Where Thread Dump Will Store What is the Format of Thread Dump

Question: Where Thread Dump Will Store What is the Format of Thread Dump?

Answer: Thread dump provides a snapshot of the current active live threads. It provides the stack trace of all the java threads in the JVM. It is used when the server is hung and we want to see the threads executing and take their dump. 

There are different ways to take thread dump:

1.Command-line: use the below command when you know the port number. just run the same command 3 times in a 5-sec interval of gaps. 
kill -3 PID

2.WebLogic.Admin utility: javaWebLogic.Admin URL -username WebLogic -password WebLogic1 THRED_DUMP

3.Admin console:

  • Step1: login to the admin console
  • Step2: Click on a server
  • Step3: Navigate to servers
  • Step4: Click monitor tab
  • Step5: Click on the tread
  • Step6: Click on the dump thread stack.

Location of the Thread Dump:


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