what kind of nosql store are azure table storage?

It is a key-value store. It works with vast semi-structured datasets. Azure table storage has been noted to be able to produce climbable apps with the help of a versatile knowledge schema. you’ll be able to use JSON to set up knowledge and additionally run OData Queries.Interested Candidates can also enrol for Azure Training Online in which all the topics will be explained from basic level to an advanced level.

The service may be a NoSQL datastore that accepts genuine calls from within and outdoors the Azure cloud. Azure tables square measure ideal for storing structured, non-relational knowledge. Common uses of Table storage include: Storing TBs of structured knowledge capable of serving internet scale applications.We also Provide the best Azure Training Videos in which student can ace level in the Azure Course.

Secondly, what square measure 2 characteristics of Azure table storage? the most characteristics of Azure Table Storage are:

  1. Tables square measure freelance of every alternative.
  2. Options like foreign keys, joins, and custom indexes do not exist.
  3. Table schemas square measure versatile. That is, it is not obligatory to possess all fields on all records.

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