What is the Major Configuration File in WebLogic

Question: What is the Major Configuration File in WebLogic?

Answer: WebLogic Server management and configuration services are accessed with the Java Management Extensions (JMX) API. The configuration of a domain is stored in XML files in the configuration directories under the domain directory. The files in these configuration directories act as a persistent store for the managed objects that WebLogic Server creates and modifies during its executing using the JMX API. The purpose of the configuration files is to store changes to managed configuration objects so that they are available when WebLogic Server is restarted. 

The central configuration file for the domain is DOMAIN_NAME/config/config.xml file. It specifies the name of the domain and the configuration parameter settings for each server instance, cluster, resource, and service in the domain. The configuration for some major subsystems of the domain is stored in subdirectories of the DOMAIN_NAME/config directory in separate configuration files that are incorporated by reference into the central config.xml file. (E learning Portal)

The domain directory also contains default script files, such as startWebLogic.cmd and startWebLogic.sh, that you can use to start the domain’s Administration Server and Managed Servers. For details about these configuration files and script files, see Domain Directory Contents. 

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