What is page layout in salesforce?

What Is Page Layout In Salesforce are clearly explained in this article, getting to find out about what are layouts in salesforce and their importance in a corporation. In general, no matter you see once you log in to Salesforce is understood as “Layout”. The layout is a meeting of various elements or parts to own an easy and clear read. Following area unit the various sorts of layouts that play a vital role in a corporation to look at and access sObjects.

They are:
Page Layouts
Mini Page Layouts
Search Layouts

Page Layouts : Page layout controls the layout of AN object. It defines that fields the user will read and edit whereas coming into the info in sObjects. It contains a distinct set of Fields, Buttons, connected Lists, Custom Links, Visual force pages on the objects record page. it’s wont to assign field accessibility.

At the time of object creation, a default Page Layout is formed with “Object Name” to look at fields of the article.
Page Layouts for sObjects may be accessed by the subsequent path

  1. Normal Object

Go to Setup-> Build-> Customize-> ObjectName-> Page Layouts

  1. Custom Objects

Go to Setup-> Build-> Create-> Objects-> ObjectName-> Page Layouts

New Page Layouts may be created with or while not biological research the prevailing page layout. If the new layout is formed while not biological research, it’ll be created with obligatory fields therein object. It’s important to look at the info in a very well-defined manner in order that the user won’t get the mess out of sorting out a field.

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