Complete set of windows server interview question answers

Windows Server Interview Questions are Provided for Both Freshers and Experienced from the Real-Time Experts.

1. within the context of the written account, however, does one outline “tattooing”?
“Tattooing” the written account suggests that customers will modification and examine the preference of the purchasers that don’t seem to be placed away within the preserved prescribed written account parts. no matter the assembly approach is exhausted or modified, the preference of the consumer can presently be unbroken within the written account. (windows server interview questions)

2. make a case for what’s the distinction between a thread and a pc process?
Computer Process: In computing, a method is Associate in Nursing instance of a bug that’s dead consecutive by a system that may run many pc programs at the same time.
Thread: A thread may be many feasible programs that employ along as one method. as an example, one thread would possibly send a mistake message to the user; another would possibly handle error signals whereas the third thread may well be corporal punishment for the first action.

3. make a case for what’s INODE?
INODE holds the data of files; INODE may be a pointer to a block on the disk, and it’s distinctive.
In easy words, it’s a singular variety allotted to a go in UNIX-like OS.

4. make a case for what’s RAID in Windows Server?
For storing the same information at a unique place RAID or Redundant Array of freelance Disks strategy is employed. it’s a method for building fault tolerance and increase storage capacity. On separate drives, it permits you to mix one or a lot of volumes so that they’re accessed by one drive letter

5.  make a case for what’s the aim of deploying native DNS servers?
A native DNS server provides the local mapping of totally qualified domain names to information science addresses. To resolve remote requests associated with the domain names on your network, native DNS servers will give record data to remote DNS servers.

6.  to envision TCP/IP configurations and information science property, what are the 2 command utilities which will be used?
Ipconfig: to envision the computer’s information science configuration, command ipconfig is used and conjointly it is wont to renew the client’s information science address if it’s provided by a DHCP server.
Ping: to envision the affiliation between the native pc and any of the opposite pc devices on the network Ping command is employed

7.make a case for if it’s potential to attach Active Directory to different third party Directory services?
Yes, you’ll connect different vendors’ directory services with the Microsoft version. By victimization dirXML or LDAP to attach to different directories.

8. What square measure have Discs?
A have disc may be a physical disc used for storing virtual discs and it’s a disc format and classification system.

9. make a case for what’s the foremost distinction between NTFS ( New Technology File System) or FAT (File Allocation Table) on a neighborhood server?
Ans: For native users, FAT (File Allocation Table) and FAT32 provide security, whereas NTFS ( New Technology File System) provides security for domain users still as native users. NTFS provides file-level security that isn’t potential through FAT32.

10. Mention what windows server 2008 service is employed to put in consumer OS over the network?
WDE ( Windows readying Services ) permits you to put in consumer and server operative systems over the network to any pc with a PXE enabled network interface

11. what’s an energetic Directory?
Active Directory is a company of the inventory during a library to collect objects like computers, client profiles, etc. It effectively controls the framework through Domain Controllers that are offered at several zones with the information of the Active Directory. a region of the bounds fuse dynamic association with various land zones, check of computers and customers within the house offered by windows, victimization the Domain Controller to repeat Active Directory. In accumulation to it, these lines are going to come back to each Domain Controllers.

12. Distinguish between a pc method and a thread.?

Computer method

In computing, a method may be a malicious program case that’s performed repeatedly by a pc, that may run various programs on pc at a similar time.


A thread includes the numerous feasible programs that collaborate as a solitary method. as an example, a thread may send a notification error to the customer; an alternate may contract with the signals of error though the third thread could perform the first action.

13. What does one comprehend authorizing DHCP Servers in Active Directory?
In case, a DHCP server is to perform in a lively Directory domain (and the domain controller isn’t accustomed to running it) it ought to initially be approved to Active directory. (windows server interview questions)

14. what’s cluster Policy?
Group Policy may be a Microsoft Windows National Trust feature that’s conjointly a family of OS that manages the work setting of pc accounts and user accounts. cluster Policy offers the central configuration management and of OS, users’ settings, and applications in a lively Directory setting. (windows server interview questions)

15. List versatile single master operations (FSMO) roles by Windows Server?

Following square measure a number of the roles of FSMO:

Infrastructure Master
Schema Master
RID Master
Domain Naming Master

16. What does one perceive by domains, forests, and trees?
The rational units of any organization of Active Directory square measure sometimes known as tree, domain, and forest. numerous articles within the procedure of a rational section be a part of accompanying: customers, computers, devices, etc. that share a similar active information written account that’s ordinarily referred to as a “domain”. (windows server interview questions)

A tree is an associate assortment of domains within the Active Directory that starts at one root and branches out into kid domains, peripheral. This may equally comprise associate adjacent namespace connected during a transitive order.

The domain assortment is usually referred to as “forest” that shares general logical structure, inventory, written account pattern, and written account setup. It typifies the boundaries of security for teams, clients, and devices as an example of computers.

17. what’s cluster Policy Objects (GPO) and list completely different forms of GPO?
The setting that controls the shopper records the geographic point, and conjointly pc records, a square measure known as cluster Policy Object (GPO). This assistance is describing the programming institution, security alternatives, repair selections and library-based arrangements, folder redirection selections, and content selections. There square measure sometimes two classes of GPO: (windows server interview questions)

Local GPO: These square measure place away on shut devices.

Nonlocal GPO: These square measure out there on Active Directory and square measure place away on a website controller.

18. will we tend to link third-party Directory service to a lively Directory?
Yes, why not, it’s potential to link third-party directory services to Active Directory by the victimization of completely different versions of Microsoft. dirXML or LDAP will be accustomed link Active Directory to alternative retailers.

19. What commands you may use to ascertain TCP/IP configurations?

The 2 most frequently used check TCP/IP configurations commands are:

Ipconfig: to ascertain the scientific discipline setup of the pc, we will use the command Ipconfig and in addition, it will be o.k. applied to reinstate the scientific discipline address of the users if it’s nominal by a DHCP server.

Ping: to ascertain the link between the pc in use and also the alternative computers, we will use the Ping command.

20. What does one comprehend operating of IntelliMirror?
IntelliMirror supports settling settings of desktop, keep files and applications for users particularly the one WHO moves among workstations and works offline.

21. however, you’ll be able to install the associate app MSI file once the isn’t available?
To install the application while not victimization the MSI file, the computer code Installer. ZAP document will be employed in its place. (windows server interview questions)

22. What is the domain controller’s basic function?
The domain controller performs is to verify customers to several networks and produce a group of objects that concerned the Active Directory.

23. what’s the goal of putting in native DNS servers?
A native DNS server offers the local mapping of totally competent domains to scientific discipline addresses. To resolve requests regarding the domains on the network, native DNS servers can give record information to distant DNS servers. (windows server interview questions)

24. What’s new in Windows Server 2019?
It is the newest window server version that uses the shortened LTSC or long-run service channel. a number of the foremost dominant options if the new windows server 2019 are:

  • Support for Kubernetes
  • Storage Space Direct
  • Storage reproduction
  • Improved Windows Defender
  • Windows scheme for UNIX system
  • Other interface new options from Win10 version 1809
  • Storage Migration Service
  • System Insights

25. what’s Windows Server’s default user interface?
Windows PowerShell is alleged to be the default program and command-Line Shell created by Microsoft. the most goal of the PowerShell is to order body tasks that job each remote and native windows machines. .NET Framework is employed to make PowerShell.

26. what’s INODE?
The file’s information is unbroken by INODE holds; INODE is claimed to be a novel pointer to a disk block. you’ll be able to additionally say that it’s a novel range owed to a go in UNIX-like package.

27. justify what’s RAID in Windows Server?
For storing equivalent knowledge at a unique place RAID or Redundant Array of freelance Disks strategy is employed. it’s a technique for building fault tolerance and increase storage capacity. On separate drives, it permits you to mix one or additional volumes so that they’re accessed by one drive letter (Windows Service Training Online)

28. What are the computer user Roles?
The computer user role varies within the organization. the two key System Admin tasks are Supporting, putting in, and maintaining computers & servers.

  • Install patches & OS Updates
  • Access user’s administration
  • Creating and Restoring system backups
  • Access management
  • Review system logs access administration
  • Planning Disaster recovery
  • Comply with watchword desires
  • System audit work

29. are you able to name a completely different version of Windows Server?

The version of windows servers until currently are:

Windows Server 2003 (2003)
Windows Server 2003 R2 (2005)
Windows Server 2008 (2008)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (2009)
Windows Server 2012 (2012)
Windows Server 2012 R2 (2013)
Windows Server 2016 (2016)

30. what’s the worldwide catalog?

The Global Catalog could be quite an info that contains all of the information concerning objects in Active Directory atmosphere domains. (SVR Technologies)

31. justify the distinction between native, universal, and world groups?
Domain native teams apportion access approvals to international teams of domains for native resources of the domain. world teams provide access to different sure domains’ resources. The Universal teams grant access to all or any sure domain resources.

32. will Active Directory Partitions Be Restored?
We can magisterially restore the objects from the domain and configuration partition. Authoritative restores of schema-naming don’t seem to be supported here.

33. what’s a Proxy Server?
It is a pc that’s really an entrance between an area network (such as all computers in one organization or during a building) and a larger-scale system like the net. Proxy servers provide augmented security and performance. In most cases, they monitor staff victimization outside resources. ( Windows Server Training )

34. what’s the WINS server?
Windows net Name Service (WINS) servers map the information science addresses to NetBIOS names. This lets employers access resources by name of the pc instead of the information science address. to stay a check on the information science addresses and names of different computers network, this pc is designed as a WINS server.
We might not able to connect with an overseas network through its NetBIOS name, just in case you’re not victimization WINS during a network,

35. outline Dora Procedure & its usage?
Ans: Discover, request, provide, and acknowledgment. it’s accustomed to mechanically apportion associate information science address to systems of the shopper.

36. within which order the GPOs are applied?
We can apply the GPO is associate order of

Local cluster Policy object website,
Domain and
organizational units.

37. are you able to state the many advantages of GPMC?
One of the key advantages of GPMC is its straightforward management of all GPOs diagonally the full Active Directory Forest read of GPOs in one list. we will do the GPOs backup and restore, Immigration of GPOs across several forests and domains. 

38. however, you may do the backup for cluster policy?
To make a copy, one single GPO, right-click the GPO then click make a copy.
For backup, all GPOs within the domain, right-click cluster Policy Objects and click on make a copy All.

39. what’s cluster nesting?
When we add one cluster as a part of another cluster is thought of as ‘group nesting’. It additionally helps in straightforward management and reduced traffic replication.

40. what’s Domain control?
A domain controller could be a server that manages the safety requests from different servers and computers within the Windows Server domain. There are 2 types of the domain controller that are a backup domain controller and a primary domain controller. the first domain controller stress services of the domain to avoid the system chance of a crash or retardation down attributable to the overtasking from handling different security requests and practicality. If the first domain controller goes down, a backup domain controller is promoted and becomes the first domain controller to preserve the server systems operating suitably.

41. what’s the tree?
A tree is truly a set of domains within the Active Directory that starts at one root and branches out into kid domains, peripheral. this may equally comprise associate conterminous namespace coupled during a transitive order. an energetic Directory forest is an associate assortment of Active Directory trees, similar to a real-world forest.

42 make a case for what will it mean to cache solely the server in terms of DNS?
The caching solely DNS server provides data associated with queries supported by the info it contains in its DNS cache. (windows server interview questions)

43. make a case for what’s LDAP?
Ans: To lookup for the knowledge from the server, e-mail, and another program that follows or uses the web protocol. This protocol is referred to as LDAP or light-weight Directory Access Protocol.

44. make a case for what’s INODE?
Ans: INODE holds the information of files; INODE may be a pointer to a block on the disk, and it’s distinctive.
In easy words, it’s a singular variety allotted to an entering UNIX-like OS.

45. to envision TCP/IP configurations and science property, what square measure the 2 command utilities which will be used?
Ans: Ipconfig: to envision the computer’s science configuration, command ipconfig will be used and additionally, it will be accustomed to renew the client’s science address if it’s provided by a DHCP server.
Ping: to envision the affiliation between the native laptop and any of the opposite laptop devices on the network Ping command is employed

46. make a case for wherever is that the AD information is held?
Ans: AD information is saved in %systemroot%/ntds. Files that control the AD structure square measure

47.  Mention what windows server 2008 service is employed to put in shopper software system over the network?
Ans: WDE ( Windows readying Services ) permits you to put in shopper and server operating systems over the network to any laptop with a PXE enabled network interface

48. What’s The Essence Of Application Partitions?
Ans: The application partitions square measure a vicinity of the Active Directory system and having aforementioned, therefore, {they square measure|they’re} directory partitions that are replicated to domain controllers. Usually, domain controllers that square measure enclosed within the method of directory partitions hold a reproduction of that directory partition. The attributes and values of application partitions are that you just will replicate them to any specific domain controller in an exceeding forest, which means that it might reduce replication traffic. whereas the domain directory partitions transfer all their knowledge to all or any of the domains, the applying partitions will target just one within the domain space. This makes application partitions redundant and additional out there.

49. what’s Licensing Grace Period?
Ans: To give your time for the reading and realization of the 1 Terminal Server license server, the server can offer a licensing grace amount. This license grace amount is nonheritable so you don’t need to have a license server. This grace amount can permit you and therefore the server to simply accept unlicenced purchasers while not requiring any permission from the authorized server. {the amount|the amount} can mechanically begin after you receive your initial shopper and therefore the licensing period can extend till you get a licensing server. that’s once a licensing amount can finish and therefore the licensing server will settle for new purchasers and store their data within the server and this can be known as the CAL or the client’s access license.

50. what’s Associate in Nursing Rd Gateway?
Ans: The RD entry may be a remote desktop entry. If the entry was the access purpose to the web, the remote desktop entry permits users from a non-public network to hitch it through the RD-gateway, victimization the remote-desktop affiliation.

51. what’s Windows Server Backup?
Ans: Windows Server Backup may be feature-free for Windows 2008 that has a variety of solutions for backing up the info on your laptop just in case of a system failure or other issue. Windows Server Backup will back up a couple of files to an entire server.

52. What square measure artificial Drivers?
Ans: Synthetic drives square measure completely different and higher than the emulation ones in their functions. They don’t imitate another program however, produce another hardware complicated device on a virtual platform.

53. what’s Direct Access?
Ans: Direct Access allows users to access the websites, applications, and internal network file shares firmly while not the requirement to attach to a virtual non-public network (VPN). an inside network is additionally known as a non-public network or computer network. on every occasion an instantaneous Access-enabled laptop connects to the web, albeit this happens before the user logs on, Direct Access sets up bi-directional property with an inside network. Users don’t need to suppose connecting to the computer network. The remote computers will be managed outside the workplace by the IT directors, even once the computers aren’t connected to the VPN.

54. what’s Dac?
Ans: Microsoft Dynamic Access management or DAC may be a knowledge governance tool in Windows Server 2012 that enables directors management access settings. It uses centralized policies to allow directors to review United Nations agency has access to individual files. Files will be classified manually or mechanically.

55. What square measure have Discs?
Ans: A have disc may be a physical disc used for storing virtual discs and it’s a disc format and classification system.

56.  what’s Desktop Virtualization?
Ans: Desktop virtualization may be a logical procedure to isolate and extract the OS or system from the shopper that’s able to access it. There square measure many sorts of desktop virtualizations a number of that embrace virtual machines whereas some don’t. If the software system is regionally controlled, users need to access their desktop through a network regarding a distant show protocol. The process of desktop virtualization is completed in an exceedingly knowledge center. So, applications like tablets will be a part of the Host virtual machine. This virtual machine will be accessed by a private and may be personalized the manner he needs it. 

57. what’s Branch Cache?
Ans: BranchCache™ is meant to enhance application responsiveness and scale back WAN link utilization so the servers will be accessed from remote locations simply. The remote laptop uses a cache of information that’s maintained domestically to scale back traffic over a LAN link. The cache will behold on on a server within the branch (Hosted Cache mode) or will be distributed across consumer computers (Distributed Cache mode).

58. ) will we’ve got over one rid of the master within the domain?
We cannot have over one rid of master per domain. By default
lt primary is rid of master wherever as if primary fails you’ll be able to transfer FSMO roles to a different DC within the domain.

59. what’s cluster sort and cluster scope? make a case for varieties cluster types?
Ans: When we tend to produce clusters we square measure purported to outline sort and scope for the cluster. sort can outline whether cluster will be accustomed to assign permissions on resources or not. we can produce {a cluster|a gaggle|a bunch} of sort security and distributed whereby security cluster will be accustomed assign permission and distributed group used for listing functions.

60. within which things will we use authoritative and non-authoritative to restore?
Ans: There square measure 2 ways to revive active directory backup- authoritative and nonauthoritative. once there’s a hardware or software package failure we can restore the backup and let different DCs copy the fixed one. this can be a nonauthoritative backup. that may be a default one.
If some object gets deleted by mistake and also the changes are not nonetheless propagated to any or all DCs then we tend to decide one DC wherever e will still realize this object. creating this DC as authoritative we can permit different DCs to be replicated from this DC.
But here not the whole directory isn’t fixed instead the precise object will be created authoritative.

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