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Q. What is SAP ABAP?

Q. What is Lock Objects in SAP ABAP?

Q. What is Data Element in SAP ABAP?

Q. What is a data dictionary in sap abap?

Q. What is an enhancement in sap abap?

Q. What is BDC in sap Abap?

Q. What is data type in sap abap?

Q. What is structure in sap abap?

Q. What is tmg in sap abap?

Q. How to Learn SAP Abap?

Q. What is the Help view in sap abap?

Q. Why ABAP is Used?

Q. What is the singleton class in sap abap?

Q. What is SAP Abap Course?

Q. What is SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP is a fourth-age language and named as ABAP/4, and the term SAP ABAP represents Advanced Business Application Programming. The present rendition of ABAP is object-arranged, the programming language is currently formally called SAP ABAP Objects. By utilizing ABAP, you can without much of a stretch compose the whole SAP application according to extend necessities.

Important concepts of SAP ABAP Module

ABAP Transactions: ABAP exchanges are utilized to change pre-characterized applications dependent on the necessities of an association.

BDC (Batch Data Conversion): Batch information transformation helps in moving the information from the SAP framework to another SAP framework, or move from a non-SAP framework to the SAP framework.

SAP Scripts: SAP contents and keen structures keep up a correspondence with the colleagues.

ABAP Reports: ABAP reports are utilized to structure and produce reports in SAP. With the assistance of reports, an association can look at day by day deals and turn.

ABAP Workbench: SAP ABAP workbench is a lot of devices that can produce parts of SAP applications. The significant parts of the workbench are

  • ABAP Editor
  • ABAP Dictionary
  • Screen Painter
  • Menu Painter
  • Capacity manufacturer
  • Structure painter
  • Message class manufacturer

ABAP apparatuses: SAP ABAP Tools are utilized to plan and process business necessities, for example, BDC, LSMW, Scripts, Forms, Screen painter, business work process, BAPI, ALE, and WebDynpro.

SAP Architecture

SAP engineering is planned dependent on a customer server design. It is a three-level customer server framework and called as SAP R/3 framework.

  • Introduction Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Database Layer;
  • SAP ABAP Architecture

Jobs of SAP ABAP Consultant

SAP ABAP specialists are primarily liable for creating SAP R/3 application utilizing standard programming language ABAP. The primary jobs and duties of ABAP experts are

Assumes a significant job in the usage of SAP programming – Modifications and Enhancements

ABAP language is utilized for building up the whole ERP SAP programming, so ABAP specialists work in each SAP module

Grow new application utilizing the parts of the current application.

How to learn SAP ABAP?

We have planned ABAP instructional exercises from nuts and bolts to cutting edge ideas, so every ABAP amateur can undoubtedly learn ABAP/4 programming language for nothing of cost.

Q. What is Lock Objects in SAP ABAP?

Lock items are characteristic modules to avoid having access to records with the aid of or extra users.
There are two sorts of lock items are available, DECREE, ENQUIRE.
Type of locks:

Exclusive Lock: The locked statistics can be read or processed by using one person most effective.

Shared Lock: Several users can read the identical information at an equal time, but as soon as a user edits the records, a second person can no longer access this information.

Exclusive but not cumulative lock: Exclusive locks can be asked through the identical transaction greater than as soon as and handled successively, but a special but not cumulative lock can simplest be requested once via a given transaction. All other lock requests are rejected.

Q. What is Data Element in SAP ABAP?

A facts detail in SAP ABAP is an object that determines subject data consisting of subject description, area labels (brief area, medium field, lengthy field, and heading area).

The information detail is an aggregate of description, facts type, and period.

Data Element = Description + Domain (Data Type + Length)

Steps to create data elements in SAP

Transaction code SE11

Step 1: Execute t-code “SE11” in the command discipline of SAP clean get admission to.

SAP transaction code SE11

Step 2: On ABAP dictionary initial display, select the radio button statistics kind and input the call of the statistics element and click at the create button.

Data detail creation in SAP ABAP

Step three: A popup window opens to pick out the type of statistics type i.E. Information element, Structure, and desk. Choose the radio button facts element and press input to maintain.

Step 4: On the dictionary: keep the information detail screen, replace the subsequent info.

Short Description: Update the fast descriptive textual content of the statistics element.
Domain: Update the area key for assigning to the area detail.

SAP ABAP Data Element

Step five: Choose the sector label tab and update the following details.

Specify quick, medium, long and heading periods and subject labels.

Choose to shop icon to keep the configured statistics element in SAP.

Step 6: Now you need to prompt the created statistics detail. Choose activate icon press (Ctrl+F3) keys from your keyboard and prompt the domain detail in SAP.

SAP statistics detail nearby objects to choose the nearby object and store the statistics.

Successfully we’ve got created area elements in SAP ABAP.

Q. What is a data dictionary in sap abap?

The SAP Data Dictionary is a primary repository for the development of Objects, SAP Data Dictionary is used to create and hold metadata (statistics definitions).

T-Code for Data Dictionary is SE11.

SQL Can be divided into two parts

DML — Data Manipulation Language

DDL –– Data Definition Language

Where DML consists of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, MODIFY, DELETE and so on, this will be dealt with by means of ABAP Programs and DDL includes commands like CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CREATE INDEX and so forth, this may be treated via Data Dictionary, consequently Data Dictionary is the central repository for the development of items .

The Main Functions of the Data Dictionary are:

  • Database Tables
  • Views
  • Data Elements
  • Domains
  • Structures
  • Search Helps
  • Lock Objects

An ABAP Consultant may want to paintings on beneath areas of information dictionary:

  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Data Elements and Domains
  • Creating systems and Table sorts
  • Creating search allows
  • Creating Lock objects
  • Creating database views
  • Next training we will learn how to create tables, data factors, domain names, and other statistics dictionary objects.

Q. What is an enhancement in sap abap?

SAP is an ERP software in which all trendy commercial enterprise applications are added, sometimes a customer may additionally need to alter current capability or add additional functionality to the prevailing packages based on client commercial enterprise requirements.
Enhancements idea

The enhancement is an idea of adding your very own functionality to SAP’s fashionable enterprise programs while not having to alter the unique programs.

To adjust the same old SAP behavior as in step with consumer requirements, we are able to use the enhancement framework.

Types of improvements in SAP
User Exits

Initially SAP carried out enhancements within the form of User Exits and these are only available in SD module, user exits are carried out inside the shape of subroutines and hence are also called as FORM EXITS, User exits are empty subroutines that SAP builders have provided for you, you may upload your own source code within the empty subroutines.

Customer Exits

These are one kind of improvements which can be to be had in some specific packages, screens, and menus inside well-known SAP Applications.

These are Function Modules with a custom empty include software, you can upload your very own functionality in these include applications.

Q. What is BDC in sap Abap?

Batch Data Communication or BDC is a batch interfacing technique that SAP evolved. It is mainly used for importing statistics into the SAP R/three system. BDC works through simulating the person enters from the transactional screen through an ABAP program.

The information enter statistics file will come in the form of a flat report which the user save as file kind txt report or prn report from the Microsoft Excel application. An Adapter will create software to study the text record and add it into the SAP system.

Normally, the tcode SHDB might be used to document the transaction code the user used. After, the simulation, the Abaper can generate a pattern software and modify it from there. It makes programming simpler and quicker.

Q. What is data type in sap abap?

The ABAP Dictionary permits you to outline international data kinds.

Like data objects in ABAP packages, database tables and perspectives have statistics types as attributes.

A row of a database desk or view has the statistics type of a flat structure, which includes man or woman facts elements.

We can use BDC in two strategies.

Session approach.

1) synchronous processing.

2) can transfer a large quantity of information.

3) processing is slower.

Four) error log is created

five) statistics isn’t always updated till consultation is processed.

Call transaction.

1) asynchronous processing

2) can switch a small amount of data

three) processing is faster.

Four) errors want to be treated explicitly

5) records are updated robotically

reward if beneficial

Q. What is structure in sap abap?

Structure in SAP ABAP

When you read the word “STRUCTURE”, what is the first issue that comes into your thoughts? Is it a shape of a building, a structure of a bridge or shape of a compound or Structure in SAP ABAP?

These are what I observed in Microsoft Word Clip Arts. From those pix, it’s far clean that structure is something that is not the final product or very last output however it’s far something that allows us to get the very last output.

In SAP ABAP or every other language, the structure is a group of fields grouped beneath one name.

These fields could have special information kinds and extraordinary lengths.

These structures can be reused.

These systems can even have a structure as a subject known as a Nested structure.


A Structure in SAP ABAP is a part of institution TYPES in SE11, which includes components that still, talk to a kind.
In simple phrases, a shape is a reusable element that incorporates fields and holds unmarried information at runtime.

Structure in SAP ABAP


A shape is an array of fields.

A painting area is likewise a shape that holds single statistics at runtime and has pre-allocated reminiscence in a database.

When we create a structure using the TYPES announcement within the ABAP document, no reminiscence is allotted in the database.

It is allocated while we outline a piece location of kind Structure.

A Global structure is the only we create the usage of SE11 ABAP Dictionary and a Local Structure is the only we declare in ABAP report the use of keyword
Field1 TYPE c,
Field2 TYPE c,

The foremost motive of Structure is to define the information at display screen interface [e.G. ODATA Interface, ABAP GUI Interface & ABAP Module Pool Interface] and kind for Interface Parameters of Classes and Function Modules.
A shape also can be protected in a table.

Types of Structure in SAP ABAP Based at the sort of fields/additives of the structure, there are 3 varieties of Structure:

Flat Structure in SAP ABAP:

As the call suggests, flat shape is the only that includes fields pointing to a Data Element or a predefined data type.

For instance, we’ve got 4 simple fields as shown beneath:
ABAP flat structure

Nested Structure in SAP ABAP:

As the name indicates, the nested shape is the only that contains as a minimum one field pointing to some other shape.

NOTE: A structure may be nested to any depths.
ABAP Nested Structure

Here we’ve got a shape with four fields and the 1/3 subject is pointing to any other shape along with fields.
Deep Structure in SAP ABAP:

Deep structures are the one that consists of as a minimum one field pointing to desk type.

Table Type itself points to a shape or a table.

That’s why these are referred to as deep structures
ABAP Deep Structure

In the above instance, we can see that Deep structure has a discipline pointing to a Table Type and the desk type itself is pointing to a structure.

NOTE: We can include only Flat systems inside the table.

Creation of Structure in SAP ABAP:
Using ABAP Dictionary

Step 01: Open SE11.

Step 02: Click Data Type Radio Button and choose Structure radio button from the given radio buttons. Give your Structure name beginning with Z or Y e.G. “ZBarry_struct”.

Step 03: Click Create, Enter an explanatory description for shape in Short Description e.G. “Structure for Test”.

Q. What is tmg in sap abap?

TMG is called Table Maintenance Generator.

Why and When we are making it.

Let say you have made your database table Employee, at any rate, this table ought to have a few information rights?

By what method will you make information for the table, For that SAP gave a device called TMG.

It is probably the most effortless approaches to keep up the information by designer/clients when they need.

Why we are considering it a TM Generator.

Here the SAP encourages us to create a Screen for every one of the fields that you have referenced in the Employee table powerfully/naturally. You don’t have to physically make everything.

Thus, TMG is only you can make/keep up information passages for claim database tables effectively.

Q. How to Learn SAP Abap?

How to learn SAP Abap for free

It is a good query and everyone who desires to find an activity in SAP Abap international has to be asking this query earlier than considering any paid training possibilities.

The legit way of learning SAP abap is SAP Abap training courses provided by SAP Abap Education (a division of SAP Abap this is answerable for training and certification).

However, those publications are pretty expensive and now not everybody can find the money for them. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives – non-authentic SAP Abap schooling institutes that provide SAP Abap training for a smaller rate.

There are problems with non-reliable SAP Abap training vendors: (1) they are nevertheless pricey, (2) there may be an excessive threat of encountering a fraud institute that gives low nice schooling.

So, if you decided that respectable training from SAP Abap or 1/3-birthday party institute isn’t your component then what you have to do?

How to study SAP Abap free? Hmm… There are many options and we can consider every one of them in a separate section.

You need to remember that since you don’t pay anybody for undertaking the training, you want to be disciplined and determined in organizing the studying system and achieving your desires because there might be no instructor or teacher who could inspire and inspire you.


It is recommended to first get a few fundamental know-how of SAP Abap for beginners.

We posted an intensive manual for entire beginners in SAP Abap.

Q. What is the Help view in sap abap?

An assist view is a special view to be used in search enables. The choice strategies of a search assist may be database tables, database views, and unique assist perspectives. Database tables limit the search help to 1 table and database views restrict it to inner joins, whereas assist perspectives additionally make outer joins viable.

A help view is not described in the database.

The shape kind defined the usage of a help view may be referenced in ABAP packages the usage of TYPE. A help view can’t, but, be accessed using Open SQL.

The be part of situations of a help view must be applied from existing foreign keys.

Tables may be grouped in assist views only if they’re joined the usage of overseas keys.

The first table covered inside the assist view is known as the primary table of the help view.

The tables added to this primary desk the usage of overseas keys are called secondary tables.

The same regulations practice when deciding on secondary tables of a help view as to renovation perspectives.

A help view implements an outer be part of, because of this that the total content of the number one table of the help view is constantly displayed.

If statistics in a secondary table can not be studied due to an expanded condition, the content material of the corresponding fields of the secondary table is displayed with initial values.


Like different perspectives, assist perspectives can be used in fundamental seek allows if the choice is just too complex to be defined using an unmarried database table.

Unlike database views, help views put in force an outer be part of, that is why this kind is mainly properly acceptable for including supplementary statistics including explanatory texts from secondary tables.

If the supplementary statistics have been missing in an inner be a part of, no part of the dataset would be selected.

If the choice is most effective made using a desk and its textual content table, it’s miles enough to specify the desk directly as a ramification approach of the search assist, because the fields of the text table also can be used as parameters in the search assist in this case.

Help views must no longer be used if the choice is frequently constrained using fields of the secondary tables. In this example, a database view should be created as an alternative.

It may also be essential to create additional appropriate indexes for the idea tables.

Selections the usage of assist views can handiest be made quicker by way of making restrictions at the number one desk. When accessing help views from the ABAP runtime environment, unique choice workouts are generated. These routines constantly make the choice the usage of the number one desk first after which use the records observed as a key for choosing the supplementary facts.

Q. Why ABAP is Used?

The ABAP language turned into at first utilized by developers to broaden the SAP R/3 platform.

It changed into additionally alleged to be utilized by SAP customers to beautify SAP packages – clients can expand custom critiques and interfaces with ABAP programming.

SAP’s cutting-edge development platform NetWeaver supports both ABAP and Java.

For a few custom traits, SAP ABAP is used.
SAP popular functionalities do no longer provide all of the answers for employer unique requirements, which must be fully stuffed by custom traits and it’s far executed via SAP ABAP.

All the customized trends are performed through SAP ABAP.

Q. What is the singleton class in sap abap?

Sometimes in the actual-time business scenarios, we want to have the best one example for a class at a factor of time, for this one we’ve got the idea of the singleton in ABAP objects.

Singleton sample: is one of the simplest layout patterns which entails the simplest one magnificence which instantiates itself to make sure that it creates one instance.

Singleton ensures that it has only one example and provides an international point of getting the right of entry to the object.

Example – Logger Classes

The Singleton pattern is used in the layout of logger classes.

This training is commonly carried out as a singleton and affords international logging get right of entry to point in all the software additives without being essential to creating an object each time a logging operation is executed.

Steps to be followed to create singleton magnificence

  • Create a personal magnificence.
  • Add a personal characteristic almost about the same magnificence.
  • Create a public static technique with returning price of kind reference to identical class.
  • Create implementation and create an object inside the implementation of a public static approach.
  • Call a static approach in any application to create an instance for the singleton elegance.

Q. What is SAP Abap Course?

ABAP – (Advanced Business Application Programming) education builds talent in the use of the ABAP, an excessive-stage programming language, used for constructing enterprise programs.

Learning ABAP can help the contributors in gaining profession upward push as most of the SAP’s packages and systems have been written in ABAP.

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming.

It is a commonplace programming language for growing diverse programs in SAP R/3.

It is normally denoted as ABAP/four which means ABAP is a 4th generation programming language(4GL).

For a higher knowledge of diverse categories in programming languages,

  • 1GL – Machine language
  • 2GL – Assembly language
  • 3GL – C++, PHP, Java, and so forth.
  • 4GL – SQL and the languages of the present-day trend.
  • Every gadget has got its abnormal structure.

In our case SAP is a three-tier structure which includes,

  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer
  • Database layer.
  • So the device is generally represented as SAP R/3.

Key points to recollect:

  • ABAP makes use of SQL queries.
  • It also uses Object-orientated standards like
  • Inheritance(unmarried), Polymorphism and Encapsulation.
  • Multiple inheritances were not supported in ABAP because its layout aim becomes to make it as easy as possible.
  • But the property of more than one inheritance become done the use of interfaces.

SAP ABAP used for:

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
ABAP is a programming language that runs inside the SAP ABAP runtime surroundings, created and used by SAP for the improvement of utility programs including Reports. Module Pool Programming.

SAP ABAP Tutorial Over View

SAP ABAP Tutorials Training is delivered through existing computers and an Internet connection. Most SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos courses will run through any Internet browser on any sap ABAP tutorial video operating system. You will need to dedicate newer and powerful computers to the training as the course has graphics, sound or video. This Online Video Tutorial provides a quick overview of ABAP and its various sections. ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a high-level programming language used in the SAP software for customization and other development purposes. ABAP syntax is almost similar to the COBOL language. It was the first language that sap ABAP videos include the concept of Logical Databases. All ABAP programs stored inside the SAP databases and executed under the control of the run-time system, which is part of the SAP kernel. In this section sap ABAP video tutorials, you can find SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos and PDF study materials for your reference. The domain is the central object for describing the technical characteristics of an attribute of business objects. It describes the value range of the field. Data Element is used to describe the semantic definition of the table fields like a description of the field. The data element describes how a field can be displayed to end-user. (SAP ABAP Training)

SAP ABAP Course Overview

SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos data dictionary describes the logical structures of the objects sap ABAP video training used in application development and shows how they are mapped to the underlying relational Sap Abap Tutorials database in tables/views. A relationship that can be defined between tables must be explicitly defined at the field level. Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data. Data entered should be checked against existing data to ensure that there are now contradictions. While SAP ABAP Tutorials defining foreign key sap ABAP tutorial videos for beginners relationship cardinality has to be specified. Cardinality mentions how many dependent records or how referenced records are possible. It is the data that is seldom changed. Transaction data is the data which is often changed. Organization data: It is a customizing data that is entered in the system when the system is configured and is then rarely changed. System data is the data that the R/3 system needs for itself. Indexes are described as a copy of a database table reduced to specific fields. This data exists in sorted form. This sorting form eases fast access to the field of the tables. (SAP ABAP Training Videos)

Job Opportunities on SAP ABAP

This is a career track that has very high earning potential but has been neglected by both the Indian companies as well as the Indian SAP FC community. Even today there are significant opportunities who learn through these SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos in US/ Europe for this role, but one does not see many Indian SFCs moving in that direction. SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos was a fast-growing in a career path in IT Companies. Most of the IT companies are giving openings for the SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos. US Companies are in the first position to take these Course students for their companies. SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos will give a great career to grow in IT Field. So, there are no horns to choose this SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos. Now, online teaching methodologies have evolved to prepare students to exceed job sap abap video tutorials for beginners’ market expectations. We achieve this SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos by empowering students with equal proportions of knowledge and proficiency in the SAP system. The student can refer to the online video sections any number of times and ask for the doubts. And doubts regarding SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos get clarified within the same time without any delay.

SVR Features

SVR technologies provide SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos with Live projects. This coursework makes it so simple to SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos; you will be writing & testing out your own code in no time. So not to bog you down with theory this coursework focuses on learning through a hands-on approach & is packed filled with practical step by step examples so that you are generating code from day one. SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos focuses on learning by practice; we mainly focus on the ability of individual students and assign the projects. This is an easy way to learn SAP ABAP videos online training compared to the other training processes. Here, you get benefited 10 times more than the other ways of SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos course. The aim of this SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos is to help you understand how SAP ABAP programs are put together and developed so that you will produce detailed concise understandable and functional programs. We provide all kinds of teaching facilities with real-time projects, training videos, and with the best trainers from all metro cities of India. The ABAP Tutorial Videos course syllabus will be given to you in detail and classes will be conducted according to the student benefits.


Transparent tables in the dictionary have a one-to-one relation with the table in the database. Its structure SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos corresponds to a single database field. The table in the database has the same name as in the dictionary. The transparent table holds application data Pooled tables. A pooled table in the dictionary has a many-to-one relation with the table in the database. The table in the database has a different name as in the dictionary. The pooled table is stored in a table pool at the database level. ABAP online video is a powerful tool to generate simple reports without any coding. ABAP/4 Query can generate the following 3 simple reports: Basic List is the simple reports. Statistics: Reports with statistical functions like Average, Percentages. Ranked Lists for SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos analytical reports. For creating an ABAP/4 Query, the programmer has to create a user group and a functional group. The functional group can be created using with or without a logical database table. Finally, assign user groups to functional groups. Finally, create a query on the functional group generated. Transferring the large, external, legacy data into SAP system using Batch Input programming is an automatic procedure referred to as SAP ABAP Tutorial Videos.

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