Artificial Intelligence Questions For Experienced Pdf

1. What Is Ai?
Answer: Artificial intelligence (“AI”) can mean many things to many people. Much confusion arises that the word ‘intelligence’ is ill-defined. The phrase is so broad that people have found it useful to divide AI into two classes: strong AI and weak AI.

2. What is TensorFlow and what is it used for?
Answer: TensorFlow is an open-source software library originally developed by the Google Brain Team for use in machine learning and neural networks research. It is used for data-flow programming. TensorFlow makes it much easier to build certain AI features into applications, including natural language processing and speech recognition.

3. What are neural networks and how do they relate to AI?
Answer: Neural networks are a class of machine learning algorithms. The neuron part of neural is the computational component and the network part is how the neurons are connected. Neural networks pass data among themselves, gathering more and more meaning as the data moves along. Because the networks are interconnected, more complex data can be processed more easily.

4. Which algorithm is used for solving temporal probabilistic reasoning?
Answer: To solve temporal probabilistic reasoning, HMM (Hidden Markov Model) is used, independent of transition and sensor model.

5. In the Hidden Markov Model, how does the state of the process is described?
Answer: The state of the process in HMM’s model is described by a ‘Single Discrete Random Variable’.

6. In HMM, where does the additional variable is added?
Answer: While staying within the HMM network, the additional state variables can be added to a temporal model.

7. Which Is Not Commonly Used Programming Language For Ai?
Answer: Perl language is not commonly used programming language for AI8. What are the disadvantages of the Uniform Cost Search Algorithm?
Answer :
There can be multiple long paths with the cost ≤ C*.

Uniform Cost search must explore them all.

9. What Are The Two Different Kinds Of Steps That We Can Take In Constructing A Plan?
a) Add an operator (action)
b) Add an ordering constraint between operators

10. In ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Where You Can Use The Bayes Rule?
Answer: In Artificial Intelligence to answer the probabilistic queries conditioned on one piece of evidence, Bayes rule can be used.

11. To Answer Any Query How The Bayesian Network Can Be Used?
Answer: If a Bayesian Network is a representative of the joint distribution, then by summing all the relevant joint entries, it can solve any query.

12. Give some best books to A. I?

a. Artificial Intelligence (3rd edition) –

Patrick Henry Winston has written this book. As it is an introduction to AI. Also, this book is best for non-programmers. As they can easily understand the explanations and concepts. Moreover, advanced AI topics are covered but haven’t been explained in depth. Further, it teaches us to build intelligent systems using various real-life examples.

b. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach –

If you have opted for a course from Norvig to understand his style of teaching. Hence, you will long for it! Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig have written this book. This is the best book for newcomers for A.I. Also, it covers subjects from the search algorithm, working with logic to more advanced topics. Moreover, make this book your first choice for A.I.

c. Artificial Intelligence For Humans-

Jeff Heaton has written this book. These books will help to understand the basic artificial intelligence algorithms. Such as dimensionality, distance metrics, clustering, and linear regression. Interesting examples and cases were used to explain these algorithms. Although, to understand this book you need a good command of math. Otherwise, you’ll require more time to learn the equations.

d. The paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Programming-

Another one by Peter Norvig! This book will help you to understand the advanced common lisp techniques to build major A.I systems. It is all about practical aspects. Also, it teaches readers the method to build and debug robust practical programs. Moreover, It gives a better understanding of superior programming style and essential AI concepts. Further, if you are serious about a career, this book is best for you.

13. What is the Uniform Cost Search Algorithm?
Answer: Basically, it performs sorting in increasing the cost of the path to a node. Also, always expands the least cost node. Although, it is identical to the Breadth-First search if each transition has the same cost. It explores paths in the increasing order of cost. 

14. Which search algorithm will use a limited amount of memory in an online search?
Answer: RBFE and SMA* will solve any kind of problem that A* can’t by using a limited amount of memory.

15. For building a Bayes model how many terms are required?
For building a Bayes model in AI, three terms are required; they are one conditional probability and two unconditional probability.

16. In top-down inductive learning methods how many literals are available? What are they?
There are three literals available in top-down inductive learning methods they are

a) Predicates
b) Equality and Inequality
c) Arithmetic Literals

17. What combines inductive methods with the power of first-order representations?
Inductive logic programming combines inductive methods with the power of first-order representations. 

18. 2 Batsman Are On 94 Not out, need To Win 7 Runs Off 2 Balls, both Hit A Century? How It Is Possible?
Answer: The first batsman hit 4 on no-ball and then took a single on the next ball. Thus completed his century. The second batsman hit 6 on the last ball and completed his century too.

19. In Speech Recognition What Kind Of Signal Is Used?
Answer: In speech recognition, the Acoustic signal is used to identify a sequence of words.

20. Which domain study Artificial Included?

  • Computer Science
  • Cognitive Science
  • Engineering
  • Ethics
  • Linguistics
  • Logic
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Statistics
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21. Explain artificial intelligence examples and applications?
a. Virtual Personal Assistants

It is processed in which we have to collect a huge amount of data. That is collected from a variety of sources to learn about users. Also, one needs to be more effective in helping them organize and track their information. For Example, There are various platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. We use intelligent digital personal assistants are like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. AI plays an important role in these apps. If you demand they use to collect the information. And this information is used to recognize your request and serves your result.

b. Smart Cars

There are two examples: That is featured Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s “autopilot”. Also. Artificial intelligence is been used since the invention of the first video game.

c. Prediction

We call it the use of predictive analytics. Its main purpose is potential privacy. Also, we can use in many ways. As its also sending you coupons, offering you discounts. That is close to your home with products that you will like to buy. Further, we can call it the controversial use of artificial intelligence.

d. Fraud Detection

We use AI to detects fraud. As many frauds always happen in banks. Also, computers have a large sample of fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases. As they asked to look for signs that a transaction falls into one category or another.

22. What are artificial intelligence career domains?

A career in this can be realized within a variety of settings including private companies public organizations education the art healthcare facilities government agencies and the military.

23. In Artificial Intelligence, What Do Semantic Analysis Used For?
Answer: In Artificial Intelligence, to extract the meaning from the group of sentences semantic analysis is used.

24. What is the philosophy behind Artificial Intelligence?
Answer: As if we see the powers that are exploiting the power of the computer system, the curiosity of human lead him to wonder, “Can a machine think and behave as humans do?” Thus, AI was started to create similar intelligence in machines. Also, that we find and regard high in humans. company

25. What is an AI technique?
Answer: Basically, its volume is huge, next to unimaginable. Although, it keeps changing constantly. As AI Technique is a manner to organize. Also, we use it efficiently in such a way that − Basically, it should be perceivable by the people who provide it. As it should be easily modifiable to correct errors. Moreover, it should be useful in many situations. Though it is incomplete or inaccurate.

26. What contributes to Artificial Intelligence?
Basically, artificial intelligence relates to the following disciplines such as –

  • Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics and
  • Engineering

27. Name search algorithm technology?
a. Problem Space Basically, it is the environment in which the search takes place. (A set of states and set of operators to change those states)

b. Problem Instance It is a result of Initial state + Goal state.

c. Problem Space Graph We use it to represent problem states. Also, we use nodes to show states.

d. The depth of a problem We can define the length of the shortest path.

28. What is the function of the third component of the planning system?
Answer: In a planning system, the function of the third component is to detect when a solution to a problem has been found.

29. What is “Generality” in AI?
Answer: Generality is the measure of the ease with which the method can be adapted to different domains of application.

30. Suppose I Have Gmail Account, I Want To Delete All The Mails In My Inbox Having The Same Name(for Eg., Orkut). I Have Thousands Of Mails Like That. So, How Can I Delete All The Mails Having Single Name? Is There Any Option Provided In Gmail?
Answer: Yes, its very easy …just do one thing the top of the Inbox page there is a search box just search whatever you want to delete then click .. after few secs all the mail with concerned name get displayed .. just select them and delete them .. as you delete your spam or other mails.

31. What is FOPL stand for and explain its role in Artificial Intelligence?
FOPL stands for First Order Predicate Logic, Predicate Logic provides

a) A language to express assertions about certain “World”

b) An inference system to deductive apparatus whereby we may draw conclusions from such assertion

c) A semantic-based on set theory.

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