What is the Difference Between Queue and Distributed Queue

Question: What is the Difference Between Queue and Distributed Queue?


1) In queues, one message can be consumed by only one client.
2) Queue represents the Point-To-Point model.
3) queue is used to send one to one system.
4) In queue the messages are sent to FIFO(First in first out) order. (E learning portal)

Distributed Queue:

1) A Distributed Queues are allow you to retrieve a connection to any of the Queues across a cluster by using the Global JNDI name.
2) It seems one of the main pieces of functionality Distributed Queue gives you is load-balanced connections across multiple managed servers. 
3) The members of the unit are usually distributed across multiple servers within a cluster, with each queue member belonging to a separate JMS server.
4)A distributed queue is a set of physical JMS queue members. 

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