Tableau Course

Duration: 17 hours | Version: 2019 | Development | Online

Course FAQ

01. Do you covered real-time issues?

Yes, Instructor cover many real-world examples.

02. Can I access the next version also?

When ever we conduct live classes on next version, from the same faculty. Thus you can access them.

03. May I watch unlimited times?

Yes, Unlimited times.

04. Course Life-time access?

You can access the course videos for Life-time.

05. Tableau Learning pre-requisites?

Basic Knowledge on SQL, Database.

Tableau is a data visualization software that is used for data science and business intelligence. Tableau can create a wide range of different visualization to interactively present the data and showcase insights. It comes with tools that allow to drill down data and see the impact in a visual format that can be easily understood by any individual. Tableau also comes with real-time data analytics capabilities and cloud support. Here we will discuss the different versions of Tableau, it benefits and implementation. We will see how Tableau is different from Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet tools.

06. What is self-learning?

Self Learning is nothing but pre-recorded Videos. These videos recorded while we were conducted instructor-led online classes.

07. Do you offer a refund?

We don’t offer a refund. Instead, we offer course replacement for genuine reasons (Notify us in 24hours).

08. Do you provide materials?

This course doesn’t have any materials.

Course Topics

Tableau Course Curriculum

Tableau Training Videos Live Demo (70:51)

Session 01 - Introduction about Tableau, Installation (56:17)

Session 02 - Creating Bars and Complex Charts (48:55)

Session 03 - Creating Line Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Plot, Maps, Word Cloud (48:23)

Session 04 - Creating Tableau Online Account (74:44)

Session 05 - Symbol Map, Filled Map, Highlight Table, Heat Map, Bar, Stacked Chart, Stacked Bar, Side by Side Bar Chart, Tree Map, Circle, Line (53:20)

Session 06 - Dual Lines, Multiple Lines, Area, Lollipop Chart, ScatterPlot, Bubble, Histogram (56:18)

Session 07 - Metadata Concepts (59:57)

Session 08 - Donut Chart, Maps with Pie Chart, Bar with Line Chart, Lollipop Chart, Motion Chart (42:10)

Session 09 - Box Plot, Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Creating a Set (39:38)

Session 10 - Create Calculated Field (53:48)

Session 11 - Parameters (59:21)

Session 12 - Data Sources, Actions in Tableau (38:58)

Session 13 - Data Blending (28:03)

Session 14 - Pareto Chart, Filters (44:48)

Session 15 - Gant Chart, Creating Mapbox Account (70:25)

Session 16 - LOD - Level of Detail Expressions (74:31)

Tableau Salary & Career

Top IT MNC such as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, etc.,
The average salary of a Tableau Analyst is ₹ 518,853 per year.