What is Mule Software

Mule is a lightweight venture benefit transport (ESB) and coordination structure gave by MuleSoft. The stage is Java-based, however can intermediary collaborations between different stages, for example, .NET utilizing web administrations or attachments. Learn Mulesoft

The design is a versatile, distributable question facilitate that can deal with cooperations crosswise over heritage frameworks, in-house applications, and every single current transport and conventions.

Plan and Development Tools

Anypoint Studio: An Eclipse-based graphical advancement condition for outlining, testing and running Mule streams. It comprises of two sorts of editors for improvement: Visual supervisor and XML manager. Any point Enterprise Security: A suite of security-related highlights for secure access and exchanges to Mule applications.

Mule Healthcare Toolkit: Provided to process HL7 standard messages utilized as a part of social insurance associations.

Mule IDE (now belittled), An arrangement of Eclipse modules for creating, sending and overseeing Mule ventures.
Administration Tools
Mule Management Console: A UI that gives runtime administration office of sending to the Mule Repository and groups.

Mule has a mixing motor, however, the group release does not have the help for Advanced Management interfaces. (Company) MuleSoft offers an Enterprise Edition of Mule that gives an administration comfort, a Service registry, and higher accessibility. (Interview Questions and Answers)


Cloudhub is Mulesoft’s Cloud-based mix stage for incorporation to associate applications, information and gadgets with coordination connectors (like one to Twitter, and so on.) stage as an administration (iPaaS).

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