what is sobject in salesforce?

An sObject is any object which will be keep within the Force.com platform info. Apex permits the employment of generic sObject abstract sort to represent any object. The Account sObject is Associate in Nursing abstraction of the account record Associate in Nursingd holds the account field data in memory as an object.

Learning Objectives of S object :
After finishing this unit, you will be in a position to:

Describe the link between sObjects and Salesforce records.
produce and use specific sObject variables.
solid a generic sObject to a selected sObject.

For example, Vehicle could be a generic sort and automobile, Motor Bike all ar concrete varieties of Vehicle.
In SFDC, sObject is generic and Account, chance, CustomObject__c ar its concrete sort.

An sObject variable represents a row of information and may solely be declared in Apex victimization the SOAP API name of the article.
For example:

Account a = new Account();
MyCustomObject__c co = new MyCustomObject__c();

Apex permits the employment of the generic sObject abstract sort to represent any object. The sObject information sort is employed in code that processes differing types of sObjects.

The new operator still needs a concrete sObject sort, thus all instances ar specific sObjects.

For example: sObject s = new Account();

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