How You Will Analyse Threads State Using Samurai Tool?

Answer: first open the samurai tool.
Drag and drop the thread dump in samurai.
It will automatically display the table format. (Company)so that we can analyze each object status.. like runnable, waiting, blocked, deadlock, etc.. 

NEW: The thread is created but has not been processed yet.

RUNNABLE: The thread is occupying the CPU and processing a task. (It may be in WAITING status due to the OS’s resource distribution.)

BLOCKED: The thread is waiting for a different thread to release its lock in order to get the monitor lock.

WAITING: The thread is waiting by using await, join or park method. 

TIMED_WAITING: The thread is waiting by using asleep, wait, join or park method. (The difference from WAITING is that the maximum waiting time is specified by the method parameter, and WAITING can be relieved by time as well as external changes.) 

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