How to create master detail relationship in salesforce?

Master-detail relationship is like parent-child relationship wherever, master represents a parent and detail represents a baby during which master object controls some behaviors of the detail object. Like whenever a Master object record is deleted then the detail object associated with it conjointly gets deleted.

Get a decent investment from knowledge through one amongst the salesforce managed service suppliers. Micropyramid’s salesforce managed services helps in testing your custom reports once changing a search field into a Master-detail relationship, guaranteeing them regarding their usability. Our managed service team can assist you in making and managing a Master-detail relationship before its custom object contains knowledge.

Master-detail relationship may be outlined between custom objects or between a regular object and a custom object. The detail object mechanically gets the protection and sharing settings given to the master object.

A child of 1 master detail relationship can’t become a parent of another object. To relate associate object to a different object, no records ought to exist within the kid object.

Rollup outline fields will solely be created on Master records, that area unit accustomed calculate the total, avg, min etc. of kid records.

How to produce a Master-detail relationship:

In Setup, move to objects and choose the custom object you wish to form master detail relationship.
within the designated custom object, click on new within the custom fields and relationships list.
choose Master-detail relationship and click on on next wherever you may get a decide list to pick out the opposite object that you wish to relate. Click on next once choosing another object.
Enter field name, description, sharing setting, reparenting choices and click on on next.
Establish field-level security, add the reference field to page layout, add custom-related lists and click on on save.

We can’t produce a Master-detail relationship on existing records. To do that, we’ve to form a search relationship for that record then convert it into master detail.

To convert a search relationship to a master detail the present record ought to carries with it valid search field values.

You can build several to several relationships victimization 2 master detail relationships in associate object, and it’s known as as Junction object.

Standard objects can’t get on a detail aspect of a master detail relationship. Access to detail is decided by the access given for master.


Solely up to 2 master detail relationships area unit allowed for associate object.
You’ll have solely Upto 3 levels of custom detail levels.
We tend to can’t produce a Master-detail relationship once the custom object already contains knowledge.
Every object is allowed to own one or 2 masters or up to eight details.
Once changing a search field into Master-detail relationship, take a look at your custom reports, whether or not they area unit usable or not. generally upon changing, the custom reports will become unusable because of totally different normal report varieties.

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