How to Handle Stuck Thread Issues in Weblogic?

Question: How to Handle Stuck Thread Issues in Weblogic?

Answer: Most WebLogic administrators have to deal with the Stuck Threads problem from time to time. Stuck threads are JVM threads that have been running for more than a certain configurable time (default 600 seconds). 

These threads cannot be killed or cleared, but there are still things that an admin can do to alleviate the impact of such undesirable behavior. And the final solution should be finding the root cause of the stuck threads in order to avoid them completely, rather than react when this condition appears.  But analysis can be tedious and can take a long time, especially when waiting for an application provider to fix their code. (E learning portal)

In the meantime, the admin can and should automate the tasks of collecting diagnostic data and recovering from a complete server hang eventually caused by an increasing number of Stuck Threads. The details of This post how.

The first thing to check when there are Stuck Threads, is to generate a Thread Dump and analyze the threads that are being stuck. It could be that the stuck threads are generated by a problem in the code, by the unavailability of an external system, or it can even be expected behavior, in the case of some long-lasting operations in the application. 

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