you add a data disk to an azure virtual machine. what drive type is created?

You add a data disk to an azure virtual machine. what drive type is created?

A data disk could also be a virtual magnetic disc (VHD) that’s connected to a Virtual Machine thus on store the required knowledge. These disks are registered as little ADP system Interface(SCSI) drives and you will use Associate in Nursing alphabet to label them. Every of these disks options a most storage capability of 1023 GB. VM’s size helps in determining the number of disks which is able to be attached to it and conjointly the storage you need to use to hosts them. So, once you add a data disk to Associate in Nursing Azure Virtual Machine, a VHD is created .

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These discs create use of the storage offered in them to store info, existing and running application at the side of the in operation systems and data that is offered. There are 2 discs that are generally offered inside the Azure virtual machine. these 2 necessary storage discs embody the temporary disk and thus the system operating disk.We also Provide the best Azure Tutorial Videos in which student can ace level in the Azure Course.


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