How to Clear the Weblogic Cache?

Question: How to Clear the Weblogic Cache?

Answer: Recently while working with the customization of skin in Oracle Identity Manager(OIM) application I was required to restart the Weblogic server hosting OIM so many times and many times I found that just bouncing/ restarting server is not enough, we will also need to clean up the cache so that new changes take effect. Well, I am not a Weblogic champion as of now, so I went on to google the thing up.. but it took me some time to really figure what to do.. so here is what you need to do in short: (E learning Portal)

1. Shut down Server.

2. Delete the contents of the folder ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/your_domain/servers/your_server/tmp…

You can also delete ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/your_domain/servers/your_server/cache (optional)

3. Restart Server.

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