How do I install the Spotfire Server?

How would I Introduce the Spotfire Server?

This instructional exercise strolls you through introducing, arranging, approving, and fixing TIBCO Spotfire Server. 

In later of TIBCO Spotfire Tutorial, you can incorporate the Spotfire Web Player, Spotfire Automation Services, Spotfire Application Data Services, and Spotfire Statistics Services

Introduce TIBCO Spotfire Server

It is a shrewd, secure, adaptable, and versatile device that gives information representation, revelation, wrangling, and prescient examination capacities, No, it’s not when you have TIBCO’s Spotfire; it is a single platform that provides a fast and flexible environment for visualizing and analyzing data.

Prepare the Spotfire Server Database

1. Duplicate the registry Administrator Essentials Installers Spotfire Server contents mssql_install to the work area.

2. In the work area, double-tap mssql_install.

3. Open the content for making the database by right-clicking create_databases.bat and clicking Edit. (E learning portal)

4. Set the factors by adjusting the record, as pursues. (Make certain to twofold check every passage.)

5. Spare the record. ;

6. Run the record at the Windows Command Prompt.

7. The accompanying picture shows the effective making of the Spotfire database.

Introduce Spotfire Server

Run the installer by twofold clickingAdministrator EssentialsInstallersSpotfire Server arrangement win64.exe.exe. (On the off chance that you see a standard Windows security cautioning, acknowledge and proceed.)

Acknowledge the TIBCO SPOTFIRE SERVER License Agreement

In the following four stages, acknowledge the accompanying choices:

Acknowledge the default to download and introduce outsider parts.

Acknowledge the Third-Party Components License Agreement.

Acknowledge the default (Typical) Install Set.

Acknowledge the default Installation Folder.

In the Windows Service board, acknowledge the default Create Windows Service.

In the Spotfire Server Port board, for the Spotfire Server port, type 9090. This averts clashes with IIS, which is as of now running on port 80.

At the Upgrade board, leave clear the checkbox for Launch the overhaul instrument after the establishment. On the off chance that you might want to survey the log, select the checkbox Show the Windows Installer log.

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