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01. What is .net?

02. What is the .net framework?

03. What does .net mean?

04. What is .net Core?

05. How old .net?

06. What is Dot net Developer?

07. What is the difference between .com and .net?

08. What is the .net runtime optimization service?

09. What is WCF in .net?

10. How to update the .net framework?

11. How to install .net 3.5 on windows 10?

12. How to uninstall .net framework windows 10?

13. What is the Microsoft .net framework?

14. How to tell what version of .net is installed?

15. What is ASP.NET?

16. What is CLR in .net?

17. What is NameSpace in .Net?

18. What is a .Net Assembly?

19. What is microservices in .net?

20. What is .net Technology?

Q 1. What is .net?

Introduction to .Net: Being a supporter of the Code Project for a long while now, it is estimable to see such huge numbers of articles from different people in the business talk about the highlights of .NET and how a particular highlights work or what are a portion of the tips and subtle strategies.

This fever of .NET is fascinating to watch and have confidence that the tempests brought about by .NET will be as extraordinary as the tempests brought about by C++ when it was presented. Strolling down the site, I saw heaps of articles on .NET, yet I didn’t see one on: What is NET? What is it comprised of? For what reason is there such a great amount of enthusiasm for it?

This article is a devotion to the above answers. In this article, I will give a comprehension of what is .NET and why it appeared. We will likewise observe a portion of the center structure squares of .NET and how it is layered. For a more profound knowledge into every one of the structure squares, you, in any case, have heaps of good articles on the Code Project site. So upbeat perusing!

Why .NET

The universe of registering till date has been turbulent. We have had different dialects attempting to interoperate with one another, engineers experiencing gigantic expectations to learn and adapt to move to start with one language then onto the next or starting with one application type then onto the next, non-standard methods for displaying applications and structuring arrangements and immense syntactic contrasts between dialects.

The rundown goes on...

Past years have seen some comfort as big business “stick” applications and gauges like COM, which set forth a double standard of interoperability between application segments. Be that as it may, in all actuality, this was not in every case genuine (VB COM thought that it was extremely hard to take on VC++ COM).

In this way from a worldview where applications reproduced code to give basic administrations, we have moved to a worldview where applications are worked as “collective units” of segments cooperating.

This straightforward move has prompted the breakdown of the present arrangement of structures and requested another programming model:

A model where applications can be worked as reusable parts and are sharable over the web.

A model that urges applications to be shared as an “administration” (read web administrations).

A model that empowers genuine “interoperability” wherein the language utilized is just a matter of decision, accordingly empowering associations to exploit existing ranges of abilities.

Enter .NET. The .NET Framework is another figuring stage created by Microsoft that rearranges application improvement in the exceptionally dispersed condition of the web. .NET is considerably more than only a stage for producing for the web, however, it is proposed for this reason overwhelmingly, on the grounds that here, other strategies have flopped previously.

Diagram of .NET

The .NET Framework has been created to take into account the accompanying goals and prerequisites:

To give a code execution condition that rearranges arrangement and forming.

To give a code execution condition that ensures the wellbeing of the code that is executing.
This incorporates both codes grew inside by an association or for code created by outsider sellers.

To give a code execution condition that disposes of the issues looked by scripted situations regarding execution.

To give a typical programming model where the decision of a programming language turns into a matter of decision.

The .NET Framework is comprised of two significant parts: the normal language runtime (CLR) and the system class library (FCL).

The FCL is an assortment of over 7000+ sorts that take into account every one of the administrations, and information structures that applications will ever require.

The accompanying chart shows the .NET Framework, its chain of command and the related toolset.

The chart is acclaimed to such an extent that you can invest some energy remembering its format!!

At the base of the graph, you see the working framework which can be (hypothetically) any stage.

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the substrate that modified works the hidden working framework from your code. The moment it does this, it implies that your code needs to run utilizing the administrations gave by the CLR and we get another name called oversaw code.

The CLR gives its administrations to applications by giving a standard arrangement of library classes that unique every one of the errands that you will ever require.

These classes are called the Base Class Libraries. Over this, other advancement stages and applications are assembled (like ASP.NET, ADO.NET, etc). Language compilers that need to create code for the CLR must hold fast to a typical arrangement of details as set somewhere near the Common Language Specification (CLS). Over this, you have all the prevalent .NET dialects.

Visual Studio .NET, at that point is the “stick” that aides your produce .NET applications and gives an IDE that is fantastic for collective improvement.

In the resulting areas, we will dive into the center layers of the .NET structure. Note that application advancement layers (like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and so on) and improvement devices (VS.NET) are not managed.

Q 2. What is the .net framework?

.NET is a product system that is planned and created by Microsoft. The principal adaptation of the .Net structure was 1.0 which came in the year 2002. In simple words, it is a virtual machine for aggregating and executing programs written in various dialects like C#, VB.Net, and so forth.

It is utilized to create Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Web administrations.

It is utilized to manufacture applications for Windows, telephone, web, and so forth. It gives a lot of functionalities and furthermore bolsters industry norms.

The .NET system is a product improvement structure from Microsoft.

Interoperability: This takes into account .NET-created projects to get to functionalities in programs created outside .NET.

Regular Runtime Engine: Also known as the normal language runtime, this permits programs created in .NET to show basic practices in memory utilization, special case taking care of, and security.

Language Independence: Common language framework details (CLI) take into consideration the trading of information types between two projects created in various dialects.

Base Class Library: A library of code for most regular capacities – utilized by developers to maintain a strategic distance from monotonous reworking of code.

The simplicity of Deployment: There are instruments to guarantee the simplicity of introducing programs without meddling with recently introduced applications.

Security: Programs created in .NET depend on a typical security model.

Q 3. What does .net mean?

Definite History

.net was one of the first top-level spaces (the other five being .com, .edu, .gov, .mil and .organization) which were executed in January 1985.

Preceding the presentation of these TLDs, the Internet was to a great extent a venture oversaw by colleges and researchers who utilized it for correspondence and research. Be that as it may, as more individuals started to utilize this system, electronic correspondences turned out to be increasingly hard to oversee – now and again, when mail loads turned out to be so substantial, individuals were approached to quit utilizing their associations.

As the requirement for a sorted out framework turned out to be progressively clear, Jon Postel and his associates at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (USCIS) were entrusted to make sense of this turbulent world and carry some request to it.

As the editorial manager for Request for Comments (RFC) distribution – an examination production headed by the Internet Engineering Task Force [IETF] and the Internet Society – Postel and his friends at USCIS distributed RFC 920 in October of 1984, laying out “the prerequisites of building up another area in the ARPA-Internet and the DARPA inquire about network.”

Q 4. What is .net Core?

About .net Core

.NET Core has the accompanying attributes:

Cross-stage: Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux working frameworks.

Reliable crosswise over structures: Runs your code with similar conduct on different models, including x64, x86, and ARM.

Order line devices: Includes simple to-utilize direction line devices that can be utilized for neighborhood advancement and in ceaseless combination situations.

Adaptable arrangement: It can be remembered for your application or introduced next to each other (client wide or framework wide establishments). It tends to be utilized with Docker holders.

Good: .NET Core is perfect with .NET Framework, Xamarin, and Mono, using .NET Standard.

Open source: The .NET Core stage is open source, utilizing MIT and Apache 2 licenses. .NET Core is a .NET Foundation venture.

Bolstered by Microsoft: .NET Core is upheld by Microsoft, per .NET Core Support.

As of late in an official .NET Framework Blog, it was reported that .NET Core is going open source. Incidentally, the creator specifies that what .NET Core is will be clarified in the following post. Some more subtleties are referenced in another report post.

articles content itself, I would expect that .NET Core (other than evident things like being publicly released) is a secluded re-usage of full .NET. for example system segments are stacked as fundamental, much like NuGet bundles are stacked at this point. Also, presently ASP.NET 5 is one of the modules that are as of now executed. Is my comprehension of .NET Core right? Possibly I’m missing something?

.NET Core 3.0

The most recent adaptation is .NET Core 3.0. New includes incorporating Windows Desktop support with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms, full-stack C# web advancement with Blazor, new improvements to SignalR and Azure SignalR Service, new C# language highlights with C# 8, and substantially more. For a full posting of the new highlights in .NET Core 3.0, see What’s new in .NET Core 3.0.

Q 5. How old .net?

The site,, takes information from a transferred picture to decide the subject’s age and sexual orientation.

As indicated by Microsoft’s Machine Learning blog, the undertaking began as a straightforward investigation among Microsoft engineers. They were “playing around” with new face recognition programming and chose to solicit a couple from a hundred individuals to give it a shot and reveal to them what they thought. Inside hours, the trial had arrived at 30,000 individuals inquisitive about whether a basic Internet webpage could precisely peruse their appearances.

Utilizing existing Microsoft APIs, or application program interfaces, the architects joined a program that identifies data about appearances in a photo with apparatuses that insert indexed lists and area information.

Try not to perspire it if the site gets your age wrong—various pictures inspire various outcomes, so you can generally attempt once more.

Q 6. What is Dot net Developer?

Its rising universe is raising a great deal many openings for work for IT experts. As Microsoft’s .NET advancement condition is growing, we have various new instruments coming up and even the extension to work with those devices in this always augmenting environment is expanding.

Be that as it may, much the same as some other market, the .NET world is additionally very aggressive. In this expanding field, there is a scope of related specializations and abilities.

.NET engineer in an entrenched firm and get paid an attractive compensation, at that point s/he needs to calibrate a portion of their specialized capacities. Along these lines, it gets much simpler to procure potential and increment their market request

Who is a .NET Developer?

Presently before giving a point by point perspective on the key abilities required to turn into a top-shot .NET Developer, how about we comprehend who is a .NET Developer. The most evident answer would be somebody who taps on the console and updates the information or somebody who makes the entirely different universe of programming. In any case, as a general rule, the duties of a .NET Developer are undeniably more than this.

Asp.NET Development and Its Advantage

  • A .NET Developer makes the applications that are content-based and they are then sudden spike in demand for various .NET based applications.
  • This expert additionally creates and oversees imperfection following framework and afterward/he settles every one of the issues by managing refreshing of the framework.
  • S/he makes the hazard estimations.
  • A .NET Developer readies the approach and strategy records for running applications.
  • S/he plans diverse application framework

A .NET Developer watches out for the framework.

Be that as it may, this isn’t it. To guarantee these duties are satisfied well, the .NET designer must have the beneath referenced aptitudes, which are looked for after by each business in his .NET Developer

Q 7. What is the difference between .com and .net?

Each of these is what’s known as a Top-Level Domain, or TLD. Areas finishing with.COM are commonly expected to be utilized for business organizations, which is the reason they’re the most regularly observed spaces in the United States. Areas finishing with .NET are normally proposed for systems administration administrations and web access suppliers, for example, Comcast or AT&T’s private email addresses. For example, an AT&T worker who additionally utilized AT&T for their home assistance would utilize for their business email, yet for their private location.

Organization spaces are normally planned for non-benefit associations.

Be that as it may, there’s nothing lawfully keeping anybody from utilizing a.ORG space for a revenue-driven business, or a .NET area for a philanthropic gathering. Numerous organizations gobble up every one of the three variations so as to help secure their markings.

Presently, different TLDs are limited to specific substances. For example.GOV must be utilized by divisions of the administrative, state or nearby government ( or, for example). .EDU is confined to state-funded colleges and other instructive establishments, and.MIL is limited to divisions of the U.S. military.

Notwithstanding, notwithstanding the “huge three” (.COM, .NET and .ORG), there are a few different TLDs that are accessible for pretty much anybody to utilize, including.BIZ, INFO. .US and.TV, just overall host of other, progressively extraordinary universal TLDs which are once in a while utilized in the United States (and which will in general cost significantly more).

Q8. What is the .net runtime optimization service?

The .NET structure is routinely enhanced by Microsoft utilizing the .NET Runtime Optimization Service to ensure you get the best out of the framework libraries and this is additionally accomplished for your introduced oversaw application. It is likewise pretty much answerable for precompiling .NET congregations out of sight
Otherwise called mscorsvw.exe, Net Runtime Optimization administration, for the most part, runs in foundation to precompile the .Net Assemblies. As a general rule, when it completed its work, it will leave without anyone else.
At the point when a fix of .net update of is introduced on your PC, Net Runtime Optimization administration will carry out its responsibility for .net congregations with high needs in 5-10 minutes. What’s more, from that point forward, it will begin working for those with low needs as a rule on the state of not taking up the CPU from different procedures. With the activity done, mscorsvw.exe will likewise deactivate itself in the task administrator.
From this point of view, Net Runtime Optimization administration won’t cause high CPU on your PC by and large.

Regularly, upon your PC disclosing to you high CPU use blunder, you can’t resist opening errand administrator to perceive what process or administration is hoarding up the CPU. Some of you may see that .net runtime streamlining administration involves 90% or even 100% CPU use. Particularly, when you get the .net structure refreshed, this full CPU utilization issue will come up more now and again.
You even don’t have a clue what in heaven’s name this administration is, however it gobbles up your CPU and make PC solidify arbitrarily. Luckily, this post will give you what this mscorsvw.exe is and how you can fix this high CPU utilization issue adequately.

Q 9. What is WCF in .net?

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a framework for constructing carrier-oriented programs. Using WCF, you can send information as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to any other. A provider endpoint may be a part of a constantly available provider hosted by means of IIS, or it may be a carrier hosted in a utility. An endpoint may be a client of a carrier that requests information from a service endpoint. The messages may be as easy as a single person or phrase sent as XML, or as complex as a move of binary records. A few sample scenarios include:

A comfortable provider to manner commercial enterprise transactions.

A carrier that materials modern information to others, consisting of a visitor record or different tracking carrier.

A chat provider that lets in human beings to talk or change records in actual-time.

A dashboard utility that polls one or extra services for statistics and affords it in a logical presentation.

Exposing a workflow applied to the use of the Windows Workflow Foundation as a WCF service.

A Silverlight utility to ballot a service for the modern-day facts feeds.
While developing such applications become possible before the life of WCF, WCF makes the improvement of endpoints less difficult than ever. In summary, WCF is designed to offer a potential technique for growing Web offerings and Web provider customers.

Features of WCF:

WCF consists of the subsequent set of features.

For greater statistics, see WCF Feature Details.

Service Orientation

One effect of the usage of WS standards is that WCF allows you to create service-oriented applications. Service-orientated architecture (SOA) is the reliance on Web offerings to ship and obtain facts. The services have the general advantage of being loosely-coupled in place of difficult-coded from one utility to any other. A loosely-coupled courting means that any patron created on any platform can connect with any carrier as long as the vital contracts are met.


WCF implements present-day enterprise requirements for Web service interoperability. For more records about the supported requirements, see Interoperability and Integration.

Multiple Message Patterns

Messages are exchanged in one of the numerous patterns. The most commonplace pattern is the request/respond pattern, where one endpoint requests facts from a 2d endpoint. The 2d endpoint replies. There are different patterns that include a one-way message wherein an unmarried endpoint sends a message with none expectation of a response. An extra complicated sample is the duplex trade pattern where endpoints set up a connection and send information from side to side, just like an on the spot messaging software. For more data approximately a way to put in force exclusive message exchange styles the use of WCF sees Contracts.

Service Metadata

WCF helps to publish carrier metadata the usage of formats laid out in enterprise standards which includes WSDL, XML Schema and WS-Policy. This metadata can be used to mechanically generate and configure customers for getting access to WCF services. Metadata can be published over HTTP and HTTPS or the use of the Web Service Metadata Exchange trendy. For greater facts, see Metadata.

Data Contracts

Because WCF is built using the .NET Framework, it is also code-pleasant methods of presenting the contracts you want to implement. One of the conventional varieties of contracts is the information agreement. In essence, as you code your carrier the usage of Visual C# or Visual Basic, the easiest manner to deal with records is by developing instructions that represent a facts entity with houses that belong to the facts entity. WCF includes a comprehensive device for operating with information in this clean manner. Once you’ve got created the training that represents statistics, your service robotically generates the metadata that lets in clients to comply with the statistics sorts you have designed. For more data, see Using Data Contracts.


Messages may be encrypted to protect the privacy and you may require users to authenticate themselves before being allowed to acquire messages. Security can be carried out through the use of famous requirements such as SSL or WS-SecureConversation. For greater statistics, see Security.

Multiple Means of transport and Encodings

The maximum common protocol and encoding are to send text encoded SOAP messages the usage of the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to be used on the World Wide Web. Alternatively, WCF permits you to send messages over TCP, named pipes, or MSMQ. These messages can be encoded as text or the usage of an optimized binary layout. Binary records may be sent efficaciously using the MTOM trendy. If not one of the furnished transports or encodings healthy your needs you may create your personal custom shipping or encoding. For extra facts approximately transports and encodings supported via WCF see Transports.

Reliable and Queued Messages

WCF helps dependable messages alternate using dependable periods carried out over WS-Reliable Messaging and using MSMQ. For greater information about dependable and queued messaging help in WCF see Queues and Reliable Sessions.

Durable Messages

A durable message is one that is in no way misplaced due to a disruption inside the communique. The messages in a durable message sample are always stored in a database. If a disruption takes place, the database lets you resume the message trade when the relationship is restored. You can also create a long-lasting message using the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). For greater facts, see Workflow Services.


WCF also helps transactions the use of one in every of three transaction fashions: WS-AtomicTransactions, the APIs within the System. Transactions namespace, and Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. For greater data about transaction guide in WCF see Transactions.

AJAX and REST Support

REST is an instance of an evolving Web 2.Zero generation. WCF may be configured to procedure “undeniable” XML information that isn’t wrapped in a SOAP envelope. WCF also can be prolonged to guide specific XML codecs, together with ATOM (a famous RSS trendy), and even non-XML codecs, which include JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).


The WCF structure has numerous extensibility points. If more functionality is required, there are a number of entry factors that let you customize the conduct of service. For greater records approximately to be had extensibility points see Extending WCF.

Q 10. How to update the .net framework?

Microsoft’s .NET structure is a stage that enables programming engineers to make incredible, intelligent Windows programs.

The structure is free and comes introduced with later forms of Windows. Clients profit by picking up to access propelled applications that designers make. If your PC utilizes the more established 3.5 renditions of the .NET system, you can update it to the more current 4.0 adaptation.

Confirm Your Framework Version

Stage 1

Snap the Start menu fasten and type “appwiz.CPL” without the statements. Windows will show a symbol for “appwiz.cpl” in the Start menu.

Stage 2

Snap that symbol.

The Control Panel opens and shows your introduced projects.

Look through the rundown of projects and search for “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.” If you don’t see that name, continue to the following area to update from form 3.5 to 4. On the off chance that “Microsoft .NET Framework 4” appears in the rundown, you don’t have to include that variant since it is as of now introduced.

Redesign the Framework

Stage 1

Confirm that your PC has the most recent help packs and basic updates. On the off chance that you don’t know, click your Start button, type “Windows Update” and press “Enter.” Click “Check for Update” and adhere to the directions that show up.

Stage 2

Visit the Microsoft .NET Framework download site.

Stage 3

Snap the “Download It Now” button.

A window will provoke you to spare the establishment document.

Stage 4

Snap “Spare” to spare the record to your hard drive.

Find that document after it downloads. Double-tap the document to begin the arrangement wizard. Adhere to the directions. The wizard will direct you through the arrangement.

Q 11. How to install .net 3.5 on windows 10?

You may require the .NET Framework 3.5 to run an application on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8. You can likewise utilize these directions for prior Windows renditions.

Introduce the .NET Framework 3.5 on Demand

You may see the accompanying setup discourse on the off chance that you attempt to run an application that requires the .NET Framework 3.5. Pick Install this element to empower the .NET Framework 3.5. This choice requires an Internet association.

The .NET Framework is made by Microsoft and gives a domain to running applications. There are various renditions accessible. Numerous organizations build up their applications to run utilizing the .NET Framework, and these applications focus on a particular adaptation. If you see this spring up, you’re attempting to run an application that requires the .NET Framework rendition 3.5, yet that form isn’t introduced on your framework.

Empower the .NET Framework 3.5 in Control Panel

You can empower the .NET Framework 3.5 through the Windows Control Panel. This choice requires an Internet association.

Press the Windows key Screenshot of the Windows key logo.

Select the .NET Framework 3.5 (incorporates .NET 2.0 and 3.0) checkbox, select OK and reboot your PC whenever provoked.

You don’t have to choose the kid things for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) HTTP Activation and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Non-HTTP Activation except if you’re a designer or server executive who requires this usefulness.

Investigate the establishment of the .NET Framework 3.5

In the event that despite everything you can’t resolve your establishment issue or you don’t have an Internet association, you can take a stab at introducing it utilizing your Windows establishment media. For more data, see Deploy .NET Framework 3.5 by utilizing Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM). In the event that you don’t have the establishment media, see Create establishment media for Windows.

Q 12. How to uninstall .net framework windows 10?

  • Before you do the manual fix, pursue the stairs inside the key send SVR Technologies Dekstop botches article. On the off chance that those means don’t fix the issue, return to this article. Pursue the means for your working gadget.
  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8
  • Close all open applications.
  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Type “Control Panel” into the chase and open Control Panel.
  • Go to Programs and Features.
  • Select Uninstall a Program. Try not to fear, you aren’t uninstalling something.
  • Select Turn Windows includes on or off.
  • Discover .NET Framework at the rundown.
  • Check the settings for each .NET Framework four.5 (or later) and .NET Framework three.5 SP1.
  • Note The means to reclamation .NET. Structure four.5, four.6, four.7, and 4.8 are equivalent.
  • Check NET Framework four.5 (or later)
  • If the .NET Framework four. Five (or later) checkbox isn’t checked:
  • Select OK to keep your changes.
  • Restart your workstation.
  • If the .NET Framework four.
  • Five (or later) checkbox is as of now checked:
  • Select the checkbox to flaunt .NET Framework 4.Five (or later). Try not to flip it lower back on.
  • Select OK to store your alterations.
  • Restart your PC.
  • At the point when you are marked in again into Windows, conform to the means to turn on .NET Framework 4.Five again.
  • Check NET Framework 3.Five SP1
  • If the .NET Framework three. Five SP1 checkboxes are not checked:
  • Select the checkbox to turn on .NET Framework three. Five SP1.
  • Select OK to search for your modifications.
  • Restart your PC.
  • If the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 checkbox is now checked:
  • Select the checkbox to flaunt .NET Framework three. Five SP1. Try not to flip it back on.
  • Select OK to keep your modifications.
  • Restart your pc.
  • At the point when you’re marked in again into Windows, watch the means to turn .NET Framework 3.Five SP1 on once more.
  • If you see a blunder when turning .NET Framework on or off, achieve out to an IT expert or Microsoft. The trouble might be identified with your working machine, not SVR Technologies.
  • Windows 7
  • Close all open bundles.
  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Type “Control Panel” into the inquiry and open Control Panel.
  • Select Uninstall a Program. Try not to fear, you aren’t uninstalling whatever.
  • Select Turn Windows includes on or off.
  • Discover .NET Framework at the rundown.
  • Check the settings for each .NET Framework three. Five SP1 and .NET Framework 4.5 (or later).
  • Note: The means to fix .NET. System 4.5, four.6, 4.7, and four. Eight are indistinguishable.
  • Check .NET Framework three. Five SP1
  • On the off chance that the .NET Framework three. Five SP1 checkboxes are not checked:
  • Select the checkbox to turn on .NET Framework 3.Five SP1.
  • Select OK to look for your changes.
  • Restart your pc.
  • On the off chance that the .NET Framework three. Five SP1 checkboxes are as of now checked:
  • Select the checkbox to kill .NET Framework 3.Five SP1. Try not to flip it lower back on.
  • Select OK to look for your alterations.
  • Restart your pc.
  • At the point when you’re marked in returned into Windows, pursue the stairs to appear .NET Framework three.Five SP1 on again
  • Check .NET Framework 4.Five (or later)
  • On the off chance that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.Five (or later) isn’t generally on the rundown, pursue the means from Microsoft to place in it.
  • On the off chance that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.Five (or later) is on the rundown, fix it:
  • In the Programs and Features window, pick Microsoft .NET Framework 4.Five (or later). At that point select Uninstall/Change.
  • Select Repair after which choose Next.
  • Pursue the in plain view screen directions.
  • At the point when the fix completes, restart your PC.
  • On the off chance that fixes is a triumph, open SVR Technologies again. On the off chance that the total works, the error is fixed.
  • If you keep on observing a .NET Framework mistake eventually of or after the fix:
  • Pursue the stairs from Microsoft to uninstall .NET Framework.
  • At that point reinstall .NET Framework four.5 (or later).
  • If you get bumbles while uninstalling or reinstalling .NET Framework, contact an IT expert or Microsoft. The issue might be identified with your working device.

Q 13. What is the Microsoft .net framework?

Microsoft .NET is a product system that is planned and created by Microsoft. The principal adaptation of the .Net structure was 1.0 which came in the year 2002. In simple words, it is a virtual machine for aggregating and executing programs written in various dialects like C#, VB.Net, and so forth.

It is utilized to create Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Web administrations.

It is utilized to manufacture applications for Windows, telephone, web, and so forth. It gives a lot of functionalities and furthermore bolsters industry norms.

The .NET system is a product improvement structure from Microsoft.


This takes into account .NET-created projects to get to functionalities in programs created outside .NET.

Regular Runtime Engine:

Also known as the normal language runtime, this permits programs created in .NET to show basic practices in memory utilization, special case taking care of, and security.

Language Independence:

Common language framework details (CLI) take into consideration the trading of information types between two projects created in various dialects.

Base Class Library:

A library of code for most regular capacities – utilized by developers to maintain a strategic distance from monotonous reworking of code.

The simplicity of Deployment:

There are instruments to guarantee the simplicity of introducing programs without meddling with recently introduced applications.


Programs created in .NET depend on a typical security model.

Q 14. How to tell what version of .net is installed?

Clients can introduce and run numerous variants of the .NET Framework on their PCs. At the point when you create or convey your application, you may need to know which .NET Framework forms are introduced on the client’s PC.

The .NET Framework comprises of two fundamental segments, which are formed independently:

A lot of gatherings, which are assortments of types and assets that give the usefulness to your applications. The .NET Framework and gatherings share a similar rendition number.

The normal language runtime (CLR), which oversees and executes your application’s code. The CLR is recognized by its form number (see Versions and conditions).

he vault contains a rundown of the .NET Framework variants introduced on a PC.

You can either utilize the Registry Editor to see the vault or inquiry it with code:

Find more up to date .NET Framework adaptations (4.5 and later):

Utilize the Registry Editor to discover .NET Framework adaptations

Use code to inquiry the vault for .NET Framework adaptations

Use PowerShell to inquiry the library for .NET Framework variants

Find more seasoned .NET Framework renditions (1 through 4):

Utilize the Registry Editor to discover .NET Framework adaptations

Use code to inquiry the vault for .NET Framework variants

To get a rundown of the CLR renditions introduced on a PC, utilize an apparatus or code:

Utilize the Clover device

Use code to inquiry the Environment class

For data about recognizing the introduced updates for every form of the .NET Framework, perceive How to: Determine which .NET Framework refreshes are introduced.

Find more up to date .NET Framework renditions (4.5 and later)

You can utilize Registry Editor to discover rendition data in the vault, or you can inquiry about the library automatically.

Use Registry Editor

From the Start menu, pick Run, enter regedit and afterward select OK.

You should have managerial accreditations to run Regedit.

In the Registry Editor, open the accompanying subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full. If the Full subkey is absent, at that point you don’t have the .NET Framework 4.5 or later introduced.

Check for a DWORD section named Release. On the off chance that it exists, at that point, you have .NET Framework 4.5 or later introduced. Its worth is a discharge key that relates to a specific variant of the .NET Framework. In the accompanying figure, for instance, the estimation of the Release section is 378389, which is the discharge key for .NET Framework 4.5.

Q 15. What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open source web system for building web applications on the .NET (dotNET) structure. It is made by Microsoft and rendition 1.0 was discharged in 2002 to enable designers to construct dynamic web applications, administrations, and locales. The system is worked to work with the standard HTTP convention, which is the standard convention utilized overall web applications.

ASP.NET is the successor to the ASP (Active Server Pages) innovation and was a noteworthy overhaul as far as adaptability and power. It is an expansion of the .NET stage with extra instruments and libraries explicitly for building things on the web, including web applications and sites.
The most recent rendition of ASP.NET is the cross-stage variant called ASP.NET Core, which was discharged in 2016.

ASP.NET is as yet upheld and refreshed, yet pushing ahead the concentration for Microsoft is to build up the new cross-stage form.

  • Equivalent words
  • ASP dotNET
  • Dynamic Server Pages
  • System Enabled Technologies
  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Architecture

The engineering of the ASP .NET structure comprises of a lot of key segments that are utilized being developed.

1. Language

The programming language utilized for the ASP.NET system is VB.NET (Visual Basic) or C#. SVR Technologies CMS is written in C#.

2. Library

The ASP.NET incorporates the base libraries from the .NET structure yet additionally incorporates libraries for basic web designs. One such library is Model View Controller (MVC), which empowers you to utilize the MVC configuration design for planning web applications and locales. The MVC design gives you a chance to assemble a web application as a piece of three jobs – a business layer, a showcase layer, an info control.

3. Basic Language Runtime

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is where your .NET projects are executed. It is utilized for performing key exercises, for example, actuating objects, performing security checks, spreading them out in memory, executing and taking care of trash assortment.

Over the three key parts in the structure, it likewise broadens .NET with different instruments to make life simpler for a web engineer. One of these is the templating grammar utilized for sites called Razor. This templating language structure is intensely utilized in building dynamic pages in C# and empowers working with ace pages and layouts to make site pages with dynamic qualities and substance.

When working with the .NET it is conceivable to utilize Microsoft Visual Studio as an incorporated advancement condition (IDE). Visual Studio is an IDE by Microsoft used to create web applications and comprises a source code supervisor, debugger, compiler, and creator, which are altogether gotten through one single interface.


The fate of ASP.NET In 2016 the most recent variant of ASP.NET was discharged – ASP.NET Core, which is intended to supplant ASP.NET. The principle distinction is that ASP.NET Core is cross-stage which implies it can run on macOS, Linux, and Docker just as obviously Windows.

While ASP.NET is as yet bolstered and refreshed by Microsoft, the majority of its center going ahead will be to build up the new .NET Core stage.

Other than being cross-stage, the new structure has taken ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages and blended them into a bound together MVC 6. This gives engineers better and greater adaptability, while as yet getting a steady stage that keeps your applications and sites running easily.

SVR Technologies utilizes the ASP.NET Framework

SVR Technologies is based on the .NET Framework utilizing ASP.NET and is essentially written in C#. Information is put away in a social database (ordinarily Microsoft SQL server) and it takes a shot at Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server).

Q 16. What is CLR in .net?

I will clarify what .NET CLR is and what job the CLR plays in C# applications execution.

The core of .the NET Framework is a run-time condition called the normal language runtime (CLR). The CLR deals with the existence cycle and executes .NET applications (code). It likewise gives benefits that make the improvement procedure simpler.

Key traits of .NET CLR

As a major aspect of the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the programming (Virtual Machine segment) that deals with the execution of projects written in any language that uses the .NET Framework, for instance, C#, VB.Net, F#, etc.

Software engineers compose code in any language, including VB.Net, C#, and F# when they aggregate their projects into a middle of the road type of code called CLI in a convenient execution document (PE) that can be overseen and utilized by the CLR and afterward the CLR changes over it into machine code to be will be executed by the processor.

The data about the earth, programming language, its adaptation and what class libraries will be utilized for this code are put away as metadata with the compiler that advises the CLR how to deal with this code.

The CLR permits a case of a class written in one language to call a technique for the class written in another dialect.

  • Elements of .NET CLR
  • Convert code into CLI
  • A special case dealing with
  • Type wellbeing
  • Memory the board (utilizing the Garbage Collector)
  • Security
  • Improved execution
  • Language autonomy
  • Stage independency
  • Design independency
  • Parts of .NET CLR

The key parts of CLR incorporate the accompanying:

ClassLoader – Used to stack all classes at run time.

Code Manager – It deals with the code at run time.

Trash specialist – It deals with memory. Gather every single unused item and deallocate them to decrease memory.

String Support – It underpins the multithreading of our application.

Exemption Handler – It handles special cases at run time.

Advantages of .NET CLR

  • The runtime gives the accompanying advantages:
  • Execution upgrades.
  • The capacity to effectively utilize segments created in different dialects.
  • Extensible types gave by a class library.
  • Language highlights, for example, legacy, interfaces, and over-burdening for object-situated programming.
  • Backing for express free stringing that permits the formation of multithreaded, adaptable applications.
  • Backing for organized exemption dealing with.
  • Backing for custom properties.
  • Trash assortment.
  • Utilization of representatives rather than work pointers for expanded sort wellbeing and security.

Q 17. What is NameSpace in .Net?

This an essential inquiry which constantly posed in the meeting that what is the namespace, do you think about the namespace, would you be able to disclose to me a few words about namespace.

A NameSpace is the Logical gathering of types or we can say namespace is a holder (e.g Class, Structures, Interfaces, Enumerations, Delegates, and so on.), for instance, System.IO intelligently bunches input-yield related highlights, System.Data.SqlClient is the legitimate gathering of Connectivity with Sql server-related highlights. In Object-Oriented world, commonly software engineers may utilize a similar class name, Qualifying NameSpace with a class name can maintain a strategic distance from this impact.

Namespaces enable you to make a framework to sort out your code. A decent method to sort out your namespaces is employing a various leveled framework. You put the more broad names at the highest point of the chain of importance and get progressively explicit as you go down. This various leveled framework can be spoken to by settled namespaces. Howl tells the best way to make a settled namespace. By putting code in various sub-namespaces, you can keep your code composed.

Presently an inquiry emerges at the forefront of our thoughts that how to call the namespace individuals, so there are two approaches to call namespace individuals –

By actualizing completely qualified name inline

By actualizing the utilizing order.

Here I am giving a case of how to call namespace individuals with completely qualified names.

A completely qualified name contains each component from the namespace name down to the technique call.

In the above model, there is a settled namespace instructional exercise inside the “MyNameSpace” namespace with class “MyVideo”, “MyAudio” and technique play().

Focal points:

We can set up security, rendition, reference, and sending limits by utilizing namespaces

On account of the gathering of namespaces, we can make a progressive system that is anything but difficult to recognize classes by completely qualified names.

Q 18. What is a .Net Assembly?

The .NET get together is the standard for parts created with the Microsoft.NET. Spot NET congregations could conceivably be executable, i.e., they may exist as the executable (.exe) document or dynamic connection library (DLL) record. All the .NET congregations contain the meaning of types, forming data for the sort, meta-information, and show. The fashioners of .NET have worked a great deal on the segment (get together) goals.

A gathering can be a solitary record or it might comprise of the different documents. On account of multi-record, there is one ace module containing the show while different congregations exist as non-show modules. A module in .NET is a subpart of a multi-record .NET gathering. The gathering is one of the most intriguing and incredibly helpful zones of .NET design alongside reflections and characteristics.

.NET underpins three sorts of gatherings:

  • private
  • mutual
  • satellite
  • Private Assembly

Private get together expects us to duplicate independently in all application envelopes where we need to utilize that gathering’s functionalities; without replicating, we can’t get to the private get together highlights and power. Private get together implies each time we have one, we solely duplicate into the BIN organizer of every application envelope.

Open Assembly

Open get together isn’t required to duplicate independently into all application envelopes. The open gathering is likewise called Shared Assembly. Just one duplicate is required in the framework level, there is no compelling reason to duplicate the gathering into the application envelope.

Open get together ought to introduce in GAC.

Mutual congregations (likewise called solid named gatherings) are replicated to a solitary area (typically the Global get together reserve). For all calling gatherings inside a similar application, a similar duplicate of the common get together is utilized from its unique area. Henceforth, shared congregations are not replicated in the private organizers of each calling gathering. Each mutual get together has a four-section name including its face name, rendition, open key token, and culture data. General society’s key token and adaptation data make it practically unimaginable for two distinct congregations with a similar name or for two comparative gatherings with an alternate form to blend.

Q 19. What is microservices in .net?

Introduction: Today world is speaking about Microservices, so I notion why now not write a piece of writing on my knowledge of Microservices.

So a long way I felt this will be suitable in general for surroundings that can be cloud-primarily based and might see huge actions in that route.

With increasing business demands, we now broaden very large and complicated tasks that take greater time to build and install. Whenever QA reviews any difficulty, we need to debug or repair it after which install the whole code.

To reduce those complexities, maximum corporations are shifting toward Microservices improvement and Docker for clean deployment and smooth carrier running.

In this weblog put up, I’ll give an explanation for why we must use Microservices, .NET Core, and Docker, and I will display each the step-by using-step improvement of microservices the use of .NET Core and it’s run the usage of Docker with extraordinary case research.

Throughout the item, I’ll answer a few key questions, which includes:

What is the software required for Windows?

Why need to we use microservices in place of a monolithic method?

Why have we used .NET Core?

Why need we use Docker?

I’ll also explain the way to create microservices the usage of .NET Core, also, to show how to construct and run it the use of Docker via real-existence case have a look at examples:

Case 1: Run the same photo in more than one bins

Case 2: Manage distinctive Containers

Case 2: Run the equal picture in multiple environments

Case three: Tag and Run photograph with extraordinary versions

Being a .NET developer running at the Microsoft stack for someday. You are running on Visual Studio on Windows, realize approximately .NET Core, maybe a few front-give up a framework like Angular and probable acquainted with website hosting your apps on Azure. But the brand new age has come and things beginning to shift towards open supply, bins, Linux and microservices. And you aren’t familiar with those.

Trying to log into the microservices global, I discovered it a piece difficult to find sources that are targeted on .NET builders. You will locate random bits and pieces that are not sequential. Most of the documentations assume you’re the usage of Linux, SSH, Docker… with a page for other stacks that are very short.

So I decided to start this collection, with the intention to communicate approximately principles, equipment, installations, layout patterns and needed software program additives that you will need to begin your subsequent microservices product improvement. Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, gRPC are within the coming subjects.

Q 20. What is .net Technology?

The .NET is the generation from Microsoft, on which all different Microsoft technology could be depending on in destiny.

.NET technology that is utilized by builders for delivering sturdy answers for services and products conceived.

The .NET era is a new generation era that facilitates creating applications that engage an audience.

The versatility of the technology has been the foremost issue that allows its vast use.

The .NET software is from Microsoft, the large massive within the IT enterprise.

Microsoft released this generation pointing out it as a sophisticated new platform built on especially advanced protocols with tools that assist in quicker and better conversation and computing. Software development organizations the usage of this technology to make statistics and facts to be had on any tool at any time and something that may be accessed at any time. This generation is used to increase both desktop programs and internet-primarily based answers.

Having learned what .NET era is, you must be eager to learn about its core additives. Well, the core components of .NET technology consist of: .NET Infrastructure and Tools, .NET Services, .NET User Experience, .NET Device Software, .NET Enterprise Servers, Visual Studio.NET, .NET Framework, and Windows.NET. Each of those additives seems after a particular place of difficulty permitting to make this era a fine wager for custom-designed solutions the primary issue is the .NET framework that includes Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Classes/Libraries, and ASP.NET.

The CLR is not an unusual run time environment for all languages offering primary infrastructure for the .NET framework. It manages the runtime execution of code, security capabilities, rubbish collection, and base magnificence library aid. The CLR allows pass-platform interoperability which makes it the particular choice for developers imparting net answers as the world is progressing towards upgrades with best being in the foreground, customers with projects are searching out corporations providing revolutionary products and services. Software produced ought to meet 3 factors: to meet business projects precise desires which might be framed based on perceived want of targeted ability users.

The software program enterprise operating on the project ought to make certain to undertake exhaustive evaluation before starting the project. The initiation to very last roll out and use by using focused consumer’s method of any project needs appropriate project planning.

The whole and in-depth analysis enable the developers and testers to have profound expertise in the project requirements, accordingly, they can expand the project as anticipated. The group on finishing the checking out of coded software program rolls out and implements it at the destined locations. All those levels of software development are finished as consistent with well-known rules set and commonly called the software development lifestyles cycle (SDLC).

Dot Net Course Overview

About Course

.NET online path gives students a brilliant photograph approximately numerous approaches to apply its framework in the scenario of actual global to meet the crucial software developments. For this, experts offering .NET live online education always put together the syllabus by employer architectures and requirements with the most upgraded technology of the software program enterprise. Its all approximately the dotnet framework and the components used inside the scene at the back of. Knowing dotnet will be the best manner as we’d understand any person of the following languages C, C++, C#, Core Java, small speak, python, etc.

The beauty of Dotnet is to support 54 languages nearly and it keeps gradually extended because of the daily.

Introduction to .NET

.NET is an open-source, free and move-platform type of developer platform that creates a huge variety of applications. Hence, by way of gaining knowledge of .NET on-line path, you’ll use a couple of languages, libraries, and editors to perform diverse duties in web, computer, cellular phones, and IoT programs.

What is .NET?

.NET framework refers to a software program framework runs in particular on any Microsoft Windows. It contains a huge magnificence library and offers customers with language interoperability characteristics. Accordingly, every one of the languages in it could use code written in exclusive languages.

What is .NET used for?

After you acquire a .NET online course, you could use it inside the following approaches
To create any facts pushed utility
To design a web provider/server app to respond to the users’ requests
To create any computing device application for any Windows OS
To layout mobile apps operable on Windows

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