Datapower Admin Course

Duration: 15 hours | Version: 7.6 | Admin | on Windows

Course FAQ

01. Do you covered real-time issues?

Yes, Instructor cover many real-world examples.

02. Can I access the next version also?

When ever we conduct live classes on next version, from the same faculty. Thus you can access them.

03. May I watch unlimited times?

Yes, Unlimited times.

04. Course Life-time access?

You can access the course videos for Life-time.

05. Datapower Admin Learning pre-requisites?

Knowledge of XML-related technologies.

IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances is a family of purpose-built, easy-to-deploy network devices that simplify, help secure, and accelerate XML and Web Services deployments while extending SOA infrastructure. DataPower Appliances contain many specialized hardware components, including ASIC-based IPS, custom encrypted RAID drives, and (optional) hardware security modules. DataPower Appliances operate a single digitally signed firmware containing an operating systemand application stack.

06. What is self-learning?

Self Learning is nothing but pre-recorded Videos. These videos recorded while we were conducted instructor-led online classes.

07. Do you offer a refund?

We don’t offer a refund. Instead, we offer course replacement for genuine reasons (Notify us in 24hours).

08. Do you provide materials?

This course doesn’t have any materials.

Course Topics

Datapower Admin Course Curriculum

Tibco BW 6x Demo (101:15)

DataPower Admin Online Live Demo (57:19)

Class 01 - Introduction (12:06)

Class 02 - Installation (Part 01) (50:56)

Class 03 - Installation (Part 02) (47:39)

Class 04 - Webgui Introduction, File Management, Troubleshooting and Application Domain Creation (42:40)

Class 05 - User Accounts, User Groups and Access Profiles (60:20)

Class 06 - Back end Types, Rules and Created a XML Firewall Service (67:01)

Class 07 - MPG Static Backend Service Creation and Show Probe and Propagate URI (123:23)

Class 08 - Troubleshooting and Logging and ddefaut Log Target Configuration and Audit Log (53:35)

Class 09 - SSL Scenarios (1) (12:13)

Class 09 - SSL Scenarios (2) (42:31)

Class 10 - DP as SSL Server Scenario using SSL Proxy Profile (35:57)

Class 11 - DP as SSL Server using SSL Server Profile and DP as SSL Client using SSL Client Profile (39:25)

Class 12 - Export and Import (41:54)

Class 13 - Secure Back UP (56:30)

Class 14 - Create Log Target (47:07)

Class 15 - XML Management Interface using SOMA (50:48)

Class 16 - CLI commands and Secure back up Using CLI (59:53)

Class 17 - Firmware Upgrade using WebGUI and CLI (64:29)

Datapower- Interview-Questions

Datapower Admin Salary & Career

Top IT MNC such as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, etc.,
The average salary of a Datapower Employee is ₹ 6.8 Lakhs per year.