Where to Take AWS Exam

At most testing focuses, you can take an AWS Exam any day that they are open. You plan online at WebAssessor by choosing a geographic range, choosing testing center(s) in the region where you will take the test, and after that choosing a day and time at one of these offices. ( python online training )

If you have been studying diligently on CloudAcademy.com and taking practice quizzes, you will have a firm grasp of the subject material. (Company) However, passing one of these difficult exams requires more than just an understanding of AWS – you must also make sure you can handle the exam format, types of questions, testing system, and test environment.

Amazon Web Services Course

All AWS Certification Exams come in the same format. The Exams are on the Kryterion WebAssessor platform, which shows you one question at a time, similar to CloudAcademy’s tests. ( tableu training )

When you are presented with a question, you have the option to “mark for later”, which marks the question with an asterisk.

At the end of the exam, once you have navigated through all of the questions, the system will present you with a list of every question that you answered. Each question will display the option you selected as letter(s) A-Z (though usually just A-D). Any questions you “marked for later” will display with an asterisk next to them, allowing you to quickly revisit the tougher questions and check your work.

Associate Level Exams are comprised of 60 questions, and you will have 80 minutes to complete the exam. This means that you have 80 seconds per question – so make sure you’re quick!

As for Professional Level Exams, they’re even longer, having 80 questions and allowing 170 minutes to complete them – meaning you have 127 seconds per question! Many test-takers fail because they are not prepared enough to answer so many difficult questions so quickly over such a long period.

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