How Do I Turn the Auto-Deployment Feature Off

Answer: To auto-deploy an archived application, copy its archive file to the /autodeploy directory. WebLogic Server automatically sets the application’s deployment mode to stage mode.

A deployment unit that was auto-deployed can be dynamically redeployed while the server is running. To dynamically redeploy, copy the new version of the archive file over the existing file in the /autodeploy directory. (E learning Portal)

To undeploy an archived deployment unit that was auto-deployed, delete the application from the /autodeploy directory. WebLogic Server stops the application and removes it from the configuration. 

If you delete an application from the /autodeploy directory when the server is not active, WebLogic Server will not detect that the application was deleted even when the server is again in an active state. In order to prevent an out-of-sync domain tree, BEA recommends that you only remove applications from the /autodeploy directory when the server is in an active state. 

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