What is RCU Why We are Installing RCU

Answer: For What is RCU Why We are Installing RCU The Repository Creation Utility is a GUI and CLI-based tool that is used to create and manage Oracle Fusion Middleware database schemas (see schema list below). The Repository Creation Utility (RCU) is only available for Intel-based platforms (Windows and Linux) platforms. (E learning Portal)

Because the middleware schemas are required, Oracle has the following guidelines for the running of the RCU to install the schemas:

If you want to run RCU on Solaris, edit the RCU executable, /bin/rcu, and make the following changes:

– Look for the “#Platform Checking” section, and comment out the “exit” statement. 

– Look for the line which specifies the JRE_DIR and update it to point to a Solaris JRE or JDK

After making these changes, set the SQLPLUS_HOME variable to point to any ORACLE_HOME and export it before running RCU. Now you will be able to run RCU on Solaris and create the database objects for Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Before you run the RCU, you need to determine which of the middleware schemas you will need to create with the RCU. These middleware schemas include:

  • Oracle SOA Suite Schemas
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal Schemas
  • Oracle Application Developer Schema
  • Oracle Identity Management Schemas
  • Oracle Data Integrator Schema
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Schemas
  • Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer Schemas
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Schemas

Starting the RCU

Once you have chosen your schemas and installed the RCU, it is time to start the RCU.

Linux startup: On Linux operating systems you start the RCU with these commands:

cd RCU_HOME/bin

Windows startup: On Windows operating systems, you open a DOS windows and enter these commands:

cd RCU_HOME\bin

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