Devops Interview Questions - 2020 (Updates)

Top 30 Devops Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

1. DevOps! How can you define it in your words? Answer: Its highly effective daily collaboration between software developers and IT operations/web operation engineers to produce a working system or release software. A devOps implementation is generally aligned with Agile methodologies where deploying working software to Production is generally the highest priority. On Agile implementations, the emphasis is placed on people over processes, so a DevOps engineer must be willing to work very closely with Agile development teams to ensure they have an environment necessary to support functions such as automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. On a traditional implementation,

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Devops Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are Containers?Answer: Containers are a form of lightweight virtualization, heavier than ‘chroot’ but lighter than ‘hypervisors’. They provide isolation among processes while using the same kernel as the host machine, and ‘groups’ functionality within the kernel.  2. What is Continuous Delivery?Answer: It is the practice of delivering the software for testing as soon as it is built by CI (Continuous Integration) servers. 3. What is your favorite scripting language for DevOps?Answer: In DevOps, we use different scripting languages for different purposes. There is no single language that can work in all the scenarios. Some of the popular scripting languages

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