What are two special items of secure DevOps methodology?

Q. What are two items that are specifically part of the secure DevOps methodology?

Explanation to DevOps” thing

DevOps, or Developer Operations, is a mashup of two patterns, that of applying light-footed programming improvement strategies to regulatory IT tasks, and of improving the generally poor cooperation among designers and IT staff. The DevOps development perceives that we’re past the period where designers work in one storehouse to compose programming and toss it over the divider to another storehouse where overseers deal with the application. (E learning Portal)

In the DevOps model, everybody cooperates for the total programming lifecycle, from origination to structure, from coding to testing, from usage to the executives, from an upgrade to relocation, lastly from substitution to decommissioning. 

By and by, DevOps is as often as possible used to explicitly allude to the tasks side of uses the executives – at the end of the day, everybody aside from the product engineers, architects, software engineers, and analyzers. That is how we’ll utilize DevOps here, to allude to the non-designer elements of the application lifecycle, including security the executives.

DevOps is regularly connected with the cloud, however, it applies to non-cloud exercises also. Unquestionably, the ascent of DevOps matched with the notoriety of cloud-based PaaS (stage as assistance) and IaaS (framework as a help), because conventional IT groups were not required to oversee improvement and sending administrations on, state, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. In any case, there is nothing intrinsic in DevOps that can’t have any significant bearing to applications created, tried, and conveyed in a conventional server farm.

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