Scrum interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Scrum?
 Scrum is a processed framework means to help teams to implement projects in an iterative, incremental manner. The process is organized in cycles of work called Sprints.These cycles do not last more than four weeks each (usually two weeks), and they are timeboxed. This means they end on a specific date whether the work has been completed or not. They are never extended. (Scrum Interview Questions)

At the beginning , the team selects one of the project’s tasks from a prioritized list. They agree on a common goal of what they believe and what they can deliver at the completion of the Sprint, something that is tangible and realistic. During the Sprint, there is no additional tasks should be added.

The team meets every day to review their result and adjust the steps needed to complete the remaining work.At the end of the Sprint, the team reviews the work cycle with the stakeholders and represents the end product. With the feedback they get, they plan the next Sprint.Scrum emphasizes getting a working product at the completion of each Sprint. When talking about software, this means a system that is integrated, tested, end-user documented, and shippable.

2. How is scrum different from waterfall?
 The major differences are:

  • The feedback from customer is obtained quickly in Scrum than waterfall, however the feedback from customer is received towards the end of development cycle.
  • To accommodate the new or changed requirement in scrum is simply than waterfall.
  • Scrum focuses on collaborative development than waterfall where the entire development cycle is apart from phases.
  • At any point of time we will roll back the changes in scrum than in waterfall.

3. Explain When Scrum Cannot Be Useful?
 generally scrum is useful to monitor work with 5 to 10 people, who are committed to achieving the sprint goal. It does not go well with large groups or team having more responsibilities. For huge team, scrum can be applied by splitting the team into small groups and practice scrum.

4. Distinguish the roles of a Scrum Master and Product owner?
 Scrum Master: It roles as a servant Leader for the scrum team. He presides over all the scrum ceremonies and coaches the team to understand and for develop scrum values and principals.

Product Owner: Is the view of contact for a scrum team. He/she is the one who work closest to the business. The main responsibility of a product owner is to represent and refine the product backlog items.

5. Explain What Is A Product Backlog In Scrum?
 Initially before the scrum sprint , product owner review the list of all new features, change requests, enhancements and bug reports and also able to know which ones are have high priorities. If the project is new it also having new features that the new system must provide, this list of item is referred as Product Backlog. The items that are kept on the sprint are referred as Sprint Backlog.

6. What Does a Scrum Master Do?
Ans: The scrum master has a unique position. Scrum has three main roles, that are the product owner, scrum master and delivery team. They’re cross-functional but not shared among other projects. But not all projects follow these rules precisely. How you run the organization and how well the candidate can be determine or has experience in your way of doing the work will determine how good a fit they’ll be.

7. Is there a difference between Agile and Scrum?
Ans: Yes, Agile is the broader umbrella that Scrum falls under. Agile has four main values and twelve principles. Scrum has its own set of values and principles and also gives a lightweight “framework” to help teams become Agile.

8.  Mention About Scrum Print?
 The meaning of series of the sprint is, the scrum projects are developed. When scrum methodology is mentioned they are regular and repeatable work cycle by means of which work is completed and made ready for review.

9. Tell Me The Disadvantages Of The Scrum?
 The scrum master handles the tricky job where one needs to organize, plan and structure the projects that the lack of proper goals. Substantial resources and frequent reviews are wants daily scrum meeting. All team members should possess maturity and dedication for a successful project. There are many of rapid changes, the uncertainty of projects, and prompt product delivery during the scrum cycle. They require vital changes and dysfunctions are visible.

10. How many Scrum teams are available you to managed at one time?
 This is a popular question. Don’t offer that Scrum guidelines to state only one Scrum Master per team for your answer.In this new role, you may wants to lead more than one team. Notice the use of the word “managed” versus “led.” Scrum Masters do not manage, they lead teams—so sure to use this word in your response.

11. Mention About Planning Poker Or Scrum Poker?
 In order to show out the actual size of software development goals the scrum poker or planning poker is used. It can also be reffered as a means through which sprint item duration can be determined by making us of number card face down table play rather than speaking them aloud.

12. How Do You Motivate a Team New to Scrum?
: Maybe you have surounded a new team that is not practiced in scrum or even skeptical of agile. They are more interested in working and to know meetings only interrupt their progress. Has the candidate ever been in such a situation

13. What Does A Scrum Burn Down Chart Consists Of?
 A scrum burn down chart should consist of:

X-axis that displays working days
Y-axis that displays remaining effort
Ideal effort as guideline
Real progress of effort

14. Describe What Is A Story Point In Scrum?
 Each feature in scrum is Story. Story point is an arbitrary that measure used by Scrum teams, and it is a metric used by agile teams to determine the difficulty of develping a given story.

15. How is scrum different from Iterative model?
 Scrum is a kind of iterative model only but it is iterative + incremental.

16. list out the three main artifacts of the Scrum process?
The artifacts of Scrum are:


  • Product Backlog.
  • Sprint Backlog.
  • Product Increment.

17. What is timeboxing in Scrum?
Ans: Timeboxing means alot a fixed unit of time for an activity. The unit of time is called a time box. The maximum length of a time box should be 15 minutes.

18. Explain What Is Scrum Of Scrum?
 Scrum of scrum is used to show the meeting after the daily scrum. The responsible person from each team attains the answer to question

Since the last meeting, what is the result of the team?
What your team is to do accomplish, before the next meeting?
What are the difficulties your team faced while completing the task?
Were you going to allot any of your work to the following team?

19.  Explain What is the Velocity In Scrum And How It Is Measured??
 Velocity in a scrum is a measurement of how much the team consist work done in an iterations or sprint. It is measured by

V= Number of total story points to One iteration

20. What are the ceremonies you perform in scrum?
 There are 3 major ceremonies performed in Scrum:

Planning Meeting:  planning meeting is the entire scrum teams along with the scrum master and product owner meets and discuss each item from the product backlog that they can work on the sprint. When the story is calculated and is well understood by the team, the story then moves into the Sprint Backlog.
Review Meeting: review meeting is the scrum team demonstrates their work done to the stake holders
Retrospective meeting: Where the scrum teams along with the scrum master then the product owner meets and retrospect the last sprint they worked on

21.  You are in the centre of a sprint and suddenly the product owner comes with a new requirement, what will you do?
 In ideal case, the requirement becomes a story and moves on the backlog. Then depend on the priority, team can take it up in the next sprint. But if the importance of the requirement is really high, then the team will have to accommodate it in the sprint but it has to very well communicated to the stakeholder that incorporating a story in the middle of the sprint may leads to result in spilling over few stories to the next sprint.

22. What kind of metrics or reports have you used?
Ans: Sprint, release burn-down and burn-up charts are permanent reports. Most of the organisations also want to understand how many stories were committed versus completed per sprint and the number of defects identified to post-release the production.

23. What Is The Advantage Of Doing Scrum?
 The advantage of scrum is that while performing the test

It minimizes the risk in response to convertmade to the system
It increases ROI ( Return of Investment)
It improves the process continuously
It repeatedly and rapidly looks into normal working software
Anyone can see real working software and continue to increase for another iteration.

24. What Is The time Of Scrum Cycle And Who Are Involved In It?
 normally, the type of project is what decides the scrum cycle and period of it can be from 4 weeks to a month. The scrum cycle takes into an account team, the product owner and scrum master.

25. Do You Allow Someone to Change a Requirement?
Ans: The correct answer to this is yes. Agile wants a lot of feedback from both customers and stakeholders. The goal is to improve the product. Change is the constant in agile, so much as it’s embraced as a means of getting the project done better and quickly.

26. So in scrum which entity is response for deliverable? Scrum master or Product owner?
 Neither the scrum master, not the product owner. It’s the responsibility of the team who owns the deliverable.

27. Can you give an example of where scrum cannot be implemented? In that case what do you suggest?
 Scrum can be implemented in all kinds of projects. It is not only applicable to software but is also preffer for successful in mechanical and engineering projects.

28. What is retrospective?
Ans: A retrospective defined as it is a meeting to inspect and adapt the process. This Agile methodology interview question is looking for the different ways to conduct a retrospective—so be ready to explain one or two formats.

29. Explain The Term “increment”?
 The term “Increment” is used for the total number of the product backlog items completed during the sprint and all previous sprints. At the end of the sprint, increment should be done in status. and also it must be in reusable condition regardless of whether the product owner is willing to actually release a product.

30. What Is the variation Between Sprint And Iteration In Scrum?

Iteration: It is a terminology used to describe single development cycle in general agile methods. It is a common term used in the iterative and Incremental implemental process.

Sprint: It is used to define one development cycle or iterative step in a specialized agile method that referred as Scrum. Sprint is scrum specific, and not the all forms of iterations are Sprints.

31. What the Main Aspect Of Conducting a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?
The main opinion of a sprint retrospective meeting is to allow team members to know the aspects that had been achieved during the sprint and also discuss few aspects regarding improvements for further sprints.

32. What is MVP in scrum?
 A Minimum Viable Product is a product that which has just the bare minimum required feature which can be demonstrated to the stakeholders and is eligible to be shipped to production.

33. How long were your sprints?
Ans: An ideal sprint length can be seen between one and four weeks, with a two-week sprint being the most widely used.

34. How does the Agile testing methodologies variates from other testing (development) methodologies?
Ans: Testers ensure that the entire process of testing is broken down into as small steps as and just a small unit of code is tested (developed) in each of these steps. The team of testers (developers) consistently communicates the progress of their work and changes the short-term strategy and even the development plan on the go, based on the results of the agile testing. The agile methodology encourages a flexible and rapid response to change, which leads to better results for ending.

35. How the Scrum Master track the progress of a Sprint?
 Scrum Masters can track the Sprint results by using the burn down chart. The vertical axis represents the amount of work remaining while the horizontal one shows the number of Sprints.

36. What is DoD? How is this achieved?
 DoD stands for Definition of done. It is achieved when

  • the story is development complete,
    QA complete,
  • The story meets and satisfy the acceptance criteria
    regression around the story is complete
  • The feature is eligible to be shipped / deployed in production.

37. How much time should a person expect to available on Scrum Master activities?
Ans: A Scrum Master should make this role their top priority to focus on the uses of the overall team. Their load will differ from sprint to sprint depending on what impediments and issues the team is dealing with. latest formed teams typically take more Scrum Master time, 50–100 percent; while experienced Scrum Masters with established well-functioning teams might spend 50 percent or less time on the Scrum Master role.

38. What do you understand by the term scope creep? How do you prevent it from happening?
Ans: If the requirements are not properly defined at the start and new features are added to the product already being built, a scope creep happens To prevent it:

  • The requirements must be clearly specified.
  • The project progress must be monitored.
  • Effective grooming of sprint backlog must be done.

39. What the Ideal duration For Sprint Is? And How It Affects The Workflow?
 Sprint in Scrum generally lasts for 30 days or two weeks. The two-week sprint is preferred for different reason, first it makes easier for the team to estimate, plan and complete the work in two weeks. Secondly, it gives enough time to the product owner to convert the priorities more often and allows the team to adapt quickly to the market pressures.

40. present What Is The Objective Behind Holding A Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

Ans: The objective behind Sprint retrospective meeting is to team members become to know how the things went during the sprint and possible ways to further developments for future sprints.

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