How to uninstall Docker mac?

Home Mac clients face an absence of free space on their PCs and need to uninstall unused applications to free up plate space.

The Docker for macOS involves 1.2 GB. If you have to dispose of this application, pursue this guide on the best way to completely and accurately uninstall Docker on Mac.


  • Expel Docker physically.
  • Uninstall Docker effectively.
  • Expel Docker Manually

Open the Applications organizer in Finder → scroll and select Docker → make a right-click → in the setting menu select Move to Trash.

Yet, this isn’t the finished expulsion of Docker from Mac. Each application makes bolster records on a PC with the goal that all capacities work appropriately. Some way or another these records infiltrate profoundly into the framework organizers. That is the reason for moving the Docker application into Trash isn’t sufficient for an all-out erasure from the PC. (eLearning)

Application bolster records are normally put away in the Library envelope. As this framework Library organizer keeps significant information, naturally it is escaped, clients.

Open the Library organizer, you need to open the Finder window and in a Menu Bar click on Go → Go to Folder. In the inquiry field that shows up, type ~/Library and snap Go

Presently you approach the Library organizer. Find there the Application Scripts envelope, scroll and select the “com.docker.helper” organizer, make a right-snap and move it to Trash.

Check the Caches organizer and erase the “com.docker.docker” envelope from that point.

At last, to tidy up all remaining parts, that were made by Docker, erase all holders also. Open the Containers envelope in the Library organizer, find “com.docker.docker” just as “com.docker.helper,” and erase them.

Uninstall Docker Using App Cleaner and Uninstaller

Luckily, you can utilize an application, which expels applications with all its remaining parts naturally. The program is called App Cleaner and Uninstaller and you can download it utilizing this connection.

Here is the second method to uninstall Docker for Mac:

Dispatch App Cleaner.

Select Docker from the rundown of uses. All framework records and organizers identified with this application will likewise be chosen. Snap the Remove button.

In the affirmation window, review the records and affirm the expulsion by tapping the Remove button. 

Void the Trash for complete expulsion of Docker from your Mac.

Interesting that App Cleaner and Uninstaller shows that Docker involves 3.65 GB, while the executable document is just 1.20 GB. This implies you may have gigabytes of administration records identified with Docker. Along these lines, the remaining parts of the application occupy more room on your circle! It is in this manner imperative to discover and expel them when you have to uninstall Docker and tidy up your Mac.

Application Cleaner and Uninstaller expel applications from Mac totally and securely in under in a moment.

Download Docker uninstaller, and you will disregard searching out pointless records on your PC or burning through so much time uninstalling applications physically.

  • The most effective method to uninstall Docker physically
  • In Finder, go to your Applications organizer.
  • Find the Docker application.
  • Drag it to the Trash and void it.

That expels Docker or possibly the primary application. It doesn’t dispose of the considerable number of records that were introduced alongside it. Along these lines, you’ll have to follow those down and evacuate them.

  • In Finder, pick the Go menu and select “Go to Folder.”
  • In the content box, glue: ~/Library
  • Snap-on the Application Scripts organizer and search for “com.docker.helper”
  • Drag it to the Trash.
  • Presently, click on the Caches organizer and search for the com.docker.docker envelop.
  • At the point when you discover it, drag it to the Trash.

Next, discover the Containers organizer, select it and search for “com.docker.docker” and “com.docker.helper” and drag those to the Trash. 

Check the Application Support envelope for any documents or organizers with Docker in their name. On the off chance that you discover any, drag those to the Trash as well.

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