How to uninstall docker?

Docker makes it simple to envelop your applications and administrations by holders so you can run them anyplace.  As you work with Docker, be that as it may, it’s likewise simple to aggregate an exorbitant number of unused pictures, compartments, and information volumes that messiness the yield and devour circle space.

Docker gives all of you the apparatuses you have to tidy up your framework from the direction line. This cheat sheet-style guide gives a brisk reference to directions that help liberate plate space and keep your framework composed by expelling unused Docker pictures, holders, and volumes. (E learning portal)

The most effective method to Use This Guide:
This guide is in cheat sheet position with independent order line scraps

Hop to any segment that is important to the errand you are attempting to finish.

The direction substitution language structure, order $(command), utilized in the directions are accessible in numerous prominent shells, for example, slam, and Windows Powershell.

How to expel Docker

  • Uninstall Docker Engine – Community
  • Uninstall the Docker Engine – Community bundle: $ Sudo adept get cleanse docker.
  • Pictures, compartments, volumes, or modified design documents on your host are not naturally expelled. 
  • Docker enables you to rapidly manufacture, test, and convey applications as compact, independent compartments that can practically run all over.

Docker doesn’t evacuate unused articles, for example, compartments, pictures, volumes, and systems except if you expressly tell it to do as such. As you work with Docker, you can without much of a stretch aggregate an enormous number of unused items that expend huge circle space and mess the yield delivered by the Docker directions.

This guide fills in as a “cheat sheet” to help Docker clients keep their framework sorted out, and to free plate space by expelling unused Docker holders, pictures, volumes, and systems.

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