What is Power BI? || Power BI Tutorial for Beginners

What is Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that associates huge measures of information and furnishes organizations with intuitive bits of knowledge. Through the stage you produce quick visualizations and reports, while having the alternative to impart them to individuals in your association, on the web and across cell phones. Power BI associates with several information sources, regardless of whether the information is a straightforward Microsoft Excel exercise manual or an assortment of cloud-put together and with respect to premises crossover information stockrooms. A venture can profit by the incredible Power BI usefulness as it gives broad displaying and continuous examination for bunch tasks, divisions or the whole organization.

Power BI is a self-administration business analytics tool created by Microsoft; you can get to it utilizing any of the well known programs associated with the web. The stage furnishes you with the capacity to investigate and envision information, extricate bits of knowledge and offer it across different divisions inside your association. It permits proficient dynamic driven by exact information. With the assistance of Power BI, you can assemble information from in excess of hundred sources and gather them in one stage, breath life into information with instinctive dashboards and reports.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Data investigation use it all things considered.
  • Supports cross breed organization to associate an assortment of information sources.
  • Quick Insights are picked up for plans of action to determine potential arrangements.
  • Provides basic information model help to standard and broad information mapping.
  • Integration with Azure and Microsoft items, for example, Cortana, Office 365, MS Access makes it simpler to utilize.
  • APIs can be made to utilize redid dashboards.
  • It permits seeing information in a different sheet, changing properties immediately and select items.

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Components of Power BI

Power Query

Power Query is the information change and blend motor. It empowers you to find, associate, join, and refine information sources to meet your examination need. It very well may be downloaded as an include for Excel or can be utilized as a component of the Power BI Desktop.

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is an information displaying method that lets you make information models, build up connections, and make figurings. It utilizes Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language to show basic and complex information.

Power View

Power View is an innovation that is accessible in Excel, Sharepoint, SQL Server, and Power BI. It lets you make intuitive outlines, charts, maps, and different visuals that breath life into your information. It can interface with information sources and channel information for every datum perception component or the whole report.

Power Map

Microsoft’s Power Map for Excel and Power BI is a 3-D information representation device that lets you map your information and plot in excess of a million columns of information outwardly on Bing maps in 3-D design from an Excel table or Data Model in Excel. Force Map works with Bing maps to get the best perception dependent on scope, longitude or nation, state, city, and road address data.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is an improvement device for Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View. With Power BI Desktop, you have everything under a similar arrangement, and it is simpler to create BI and information examination experience.

Power Q&A

The Q&A highlight in Power BI lets you investigate your information in your own words. It is the quickest method to find a solution from your information utilizing normal language. A model could be what was the complete deals a year ago? When you’ve fabricated your information model and conveyed that into the Power BI site, at that point you can pose inquiries and find solutions rapidly.

Features of Power BI

Power BI is one of the most well known BI apparatuses utilized by business the whole way across the world to all the more likely comprehend business information, utilize the extraordinary representation devices to evaluate the present remaining of the business utilizing live dashboards and reports, share reports over the association utilizing the cooperative highlights included inside Power BI. Following are brief on the key highlights of Power BI.

1. Force BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is an intelligent apparatus that permits you to assemble reports by effectively getting to information. You don’t need to have propelled report planning, Excel Power, or questions aptitudes to fabricate a report with this integral asset. Power BI Desktop is allowed to download device that permits you to make outstanding reports absent a lot of specialized information.

2. Visibility

Information is at the focal point of all business choices today. The test before associations is to control information with different datasets to infer significant data. A compelling method to do this is to gather different datasets and sort out it in various visual manners for better understanding. This structure gives an a lot further comprehension of information. The data acquired from these informational collections with the assistance of Power BI visual portrayal association can have an edge over the opposition.

3. Import Excel Data

This is another element added to Power BI; it permits the client to import information from Excel Sheets. With this element, Excel Power clients have greater usefulness to work with utilizing the Power BI.

4. Custom Visualization

Each association capacities in an alternate way and they have their own specific manner of getting things done, some of the time the standard way is consistently the best approach. The equivalent applies to perception. Force BI has a default standard and probably won’t be adequate at times because of complex information. Be that as it may, you can get to the custom library of perception to plan a representation that addresses your issues.

5. Power Q&A Question Box

This incorporated capacity inside the Microsoft Power BI permits you to investigate information by posing inquiries and the product offers responses as representations. You can utilize the Q&A to adjust dashboards and reports. Questions and answers additionally encourages you locate the correct inquiry and gives the most right answer.

The following are the key preferences of Power BI Services:

  • Integrates consistently with existing applications:- Force BI incorporates effectively with your current business condition permitting you to embrace examination and detailing abilities. Microsoft Azure experts can likewise help you in utilizing this natural device to implant intelligent visuals in your applications without any problem.
  • Rich customized dashboards:- he delegated highlight of Power BI is the data dashboards, which can be redone to meet the specific need of any endeavor. You can without much of a stretch install the dashboards and BI reports in the applications to give a brought together client experience.
  • Publish reports safely:- The apparatus encourages you to set up programmed information revive and distribute reports permitting all the clients to profit of the most recent data.
  • No memory and speed limitations: –Moving a current BI framework to an amazing cloud condition with Power BI implanted dispenses with memory and speed requirements guaranteeing information is rapidly retrievable and broke down.
  • No particular specialized help required:- Force BI gives coordinated request and examination without the requirement for specific specialized help. It bolsters an amazing common language interface and the utilization of natural graphical creator apparatuses.
  • Extracting business insight quickly and precisely:- It helps in changing your undertaking information into rich visuals, in this way separating business insight for upgraded dynamic.
  • Balanced effortlessness and execution:- he in-memory examination innovation and DAX scripting language are both impeccable instances of a harmony among straightforwardness and execution.


After reading this article, you would have understood the need for Power BI in Business Intelligence, what is Power BI, and the various features of Power BI. You also learned about Power BI Service, how to create a Dashboard in Power BI, and how the architecture looks like. Finally, you explored the different features of Power BI Desktop by creating different visualizations to analyze finance sample data.

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