IBM API Connect Interview Questions


What is IBM API Connect ?

What is IBM API Connect ? Answer : IBM API Connect is degree integrated providing, that gives customers degree end to end API life-cycle (Create, Run, Secure and Manage) expertise. It provides capabilities to form model-driven API’s, micro-services exploitation Node.js loop back framework, run them either on-premise or on-cloud, secure and manage the same usage of the management, entrance manner server and developer portal. IBM API Connect permits users to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialise web application programming interfaces (APIs). It runs as a Virtual appliance on a Virtual machine and uses the IBM WebSphere information Power SOA Appliances

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API Connect Interview Questions And Answers

API Connect Interview Questions And Answers will be very helpful for the beginners and also for experienced candidates 1. What is Api? Ans: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of software functions and procedures, called API calls, that can be executed by other software applications. Application developers code that links to existing APIs to make use of their functionality. This link is seamless and end-users of the application are generally unaware of using a separately developed API. During testing, a test harness-an application that links the API and methodically exercises its functionality-is constructed to simulate the use of

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IBM API Connect Interview Questions For Experienced

1. What exactly is the motive of API connect by IBM?Answer: IBM API aim is to make the application highly reliable and scalable. API’s are generally the data applications which are small in size and are meant to help experts in performing a specific task. IBM API cut down all the errors from the work of programmers and the key challenges that are associated with the integration approach. (IBM API Connect Interview Questions) 2. What exactly do you know about API testing?Answer: API basically specifies the way the different components of software interact with each other and what would be

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