What is Tibco Spotfire? It’s Features & Functionalities

TIBCO Spotfire is an analytics tool which used to derive essential analytical insights into data from various sources or take it a step further and gain more profound insights into trends utilizing the power of big data. Get it helpful because of its intelligent visual analytics device united with data discovery toolset and artificial intelligence.

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics provides users with the ability to explore their data from different repositories freely and instantly visualize, compare data, interact and exchange data at any level of detail, without the participation of IT specialists in the development of visualization models and templates. Spotfire helps users find answers to urgent questions about the existence of which they did not even anticipate and predict future events. Using Spotfire, you can expect most new trends and take preventive measures before anyone else knows about them, which makes it possible to achieve a competitive advantage.

Tibco Spotfire features

Fast deployment: – Freely distributed support materials include product templates and sample solutions that will help you get started faster. In the TIBCO Community, users of the system also exchange tips and tricks, videos, articles, and other useful information.

Big Data Analytics: – TIBCO Spotfire combines real-time streaming data with current and historical data from all repositories and sources.

Historical trends are identified using Spotfire, TERR / R, H2O or ML / MLlib, working with Hadoop and Spark. (SVR Training Online)

Collaboration and collaboration: – Use discussions and comments, filtered analysis reports to share relevant information for effective collaboration. Highlight data points for more accurate data display by adding comments to the marked data so that your audience can easily navigate the analysis results.

Easy access to information: – Spotfire provides a secure connection and integration of data from files, relational and NoSQL data warehouses, from sources such as OLAP, Hadoop and web services, as well as for cloud applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce.com. Streaming data sources such as IoT (MQTT, OSI PI), social networks (Twitter, IFTTT) or messaging applications (EMS, JMS, Kafka) can easily integrate with current data for contextual analysis in real-time. 

The main functionality of the system

Explore and visualize data (Data Discovery and Visualization)

Instantly visualize and share data, interact to discover hidden opportunities and risks that no one can see.

Dashboards and Analytics Apps

Discover and share ideas and knowledge with everyone, encouraging employees to get a deeper insight into the business.

Predictive Analytics Predict

Events and instantly determine your next actions to increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.

Advanced collaboration tools (Advanced Collaboration Tools)

Close collaboration to accelerate more informed and transparent decisions. 

Location Analytics: Use location-based consumer experience in e-commerce and analytics applications to help potential customers quickly and instinctively solve complex tasks, such as booking a hotel room, checking inventory, or finding the nearest store.

Use the TIBCO Spotfire business analysis system to increase the sales and profits of your business TIBCO Spotfire is an intelligent, secure, easy-to-manage enterprise-level business intelligence platform with built-in data processing that provides real-time visual, predictive and geolocation analytics based on artificial intelligence.

If you want to start using analytics for your business by building a simple visual control panel or extract relevant knowledge from your data using an interactive analytic application, Spotfire will provide you with powerful tools and comprehensive functionality for conducting business analysis.

Key Benefits of Tibco Spotfire

Intelligent visual data mining: – The time for obtaining valuable information is significantly reduced due to the use of smart visual analytics, a recommendation master based on artificial intelligence technologies (What is Tibco Spotfire) and a set of full-featured tools for data detection.

Independent predictive analytics: – Spotfire makes it easy to work with predictive models. Thanks to an integrated operating environment implementation of T TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for the R (TERR), connectors PMML, H2O, and Sparkman, as well as the functionality to connect to the server, SAS and the Matlab, you will have a much higher opportunity predictive analytics than just “creating nice graphs.” 

Built-in location analytics: – Instantly identify the influence of the geographical factor in the structure of your analytics. Spotfire has multi-layer mapping capabilities that allow you to connect too many map services so you can choose available base maps and display important business information on them.

Quickly receive key information: – Spotfire automation services allow you to start the online monitoring system Stream Base when you reach thresholds or rules to identify the cause of the situation instantly.

Proven Scalability: – Spotfire platform demonstrates stable performance that meets the highest requirements for implementation. Administrators can be confident that business-critical analytic applications function at the right level, using features such as reallocating resources for multiple workloads, adding and removing nodes, and intelligent routing of resource pooling.

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