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Angular 2 Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is the need of Angular2?Answer: Angular 2 is not just a typical upgrade but a totally new development. The whole framework is rewritten from the ground. Angular 2 got rid of many things like $scope, controllers, DDO, quite, angular. module etc. It uses components for almost everything. Imagine that even the whole app is now a component. Also, it takes advantage of ES6 / TypeScript syntax. Developing Angular 2 apps in TypeScript has made it even more powerful. Apart from that, many things have evolved and re-designed like the template engine and many more. (angular 2 interview questions) 2.

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Best 45 Angularjs Interview Questions And Answers

1. What Is Component In Angularjs 2? Answer: In Angular, a Component is a special kind of directive that uses a simpler configuration which is suitable for a component-based application structure. 2. How to implement a Datagrid Table with Angular 2 and PrimeNG? Answer: Angular2 PrimeNG Tutorial- Create a Hello World application using DataTable Grid. 3. When will ngOnInit be called? Answer: Called once, after the first ng On Changes. 4. Why is it (potentially) bad if SharedModule provides a service to a lazy-loaded module? Answer: You will have two instances of the service in your application, which is often

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Angular 2 Questions And Answers Pdf – Latest Updated

1. List some advantages of Angular 2 over Angular 1?  Answer: Angular 2 is a re-written version of Angular1 and not an update. The best way to compare Angular 2 and Angular 1 is by finding out the new features in Angular 2. This way we will be able to find out the advantages of Angular 2 over Angular1 precisely. So, some of the advantages of Angular 2 are:- Angular 2 Angular1 Angular 2 is a mobile-oriented framework Whereas Angular1 was not developed with a mobile base in mind. Angular 2 is a versatile framework, i.e. we have more choices

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AngularJS Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

1. What Is AngularJS?Answer: It has been developed by one of the biggest technology giants Google. It is a JavaScript framework that helps you to create dynamic Web applications. It supports to use HTML as the template language and enables the developer to create extended HTML tags that help to represent the application’s components more clearly. These tags make the code efficient by reducing the lines of code that a developer may need to write when using JavaScript. It is open-source and licensed under the Apache License version 2.0. It helps to develop a maintainable architecture that is easy to

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AngularJS Interview Questions And Answers

1. What are directives in AngularJS? Answer: A core feature of AngularJS, directives are attributes that allow you to invent new HTML syntax, specific to your application. They are essentially functions that execute when the Angular compiler finds them in the DOM. Some of the most commonly used directives are ng-app,ng-controller and ng-repeat. The different types of directives are: Element directives Attribute directives CSS class directives Comment directives 2. What are the characteristics of ‘Scope’? Answer: A scope is an object that refers to the application model. It is an execution context for expressions. Scopes are arranged in a hierarchical

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