Student Reviews SVR Technologies

Students’ reviews and feedbacks

“Really a gud learning experience … Instructor is really technically sound.”

Surbhi Baheti
May 10, 2017

“Recommended for learning from the very basics”

Priya Pahlani
Apr 30, 2017

Udhu das
Apr 8, 2017

Chiranjeevi T
Apr 5, 2017

Akshaya Meena
Mar 24, 2017

Sameena Sam
Feb 24, 2017

Ravi Sinha
Feb 23, 2017

“Very well designed course by SVR. They have properly designed the topics in clear pictorial representation. This helps us to understand clearly. Good one to choose for online training.”

Vijay Kumar
Feb 10, 2017

“Excellent training is provided by this institute. I have trained and directly got placed in HP Company. I am very happy. Whatever the matter is, SVR is always with us.”

Rajesh Kumar
Feb 10, 2017

“Success is all front of you if you be the part of SVR because I’m successful right now with the help of them. So SVR makes every second in making our career. They are “for students and to students”. I’m lucky to be part of SVR!”

Kalyan Satish
Feb 10, 2017

“Customer support is very good and server access is provided if needed. They are flexible in providing the needs of students very well. It’s good to be part of SVR.”

Abiram Yandrapu
Feb 10, 2017

“Customer support is very good and server access is provided if needed. They are flexible in providing the needs of students very well. It’s good to be part of SVR.”

Suresh Gangu
Feb 10, 2017

“Nice one to join with. They provide live sessions and help in every aspect regarding training. The SVR team provides complete support till the completion of training. The job support is very well designed. Thank You SVR!”

Polinaidu Gorle
Feb 8, 2017

“I have completed the training LAN and informatics, faculties are good and institute is good”

Venu Yendluri
Feb 6, 2017

“Good training”

Sreedharchowdary Bodepudi
Feb 6, 2017

“Nice faculity…and material will be provided time to time..mostly useful to the students..i liked this institute very much.i suggest every one to train in this institute.the instructors are very helpful…”

Ramakoteswararao Kanumuri
Feb 6, 2017

“Before joining SVR Technologies my knowledge was limited to my academic syllabus only. But now after joined SVR Technologies my knowledge has elaborated. I learnt how software is developed in real-time environment. Also learnt how to face an interview questions. In my personal opinion my attitude has completely changed towards IT industry after joined SVR Technologies.”

Rambabu Bachina
Feb 5, 2017

“Good training. I suggest everyone to take up the training in this institute. They offer courses at very low price compared to other online institutes. good support from trainer and recorded videos after every session are mailed to us for future reference. Thank You.”

Divya Teja
Feb 4, 2017

“Very experienced trainers. My friend recommended me for this training. I am happy to be trained in this institute. I can assure that this is the best one which I found among.”

Manoj Tainala
Feb 4, 2017

“I have been trained here, it helped me a lot for my career, The staff here have excellent knowledge and very good teaching experience. Price are affordable and reasonable. They helped me in guiding me choosing right platform and job assistance.

Thank you SVR”

Srinivasa Rao
Feb 4, 2017

Vasu Kumba
Feb 4, 2017

“I am very pleased with SVR Technologies, I am completely satisfied.”

Gowtham K
Jan 31, 2017

“I have very nice experience as a being the part of the SVR Technologies and best suuport from the management team, In my training session the trainer was really funtastic man with sound knowledge. over all my comments are that svr is the best destination for any kind of the training and support.
Thanks SVR Team .. !!!”

Jan 31, 2017

“It was really good experience with SVR Technologies, they are very supportive and expert on relative field.Excellent instructors and management team.
Overall my experience with SVR was very good and I would definitely recommend SVR for online Training.
Thank you.”

Linson Valappila
Jan 31, 2017

“Nice experience with SVR. I have grabbed enough knowledge from the course i have choose. Thank you SVR team for giving support and guidance for making up my career.”

Pavani J
Jan 30, 2017

“Good institute. I’m happy being trained here. good faculty, live interaction with the lecturers. well support from SVR, Thank You!”

Vinay Velidi
Jan 30, 2017

“Feeling happy to be a part SVR. i would recommend my friends even to join as this is the best institute for learning. i got good job support from SVR. By their assistance, now I got placed in one of the good MNC. Thank you SVR!”

Praneetha Chinnam
Jan 30, 2017

“Best faculty at SVR who always support in clarifying the doubts. I’m quite happy with the training. The fees is also very reasonable. Thank you SVR!”

Thainala Kishore
Jan 30, 2017

“Very nice institue, faculty are good in solving doubts regarding the course. Thank u SVR for making my life more brightful..”

Mounika Thimmapatruni
Jan 30, 2017

“Needed materials are provided,good guidance by the faculity. It is very helpful to the students. Finally it is very good”

Sai Charan Vajja
Jan 29, 2017

“I have done course here and it was really very good. The teaching was completely practical oriented with real time examples.and was helping us to clearing all our doubts. and was giving us lot of assigments which helped us to become strong on the subject . thank to the INSTITUTE for giving us such a wounderfull tutor”

Vishal Reddy
Jan 29, 2017

“I am completely satisfied with the training provided by SVR Technologies. Help desk was very supportive, they helped me a lot throughout the sessions. In simple word i love it.

Thankyou SVR technologies.”

Sai Krishna Chimmiri
Jan 29, 2017

“SVR Technologies is awesome Institute for online training and good staff very cooperative, i was not good in language i.e java. Bt after attending the class i become more confident about this.Thanks to SVR Technology’s.”

Venky Narala
Jan 29, 2017

“Following Ethical & Global standards in providing Online Training and Service to students is a difficult task…..which as been achieved by SVR in a shot period with best Professional Trainer… Thank you..”

Lalam Naresh
Jan 29, 2017

“SVR team is great. They are very professional and very helpful. Instructor is very good. The management is prompt in sending the videos and constantly in touch with students to make sure the training is smooth. I would definitely recommend Svr.”

Sujatha N
Jan 29, 2017

“I Really had a great time and good value for my money and time. It was very helpful and much beneficial for my career. Thankyou so much for all the support and guidance that I got from SVR technologies. Thankyou so much.”

Betha Harish
Jan 29, 2017

Praveen Reddy
Jan 29, 2017

“It was really good experience with SVR Technologies. The faculty was well supported. I definitely suggest SVR Technologies to join as it is best solution for your dream future!. It is very apt to choose u carrier…”

Murali Krishna
Jan 28, 2017

“Nice faculty. Good teaching and nice communication with students.”

Srinu Nagendra
Jan 28, 2017

“I am very happy to the part of SVR technologies, experienced facility, good support by the management and good teaching by the faculty. They are always ready to clarify the doubts about the subject. Finally I would like to thank SVR technologies.”

Rami Reddy
Jan 28, 2017

“Trainers are really good here and they explain each and every concept in detail. Finally good one who are improve their knowldge no think back blindly join these one”

Srinivas Gonuguntla
Jan 27, 2017

“I am completely satisfied with svr technologies, quality assured faculty having an real time experience with SVR Technologies”

Balachowdary Pemmasani
Jan 27, 2017

“SVR Technologies are best online training institute as per my reference&experience. The trainers are well professionalized in their stream of course. I am completely satisfied with the training. Thank you very much…”

Mounika Araveti
Jan 27, 2017

“Excellent Institute for online training… Good tuitors Good cooperation and 100% support…”

Siva Krishna
Jan 27, 2017

“Experience with SVR was good, staff were very good at subject and had very nice time…”

Nekkanti CNU
Jan 27, 2017

“Very Good. Excellent”

Vasu K
Jan 26, 2017

“The team of SVR Technologies value for the quality rather than money. This is the best part which insisted me to write this positive review. I am sure that the student trained in this institute would definitely come out with ample of knowledge as I am one among them.”

Gowri Shankar Y
Jan 25, 2017

Ramya Raavi
Jan 24, 2017

“Good faculty and fab courses to build career in technical stuff.”

Jansi A
Jan 24, 2017

“Good One…”

Srinivas Pulukuri
Jan 24, 2017

“Very good institute… Intensive job oriented coaching helped me a lot to get a job in MNC…thqq”

Kancheti Aditya
Jan 23, 2017

“I am very happy to be a part of SVR Technologies. I have started my course training in a very friendly environment. I am very scared and reserved kind before starting the course but later, I felt very comfortable with the SVR environment. The faculty always supported with positive guidance.”

Siva Kumar
Jan 21, 2017

“It was nice experience with SVR Technologies. Trainer explained me very well with live examples.”

Gopi konada
Jan 20, 2017

“SVR Technologies are the best online training institute as per my reference and experience. They gave us very good moral support and live examples for easy understanding. The trainers are well professionalized in their stream of course. I am completely satisfied with the training. Thank you!”

Joshi M
Jan 20, 2017

“I received online training from SVR technologies. Faculty taught me with real time scenarios and he gave me all materials and required files. Really SVR training process is very effective and informative. They gave me support in phone and Whatsapp too. Thank you SVR”

Adhee A
Jan 20, 2017

“I’m really happy to had this experience with SVR technologies. Thank you for Faculty and SVR support”

Srinu S
Jan 20, 2017

“Trainers are really good here and they explain each and every concept in detail. Good thing is they give us access to all the videos of the course and I think that is the best part. Their videos are number one in the market. Finally, The management is very good.”

Sai Kumar
Jan 19, 2017

“It was nice experience with SVR the teaching process and teacher both were good. Overall good experience.”

Shanthan Reddy B
Jan 17, 2017

“Quality: Faculty is experienced and same is true for students. Thus brought real life scenarios into class. Course progression is very logical and every lecturer builds the foundation for next lecture.

Convenient: Course is online, thus providing environment to learn in the comfort of my home. Videos are recorded, thus easy to review when necessary. Instructions are provided to setup labs in Virtual environment at home laptop/desktop.

Affordability: Fee is very affordable.

Based on Quality, convenience and fee – the review can be sum-up into — Excellent job!”

Muhammed Azimi
Jan 17, 2017

“My experience was wonderful, brilliant environment, excellent instructors and management team, who are so humble, smart/talented and caring and are providing quality education par excellence ” with world-class professional teachers” I felt not only would you earn an excellent education from them in the end which will also leads to great future in IT Jobs World-Wide. I highly recommend SVR Technologies to others. I have tried many online sites who looks promising which they are not once you join, will be disappointed and confuse, but SVR Technologies this people are running the faculty online with honesty and providing great education with affordable rates…AND ARE CONDUCTING THEIR BUSINESS WITH HEART”

Rima SAP
Jan 15, 2017

“The instructors are definitely experts in their field, very helpful staff. They are very enthusiastic about what they teach, plus they give honest feedback, also put extra effort in students to learn faster & in easier way, I felt consistently motivated by their high standards of teaching. Can’t find better online faculty in IT field to learn & gain in short period of time”

Bilquis AK
Jan 13, 2017

“SVR provoids great middleware training across diffrent flavors good value for money . Training was so professional and focused . Keep up the good work . Cheers ..”

Rajamohan Radhakrishnan
Jan 13, 2017

RamBabu Mamidala
Nov 23, 2016


Chandra Sai Guthu
Nov 17, 2016

“Everything was very smooth and consistent. The instructor did a great job !!!
Trainer proficiency for this course was very good !!!”

Pandu Palway
Jan 14, 2016

Srikanth Thodupunoori
Nov 30, 2015

“The trainer is knowledgeable and is clear in what he explains. If something is not clear he explains the topics again patiently.”

Ashwini Kodati
Nov 30, 2015

Abdul Razzak
Nov 30, 2015

“good training”

Anitha Karuturi
Nov 26, 2015

“Training is going one session he needs to cover one topic. otherwise he is very good”

Tejasri Venigandla
Nov 26, 2015

“Everything was very smooth and consistent. The instructor did a great job !!!
Trainer proficiency for this course was very good !!!”

Pandu Palway
Jan 14, 2016

“Trainer is experienced and explains the subject clearly in a simple and understanding way ..Always ready to clarify doubts in class or through mail ..Whole SVR team is very co-operative towards their sessions and give you their recordings very same day you can refer it in case you missed anything in the class..i had good experience with SVR.”

Wishal Sharma
Nov 26, 2015

“Excellent training with many real time examples for each exercise. It is very useful course for me. Its very well organized and explain each and every question which I asked without any hesitation. Extremely satisfied with the training.”

Kiruthiga Nallasivam
Nov 19, 2015

“I am extremely satisfied with the course so far. Instructor is very good, I respect the way he teaches and really like the interest he comes with, i’m impressed. Concepts are clear understanding. I am very happy with the training and support they are providing. Wonderful learning experience.”

Parimila Y
Nov 6, 2015

“It was nice experience with SVR the teaching process and teacher both were good. overall good experience.”

Tanya Ranjan
Jul 28, 2015

“SVR technologies is the finest institute . Training department, administration all are very co-operative and helpful, overall it is a good experience to me. Thanks to SVR Technologies.”

Bimal Thapa
Jul 14, 2014

“This is a great institute to take class and the people and instructors are excellent. The material they provide and the style of teaching is excellent.
I will highly recommend it for anyone wanting to start training in any of the subjects they offer.
Their prices are also very reasonable and can assist anyone who wants to study.”

Godfred G
Jul 11, 2014

“The Quality of Teaching is Good.”

Preetam Aritakula
Jun 24, 2014

Neelakanta Regani
Jan 13, 2014

Sowmith Chandu
Jan 9, 2014

Venkata Nagesh
Jan 9, 2014

Sanjeevrao Godavarthi
Dec 16, 2013

“SVR technologies is the finest institute i have ever seen, training department, administration all are very supportive, I thoroughly enjoyed learning here, overall it is a good experience to me. Thanks!!”

James Peterson
Nov 6, 2013

“I am very glad to have training in SVR. Trainer is an experienced, i have learnt a lot from him. I really thank them for their support and Cooperation.


Sep 20, 2013

“Training was very useful. Trainer explained the concept in very good manner.”

Saujanya D
Jun 29, 2013

“I’m really happy to had this experience with SVR technologies. Thank YOU so much for making my live easy”

Wesam Ali
Jun 6, 2013

“Everything was very smooth and consistent. The instructor did a great job !!!
Trainer proficiency for this course was very good !!!”

Pandu Palway
Jan 14, 2016

“Training by SVR is very informative and felt like I received worth of money paid.”

Ramesh Ailaveni
May 28, 2013

“Faculty is very good and he is very responsible, very helpful. SVR is reasonable in pricing. I got Immediate response from the tutor, whenever i ping. Thank you for helping me out.”

Mar 6, 2013

“I am a senior professional working in US for 12 years. I am very pleased with the expertise of the trainers and the course content. I have taken multiple courses and all of them are conducted in professional manner and very useful in every way.


Mohan Ramaswamy
May 4, 2013

“I just wanted to say that I am happy to choose SVR Technologies. The instructor was fantastic and incredibly nice, and I could not have hoped for a better teacher. He is an inspiration to anyone that truly wants to work. I have never had any other teacher or trainer as enthusiastic or knowledgeable as he is. Thank you for the support and the encouragement you gave me throughout the course.”

Feb 8, 2013