what is lookup relationship in salesforce ?

Lets Get In detailed about what is lookup relationship in salesforce and what is the importance Or role of look up relationship in Salesforce.

Lookup Relationship : A search relationship primarily links 2 objects along so you’ll be able to “look up” one object from the connected things on another object. search relationships is matched or one-to-many. The Account to Contact relationship is one-to-many as a result of one account will have several connected contacts. Lookup Relationship in Salesforce links 2 objects along however has no impact on deletion or security. not like master-detail fields, search fields don’t seem to be mechanically needed. When a Salesforce search relationship is outlined, knowledge from one object will seem as a custom connected list on page layouts for the opposite object.

There are derived into two sub types:

Hierarchical: A special search relationship is obtainable for under the user object. It lets users use a search field to associate one user with another that doesn’t directly or indirectly talk to itself. For example: you’ll be able to produce a custom stratified relationship field to store every user’s direct manager.

Self: When AN object encompasses a search with itself, it’s a self-relationship.

Many-to-Many: Many-to-Many relationships is master-details relationships between any 2 objects. It permits every record of 1 object to be coupled to multiple records from another object and the other way around. To create a many-to-many relationship, merely produce a custom junction object with 2 master-detail relationship fields, every linking to the objects required to relate.

Primary Relationship: It is the relation created 1st with any of the 2 master objects.

The thing with that the link is made 1st is named the first master object.
The detail and edit page of the junction object can use the colour and any associated icon of the first master object.
The junction object records can inherit the worth of the owner field.
The sharing and security settings of junction objects can depend upon the associated master record.
Deleting a record of the first object can delete the associated records of the junction object also.

Secondary Relationship:

The thing with that the link is made 1st is named the secondary master object.
This relationship doesn’t have an effect on the design and feel of the junction object.
the safety and sharing setting of the junction object depends on secondary relationships also.
Deleting a record of a secondary object conjointly deletes the associated records of the junction object.

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