.

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