What are the Advantages of Message-Driven Beans

What are the Advantages of Message-Driven Beans

Answer: The message-driven bean is a stateless component that is invoked by the EJB container as a result of receiving messages from a JMS queue or topic. It then performs business logic based on the message contents, effectually freeing you from any JMS configuration and reconnection chores. (E learning Portal)

The message-driven bean model allows EJB developers to work with a familiar framework and set of tools, and also provides access to the additional support provided by the container. (Company) The goal of the message-driven bean model is to assure that developing an EJB that is asynchronously invoked to handle the processing of incoming JMS messages is as easy as developing the same functionality in any other JMS MessageListener. 

One of the main advantages of using message-driven beans in place of the standard JMS MessageListener is that a JTA transaction can be started for you automatically and the received message will be part of that transaction. In this case, other operations can be infected with the same JTA transaction such as database operations. This is the only way to infect a message from an asynchronous consumer and another JTA operation with the same transaction. 

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