DevOps Course

Duration: 23 hours | 21 Videos | on Linux & Cloud

Course FAQ

01. Do you covered real-time issues?

Yes, Instructor cover many real-world examples.

02. Can I access the next version also?

When ever we conduct live classes on next version, from the same faculty. Thus you can access them.

03. May I watch unlimited times?

Yes, Unlimited times.

04. Course Life-time access?

You can access the course videos for Life-time.

05. DevOps Learning pre-requisites?

AWS and Linux Basics.
DevOps (a portmanteau of “development” and “operations”) is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

06. What is self-learning?

Self Learning is nothing but pre-recorded Videos. These videos recorded while we were conducted instructor-led online classes.

07. Do you offer a refund?

We don’t offer a refund. Instead, we offer course replacement for genuine reasons (Notify us in 24hours).

08. Do you provide materials?

This course doesn’t have any materials.

Course Topics

DevOps Course Curriculum

DevOps Online Live Demo Session (52:17)

PPT - Introduction to Linux

Session 01 - Introduction to Linux (26:51)

Session 02 - Linux Installation (50:26)

Notes: RedHat iso image & VMware workstation

Notes: PPT - Installation and File System Structure

Session 03 - Bash Commands (56:01)

Notes - Basic Commands

Session 04 - VI Editors and Disk Management (71:33)

Notes - Editor- Vim

Notes - Partition Management

Session 05 - Network Management (61:38)

Notes - Network Connection

Session 06 - AWS Account Creation and EC2 Instances (54:11)

Notes: AWS Free Tier Account

Notes: AWS setup

Session 07 - EC2 IMAGE, EBS & Snapshots and Network Security (89:52)

Session 08 - ELB, Secure AWS account using MFA (55:06)

Session 09 - GIT Setup, Configuration, Initiation and Management (96:05)

Notes: GIT - Add, Modify & Delete

Notes: GIT - Exclude, Merge

Notes: GIT - Branch Rename & Delete

Session 10 - Setting up Remote Git repository (41:14)

Notes: GIT - Remote Repository

GIT - Remote GIT

Session 11 - Life cycle of Maven, Jenkins Installation and Configuration, Jenkins Jobs Executions (93:47)

Notes: Maven

Session 12 - Jenkins Build Pipeline, Jenkins Deployment (118:25)

Notes: Jenkins

Notes: Notes - Deployment from Jenkin to other server

Session 13 - Artifactory Jfrog (86:17)

Notes: Jenkin _Artifactory

Session 14 - Continuous Deployment using Puppet (46:26)

Notes- Puppet

Session 15 - Ansible (56:06)

Notes: Ansible-for-devops

Session 16 - Chef (52:17)

Notes - Chef (01)

Notes - Chef (02)

Session 17 - Docker (53:19)

Notes - Docker

Session 18 - CentOS Text Mode Installation (57:11)

Notes: CentOS 7 iso image download url

Session 19 - Nagios Monitoring (43:49)

Session 20 - Docker Swarm Cluster Setup (45:47)

Notes: Docker Swarm Manager

Session 21 - Kubernetes (111:50)

DevOps Training Videos Complimentary Links & Materials

Basic Linux commands

Download Putty Tools


Upstream-Downstream Project


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide

Effective DevOps with AWS

Exam Questions

Sample Resume

DevOpss Engineer Salary & Career

Top IT MNC such as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, etc.,
The average salary of a DevOps Engineer is ₹ 674,202 / year.